Reviews For Behind the Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed

Clute and Edwards are masterful interviewers. If you are a reader and especially if you are a writer these podcasts will motivate and inspire you. The preparation they put into their interviews and the knowledge of the author and subject is the best I have seen in years. Most could take lessons from these guys. Their primary strength I have found is the fact that they listen to what the writer is saying and more often than not base their next question on the previous response. My usual annual donation to NPR will go to these guys via their website. Outstanding, interesting, intelligent. The best of what is out there
Since I's found this podcast, I've been avidly devouring the old episodes and listening to new ones. The interviews Clute and Edwards put together are fantastic. A great resource for fans of pulp, crime and mystery.
If you enjoy crime fiction, especially of the hardboiled variety, then this podcast is for you. It provides informative interviews with some of the best writers in the genre. The interviewer is knowledgable and superb, and the introductions to each interview are superbly written. This podcast has introduced me to a lot of new authors. The production values are great, and this is professionally done show all around. Listen and enjoy.
Holy smokes. The Duane Swierczynski interview is legit entertaining, and the Charles Ardai interview is outstanding. In fact, that's an understatement. It's a Masterclass on the hardboiled genre and a wonderful peek behind the Hard Case Crime curtain. You're not going to find another podcast like this anywhere. Keep up the great work guys...
just a few comments... 1) get some better equipment... i had to stop listening to the latest episode because i literally couldn't understand the words you guys were saying... 2) Shorten up the reviews of the book... it gets really boring listening to someone read a book review. Post it on a site somewhere and point us to it... 3) don't be afraid to interrupt your guests and pose some more interesting questions... even stuff that might make them uncomfortable... anyway, i'll keep checking back for new episodes... btw: do you guys have a website?