Reviews For The DIS Unplugged - A Weekly Roundtable Discussion About All Things Disney World

Great show! Love how every couple of years it changes and evolves to improve the podcast experience!
I’ve been listening for years now and this group seemingly gets more negative every time they broadcast. Many of the show regulars constantly discuss the negative of Disney hardly trying to find the positive. The host is great, however his co hosts generally are not. There are a great many sexual innuendos throughout the show that frankly get old and seem out of place. It’s best when they discuss as opposed to rant. But sadly, that doesn’t happen as often as it used to.
First show I listened to was a 15 minute dining show. It started out OK but included a very unnecessary political jab. One that seems true to one party simply because they believe but have no evidence for it. Anyway, with the polarized political climate we live in when listening to and researching Disney vacations and offerings this is the last place I thought we’d have any reason to get politically cynical. Disney should be one thing that bridges the gap for us. Try again. You might want to take a page out of Lou’s book. His podcast is the escape into the beauty of Disney. My podcast schedule is full anyway so having been underwhelmed is probably for the best.
This is a great show it is NOT made explicitly for kids I personally love this if you have a problem don’t be rude about it and just stop listening .i like it it’s fun and funny 🙂🙃😉
I have listened every week since this show started (when Bob Varley was still on the show, and they mentioned “the sad little crab cake) but I stopped listening to all podcasts about four years ago. Pete and the table know their stuff. Pete owns a travel agency, so he should. He started the show because of his love of Disney. And to drum up business. Don’t take this the wrong way, but Pete gets more excited about the Oscars than the Super Bowl. Unlike most Americans. Also, he seems to have an elitist attitude. Thus, I don’t feel he is in touch with his clients. The other panel members are more down-to-earth. You will learn a lot from this show, but just don’t get lost in the non-Disney stuff.
Probably the worst dining review I’ve ever heard, and Sean wasn’t even involved. At least use participants with a 5th grade vocabulary and know a little bit about food.
The host is one of the most negative people I've ever heard on a podcast. The whole podcast has this negative vibe. They do have some good updates but they need to try not to be such a-holes.
The DIS produces a bunch of podcasts/videos and they are really consistent which is great. My opinion of this podcast has evolved, I previously was not a fan of their criticisms toward Disney restaurants however I’ve found they tend to be warranted and they have equal amount or more praise for the parks/restaurants. This is largely a podcast full of non-parent Disney fans which is who I’ve been my whole life (until recently - now I’m a parent) so their take really resonates with me and they’re trying to move into the family/parent side of things by bringing on more employees with that experience. Overall great podcast.
Love this podcast! This podcast provides me with some great listening material at work. My family goes to Disney World every year and I’m always looking for ways to improve our overall vacation experience. Definitely my favorite podcast! I also really The Best and Worst podcast by the same team :)
I love the variety, the polished professional production, the hosts-oh man the hosts, best by far of any podcast.
This is one of the very podcasts out there. I listen every week!
Absolutely love this podcast !!!
I listen to one of these episodes almost every day. You guys keep it real and I love this podcast! Keep it up!!
Love this Podcast! It’s my way to beat the Disney blues in between trips. Mike, Rikki, and Pam are positive and engaging to listen to. Thanks for an awesome podcast three times a week!! :)
Love the team and everything about their podcasts!
Please longer dining podcast! 20 min is not enough!!
Lots of good information, up to date on news, and they do a great job at putting shows up when they say they will. Love !
I use to subscribe to this podcast, no longer. Podcast is an example of nepotism gone off the rails. If the owner and host Pete ran his other business areas like this, he would no longer be in business. Poor sub par reporting, to much opinion spouted without actually researching facts and no quality original content that you can find elsewhere and with better presentation. Just because the “cast” of the show are your friends doesn’t mean they are really any good at the job.

