Dear Daughter

Reviews For Dear Daughter

Honestly, I want to have these conversations with mum too and I want to do same for my daughters and my nieces. This is a great podcast that encourages us to just love our kids and not be scared to show them. Thank you
It’s so inspiring to others and I like how u add other people so they can share there stories to inspire others and that’s nice I give it five stars ✨ it inspires me and helped me through my hard time so thx u so much I love your show so thx ☺️ if I ever have a kid I’ll listen to this podcast with them thx u for all u did 😘😘😘
I was truly blessed to stumble upon this podcast! As the mother of 2 daughters, I could relate to every letter. Mothers across the world have the same feelings as me. Praying there is a season 2, I haven’t wrote my letter yet😊
There’s something every episode that anyone can relate to. Whether you’re a parent or a daughter, whether you want to have children or aren’t sure, this program has something for you.
I came across this podcast and it struck me instantly that the letters I wrote to my daughter touch on common themes, although we live in America.
I am really enjoying this show. The guests and their stories are wonderful and each episode makes me think and teaches me something. I’d recommend this podcast for anyone, not just daughters :) I also love the mission of the show to build a library of letters and life lessons. I wish the show all the best!
This podcast has me so emotional just on episode 1. I have a 4 year old and I’ve always been a writer and have always been the type of person who expresses themselves through writing letters or texts.. this really inspired me to start journaling again for my children ❤️
Great range of stories on all aspects/ages of being a parent and being a child … there is so much love and care and reminiscing here. Consider listening with your teenager and/or your spouse. Amazing food for thought. Thanks to the host (and to her mum) for this podcast, and kudos to the BBC for choosing it.
A must listen for both old and young. Makes you think…. what if all daughters had a letter from their mothers? Great Job Lanta and Mum!
Thank you Namulanta for creating such a meaningful and hopeful piece. I look forward to hearing so much more and hope that others will share. This is strength and empowerment. Our words and our love and wisdom as mothers is so essential right now.
I can’t wait for more episodes. This podcast warms My heart!
What do we want or daughters to know or wish we knew growing up? What’s the important stuff? This podcast inspires us to ask these questions and many more, and perhaps bring more intention to our lives and the lives of our daughters.