The Amazing Jondi & Spesh Present Loöq Radio

Reviews For The Amazing Jondi & Spesh Present Loöq Radio

Been tuning in for about 4 years. Never mixes by far.
How can I describe the Loöq sound…deep? thoughtful? progressive? I don’t want to get lost in the semantics of dance music, because that is a rabbit hole from which you’ll never escape. All I can say is they have been and will be my go to label for house music. Emotive, fun, energetic, thought provoking. These podcasts are great for a night of dancing or hanging out, running or biking or a perfect soundtrack to get things done in cubicle land. You will not regret giving this podcast a chance. ∞ Stars
I have been listening to Jondi and Spesh for years, going back to their regular Wed night sessions at 111 Minna in San Francisco. Even though that weekly party ended some years ago, I am able to get my J&S “fix" with this podcast. I especially enjoy listening to it on tempo rides on my road bike.


jondi & spesh make cool music, they also make one of the best podcasts. total poo is also a good podcast also.