By wdwr
Twelve minutes of promo before content. They lose me every time. Don't care about meet ups or whatever they are selling. This podcast is not for me, I'm looking for WDW news and information. Also very over produced, not sure if it’s the mic filters or what but you can hear every smack in their voices. I do like the news content when they finally get to it but the voice is almost grading to the ears with the levels they use.
This show was once a really great show. I used to recommend it to family and friends but lately one of what USED to be one of the best aspects of the show is now the worst...Pete. He’s a nightmare. I wondered what happened to Olly and Dustin but I’m wondering if they left because Pete’s a bully. He’s constantly berating and downplaying his employees. It doesn’t feel fun and Disney like anymore but hell. There’s been several episodes I just had to turn off he brings you down and I used to listen on my way to work, who wants to start their day off like that?
Great job!
Really like most of these guys, but some of them are whiney and a little picky for theme park reviews. Also the weather excuses, apparently they’ve never heard of or discovered grounding systems or battery back-ups. Seems pretty weird in 2018 not to have your whole home grounded but they’re ok besides that.
For the past year this podcast was a 5-Star podcast in my book. I used it to distract myself from mental illness, grief, etc. but a few months ago the host kind of ruined that for me. On a week with no female input, Pete decided to go on a rant that diminished sexual assault/harassment and the experiences of victims. The only thing that kept me from turning said episode off was Ryno and Steve’s defense of victims/firing men who do terrible things inside and outside of the workplace. This isn’t even the first time this has happened. This podcast needs at least one regular woman panelist so that this doesn’t happen again—if it does, I’m gone. Get more women, DIS. Get more PoC. Be better. It’s 2018.
They will give you every negative angle to view WDW. Not magical...
The crew does a fantastic job with this podcast. I thoroughly look forward to the weekly release and get all of my Disney news here!
I had to stop listening because I missed any type of female perspective. If you’re going to have round table discussions, how about at least one woman? Became painful after a few episodes.
Welcome to the homogenization of the Dis Umplugged. I remember a time when this team would complain about Disney parks all having the same merchandise at Disney World and Disneyland and not being unique to their own character. Probably going to take a break from listening for a while as I’ve been unhappy with the changes. I hope they’re successful for you guys and people respond positively to them - just please don’t sacrifice quality and creativity to make your jobs easier (i.e. generic homogenization) I’m a big fan of the regular weekly podcast but not the Disney dining show. At the beginning there was mention of the cast changing but it’s been the same four or five boring guys doing these reviews. Please change it up and get some new perspectives for us.
I’ve been listening for a few years and have listened to all of the back episodes. The show is entertaining and informative. The female contributors Kathy, Julie and Teresa are on only sporadically now, and I feel like the show is really missing that female (and mom) perspective. Would love to hear a woman at the table each week!
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a couple months now, and I absolutely love it. They give it to you straight here. I really appreciate their honest opinions about all things Disney. I find their conversations interesting and funny, and the podcast is well produced. They are constantly going to the parks, hotels, and restaurants, and keeping their audience updated on all the latest Disney news. They have a YouTube channel that I also recently subscribed to, and have been enjoying. I highly recommend if you are a Disney fan!
When your first experience of this podcast is a 20 minute segment in which the host diminishes sexual assault, it’s more than enough to stop listening and unsubscribe. Not worth your time.
Best production. I often find others not well produced. Great recommendations for making the best trip at Disney.
I listen to this podcast when I go to sleep every single night. I've grown to love every member of the DIS team. The content is always interesting and fun to listen to, and the pacing is great. It's strangely comforting and I always look forward to new episodes.
If you’ve ever planned a Disney vacation…you know how much work and enjoyment there is. When you listen to the Dis…you feel like your friends are keeping you up on the latest park adventures and keeping you connected to the magic. Every trip I’ve taken since listening has been as easy as if Disney was my local park!
These folks do a fantastic time getting the content out there in a timely manner. They put the hours in and it shows. The shows sound good, and have a professional feel to the format.
I’ve been listening to these men and women four two years now. I love this podcast enough that I went back and listen to everything since they started. Always looking forward to the show!
