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On a day after getting 3 hours of sleep as a parent, whcih isn’t uncommon for me, I found this episode and formatting incredibly insightful full of facts, and relatable with personal stories shared. 30min of the episode lifted my spirits tenfold and gave me actionable items to try to implement in my life for fear of the doom if I don’t sleep…thank you for making this podcast and talking to us so calmly, without judgement, and relating to parents while most importantly doing your research and finding facts. Well done, you’ve made me a subscriber!
A great window into parenting challenges and approaches. I wish this pod was around when I had little ones….
🖤 Cried a few times. I wasn’t even aware I needed that relief of knowing that the struggle is real and it’s not that I was/am not enough. I feel like a part of me was healed and hugged warmly by overwhelming acknowledgement that what I powered through as a mom, young mom, single mom, working mom, humble mom, immigrant mom, student mom… was indeed very difficult, sometimes nearly impossible. It was indeed hard despite all the beautiful moments. Feeling empowered and seen. So much love ❤️‍🩹 Thank you
I’m a trained midwife, postpartum doula, and newborn educator. This podcast has been an incredible resource for me and such an enjoyable listen! Real parents. Being honest about their real struggles. I’m transported into living rooms and bed time routines next to the expertise of professionals who have solid advice, and compassion. I’m going to be recommending this podcast to all the parents I work with. Can’t wait to hear more.
I loved the podcast until I needed to buy a subscription to listen ad-free. Well, I don’t mind the ads and don’t have the time or money to subscribe which seems to be the only way to listen now. It’s sad because I thought the podcast had useful advice. Also, I felt a little less alone.
This can help when I’m a babysitter
As a parent of three (including a toddler), and as a child of aging parents, this is the first podcast that truly resonated with what it’s like to do the ever exhausting yet rewarding parent juggle.


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From the calming voices, to the relatable stories, to the helpful tips, this has helped me tremendously to get through a very stressful time in my life. Recommending to every parent I know!
Love this podcast! As a new Mom I was looking for someone or something that I connected with. That I can love my child and at the same time maybe struggle with enjoying being a parent. Just hearing others describe scenes that I can relate to and not feel this crazy guilt … omg it’s not just me feeling like this.
I love this podcast because they are really good and helping you understand that you are not alone on this parenting journey. They share REAL and RAW and GENUINE thoughts and feelings that other parents. The narrator shares her personal tough moments with recorded audio of tantrums and bedtime struggles. I really appreciate that. The podcast acknowledges that parenting is HARD and it’s hard for EVERYBODY! They also offer practical tips to help deal with those really frustrating moments of parenting.
Yasmeen has a wonderfully calm way of approaching difficult parenting topics. Her guests are insightful and the issues are very relevant. I found this podcast through the app 10%happier and I couldn’t be more happy about both.
This is the podcast I didn’t know I needed. The conversations are timely, insightful, and practical. I appreciate the diverse voices and perspectives as well as the integration of science and mindfulness practice. Parenting can be lonely and it’s incredible to feel a connection to other parents’ experiences. I’m often moved to tears, but in the best way.
As a parent who’s been balancing work and childcare over the past couple years during the pandemic, when I heard about this podcast, I was quite excited about it. However, after listening to a couple episodes, I find there to be a lot of talking with few clear takeaways or concerts actions. For example, in multiple episodes, they refer repeatedly to the concept of mindfulness as the solution to the struggles we face as parents. I found that to be rather unhelpful and vague, and the overall conversation felt a bit soft and out of touch with the day-to-day practical realities of parenting.


I rarely leave reviews but this podcast resonates so deeply with me as I continue my parenting journey. I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you to everyone who has made it possible. Truly the best podcast about parent life that I’ve ever listened too.
I was wiping tears while my whole body shook with laughter listening to the ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ intro during the episode about bedtime. If nothing else, I will remember this intro the next time my kids are not with the bedtime program. I know it will make me smile if not start laughing all over again. Pure comedy.
This parenting podcast is different. It’s not about how to be a better mom (always putting it on moms, not parents, grrrr) or how to raise successful kids. It’s about the human experience of being a parent. It’s honest and validating. Production quality is great too and Yasmeen’s voice is so easy to listen to.
Love the open ended conversation on such a vital topic for so many of us. Hoping to learn about research backed mindfulness strategies that parents can use in their family life.
This is a powerful and real podcast. I have listened to so many over the years and I feel like this one is going to be the only one I’ll listen to the second an episode comes out. Thank you for allowing me to feel validated and a part of this community of imperfect parents.


The first episode was great, but the 2nd episode made me a forever listener
This podcast is a balm for my soul. The conversations are useful but never sugarcoated and the topics hit so close to home. It should be required listening for every parent and anyone who thinks they might become a parent.
I found myself laughing as I am listening to this podcast because I can really relate to these high and low parenting moments. Thank you so much for your honesty. Parenting is hard and when I hear other parents out there that simply say, “me too and…”, I don’t feel so alone and I’m more likely to give myself compassion. Eager to hear more!
I very much appreciate the realness and authenticity of Yasmeen. The topics and conversations are very relatable and so encouraging.
Love that 10 percent has finally put some time, focus, and energy towards parenting. THE hardest job in the world deserves the attention and comradely, especially given the raw suffering it can bring to our daily lives. I’m all ears and eager to listen to more!
I love this podcast so much. Truly helpful. Highly recommended.
Parenting is *^&@! hard and not always fun or rewarding. This feels like a space where people name what’s hard and normalize it - thus making this listener feel not so alone. I appreciate how much information is packed into such a short time, though I would gladly listen if each episode was lengthier.
I’m A I love this thing
Thank You!! Thank you for bringing light to this wonderful and ever challenging experience of parenting. This show was so validating and I love that you incorporated some movement with it (not just a gripe session). Thank you for sharing your experiences ❤️. I will be telling my friends and coworkers about this podcast! Keep the episodes coming!
I don’t have a strong community of fellow parents- not that I’d have time to spend with them anyway. This podcast definitely makes me feel like my parent community is out there, and I can tap in when I need to.
Thank you for creating this podcast that talks about “the loss of one’s self” when becoming a parent. I needed to hear this while becoming a new mom during a Pandemic and feeling like I don’t know who I am anymore. I thought there was something wrong with me until hearing this episode. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you for making me feel like I’m not alone.
Love love love the idea of this podcast! I’ve been a practicing Buddhist for years, and my husband and I are about to have kids. I’ve always known parenting is a part of my path, but had a hard time finding a resource like this. So excited to hear more!
As a mom to 2 young daughters, this podcast is unbelievably relatable. Just listened to the first episode which felt like someone just gave me a big hug. It always amazes me how lonely being a parent can feel even though it is a near universal experience. Thank you for this very important work!
As a first time mom to a 5 month old, it’s nice to hear that what I’m feeling is common and veteran parents are still asking themselves the same questions I am. I can’t wait to listen to more while I figure out who I am as a parent.
Before I had kids, I could never imagine my life with them, but now, I can’t imagine my life without them! I have always been a fan of Yasmeen’s work, and I look forward to hearing the stories of everyday people as they live life with their children.