Reviews For The Martin Bailey Photography Podcast (Old MP3 Feed)

I found this podcast years ago when I first got the bug and it was foundational. Took a break but now I'm back. His relaxed style is easy to listen to, it makes me happy at work.
Martin does a great job of thoughtfully talking about photography.
Some good information but the delivery can be pretty sleepy, at times.
Seems like a good podcast, but I knew it wasn't for me when they started hating on film. Hmm, alternatives to DSLRs for street shooting? I'll take $700 worth of film and processing for my OM-4 with a 35/2.8 over some lame crop sensor "retro-styled" digital any day.
I heard about him on Scott Bourne's Photofocus podcast. Even Scott calls him great. Martin is very knowledgeable and he knows what he is talking about. A must podcast for anyone from amateur to pro. I hope everyone leaves good reviews on his podcast. Thanks Martin.
The world is full of scenes, every day, every minute, wherever we are, wherever we look. Some are obviously spectacular, breathtaking, informative, intriguing or memorable. Most appear more ordinary. For the photographer, whether shooting the spectacular or the ordinary, there is a thought process about what images to capture and how to capture them. The details of that thought process, illustrated with his own beautiful photography, is what the Martin Bailey Photography podcast is about. Martin shares, and we learn from, his thoughts and weekly examples of dealing with issues such as, what angle and height to shoot from, what focal length to use to determine how much of the scene to include in the frame, what aperture to use to determine how much of the frame should be in focus and how much should compliment the main subject with blurry and dreamy-looking backgrounds and foregrounds, and how to control the quality of light by paying attention to weather, time of day and time of year. His insights are brilliant and the methods he uses to instruct are easy to follow and understand. - Pete
Martin's podcast is nice in that he really shares what he's thinking as he does his work. He is forthcoming, and really shares why his photos (and the contest photos) turn out so well and how you to can develop a similar mindset. He has a wide range of useful topics, and listens to the contributors to his forums. I have only listened to his podcasts for a few days, but I'm going through them quickly and loving every minute. His presentation of all photos that he discusses is a huge benefit also.