This is THE podcast for Disney Info. The only thing to know going in is that their point of view is from Travel Agents and people who are in the parks all the time. This isn’t bad. It just means that their opinions will reflect who they are.
The podcast is overproduced and somewhat dull. I however, just can’t stand the host, Pete! He’s a horrible host, with an opinion about everything. He talks over his co-hosts, and shows that he has little or no respect for people. The podcast has also become a very critical show. If they hate WDW so much, why do a podcast on it? They lost their Disney touch years ago.
Don’t waste your time. Too much talking about nothing and self promotion. There are much better podcasts with real information.
I've been listening to this-and other- Disney podcasts for years, and this is the BEST. I go through withdrawals between shows. I want to be friends with (almost) all of them. I feel like I'm a part of the show, and that's what makes this hard-working team the best in the biz. 5 amazing stars!
The Dis Unplugged is the quintessential podcast when it comes to Traveling to Disney. Pete and the team have some of the greatest knowledge of what’s what in the parks and what to do in the parks during your stay!
I’ve been listening for a while, enjoying the escapism of it all. What I like: I love the casual nature of the discussion. Some of the hosts have a good sense of humor, and are pleasant to each other. It’s fun to hear from people who are in the parks all the time. The poking fun at each other is usually pretty fun. I even like the rants when they are reasonable and aren’t placed in the middle of someone else’s point. It’s also fun when the tech doesn’t work and jokes are made. Constructive criticism: In general, a few of the hosts says ‘like’ and ‘um’ far far too much. Charles, please don’t say ‘or whatever’ at the end of your points. It sounds like you’re trying to prove that you don’t care about what you’re doing. Also, a few of the hosts talk about how bland their tastes in food are too much. You are all professional food critics now. It’s a great job, but does require you to broaden your horizons ;) without complaining about the food being too exotic for you. I hope this is just a little helpful, because I love the content!
Every week I either watch on YouTube or listen to the podcast. Watching is much more entertaining. Love to see all the facial expressions. The info provided has really helped with planning my June 2018 trip. I even went thru Dreams Unlimited this time. Usually I do everything myself.
The DIS Unplugged has always been one of my favorite podcasts. Really enjoy every speaker and have learned quite a bit from the show. Especially like Pete’s rants.
Recent format change has unfortunately made this podcast no longer worth the time investment needed to listen. Before it was a great way to learn whats new and interesting at WDW. Now it has been limited to the opinions of the cast of a few topics and too often turns into loud debate and bickering. Reviews of certain things were part of the show in the past, and were usually helpful because they described the experience and were not just giving their personal opinion. I hope the show will return to the more informative format for fans that want to know what is changing at WDW for their upcoming trip.
Have been listening for several years now and am always pleased with all of the content. From the podcast, best and worst, reviews, youtube; The DIS does it all and I can’t get enough of it! Great work!
Great show that I accidentally ran into on Youtube because I am a huge Disney fan. Got hooked by their “Best & Worst” shows. HOWEVER, starting to not listen as often because they are getting pulled into daily world news topics. When they stick to Disney info and offer their great and honest opinions on Disney the show is one of the best around. But as is most podcasters, they are getting sucked into the non Disney news topics, which people listen to these types of podcasts to get away from!
This is a very informative podcast. Quite often you will hear news from their group before anywhere else. You will also get great explanations and insight as well. But I really wish they would keep their personal agendas out of the podcast. Sometimes I agree sometimes I don't but either way let's just stick to Disney info and leave the politics and other garbage out. If I want that crap I'll waste my time with CNN or Fox News. There are also too many know it alls in this group and they constantly seem to be trying to one up the other. I'm starting to use fast forward a lot when listening.
If I wanted to listen to a heavy political rant, I would listened to a political podcast. I was expecting information about Disney, but couldn’t get to the relevant content without having to go through the politics.
I try but I can’t. The host Pete, is pompous and at times inappropriate. Way better Disney podcast out there to choose from.