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Generally if you want to podcast, at least have more than one teaser. and maybe even more than one episode.
Your podcast was simple, concise, and straightforward - perfect for a right-brained person like myself. It's about the first thing I've entirely understood regarding podcasting. But, I could really use more episodes and I'm very disappointed you stopped at just this one. :-(
Craig i love the show and the video show but how come you have not added any more episodes to the line up? You are a very good teacher of this stuff and i want tot see more!!!!!
Right away, i can tell this will be one of the best 'craft' Podcasts out there. This has instantly become one of the first things to which i would point any Novice - Listener or Producer (in lieu of my own tortured explanations). I added it to my Recommended List within moments of viewing.
I left a review about 2 months ago and now am updating it. Where are the podgrunt episodes??? It has been 2 months already. If you are not going to do anymore let us know. And If you are, how about updating us with a nice little pdf file or something stating that you are still working on them and want them to be good and so on and just keep us in the loop. I really enjoy your other podcast and I'm tring to wait patiently for this.


By 1:85
Thank you for creating this program series. It is concise, informative, and entertaining. I look forward to receiving the remaining epidodes. Thanks!
My vertical learning curve really appreciates this kind of information. Delivered in a simple and friendly way, and makes taking the task of learning new stuff actually fun without the side effects of techno babble or the anxiety-ridden underpinnings inherent with trying to understand things that inevitably outdistance you while you're sleeping - technology. Thanks a lot! I'm hooked!
I love this podcast! I'm sitting here watching my iTunes each day for another episode or two to show up. I can't wait to learn more about how to create my own. Bring on the PodGrunt!
I can think of a lot of jobs that Mr Syverson could make so much better. School teacher, news anchor, financial advisor… the list is endless. His clear, intelligent, non-technical (as in non-threatening) style is an effective way of teaching and explaining issues that usually confound mere mortals. If he ran for President I'd vote for him.
I LOVE your video podcast. Great information delivered in a professional AND fun way! Keep them coming! I can’t get enough! Make them a little longer too, if possible!
This will be the first podcast that I send to my parents. I understand podcasting and its benefits pretty well, but anytime I try to explain it to someone who is totally new to podcasting, it's nothing but blank stares. Here, in Episode 1, he lays out in clear terms exactly what a podcast is and how it works. Easier said than done. I hope and expect that as the series goes on, even folks who understand podcasting will learn a thing or two.