Living Stones Church Reno

Reviews For Living Stones Church Reno

LivingStonesChurch is such a breath of fresh air; embracing all. Harvey Turner engages with an extremely sincere desire to teach the gospel; and reach out with wit & humor, & does just that. Every staff member equally & sincerely are there to help in any way possible. In my opinion, it’s next to impossible not to feel at home. So thankful LSC set roots in Reno!
This is a great podcast I help to lead a group of women in my own ministry. I listen to alot of podcast in this genre to inspire and encourage my women and find things topics that I to take deeper in my quiet times. Many of them have preach false doctrine and compromise to stratch itching ears. Instead of fearlessly preaching the gospel.Thank you for speaking on this.
This Acts 29-affiliated church in Reno features preaching that is uncompromising, relevant, and centered on the Gospel, which is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the marvelous implications for us. Definitely a must-listen for those seasoned in the faith or simply exploring spirituality.
Good podcast for those investigating and those who look to go deeper in the faith