Reviews For The DIS Unplugged - A Weekly Roundtable Discussion About All Things Disney World

This is the Disney podcast I hate-listen to. They’re all pretty ridiculous and bougy. I really like Pete but he can be silly and isn’t very relatable. Craig is the absolute worst. He just seems so miserable, poor guy. They all have a job most Disney lovers only dream of, but you’d never know it from their attitude. I would never support the company in any way financially but like I said, I love to hate them from a distance.
If you want to hear about everything you do wrong when you visit the park from the “experts “ this is the podcast for you. Pete is good, but he really needs to surround himself with a better crew
This is a wonderful podcast that covers WDW from a variety of angles. The panelists come from a variety of backgrounds (young, older, straight, gay, married, unmarried, kids, no kids) that it’s impossible not to find at least a few of them who remind you of your close friends. I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years and won’t stop anytime soon. I don’t get to Disney anywhere near as often as I would like, but this podcast keeps me connected to my happy place. Plus, it helps me keep on top of changes so that I’m always ready for the next trip! Pete, John, Kevin, Corey, Kathy, Ryno, Craig, Skippy and everyone else, keep up the great work!
The main host, Pete, is a pompous jerk. The backup, Craig, is a petulant child. The vast majority of the shows consist of the most un-newsworthy news, complaints galore, a diatribe or two, lots of talking over each other, constant interruptions, and just when you thought the complaints were done, think again. With all the complaining, you’re left scratching your head why on Earth they even bother stepping foot on to WDW property to begin with. These people need to take a giant step back and keep in mind that most of their listeners aren’t going to WDW to critique and criticize everything the company is doing...they’re going because they genuinely enjoy their time spent there. Some of the only bright spots to this podcast are Ryno, Julie and Corey.
It took me a while to get into the flow of this podcast and realize it wasn’t one to listen to with my daughter (I wish they made a kid friendly version). Once I got past that, there were just too many episodes when the panelists forced their grumpy or snarky personas into the conversation - like they’re enforcing their brand - a few times can be fun, but with the latest episode I had to stop early on because they were determined to stop any flow. At times, the content can’t be beat, but you pay a heavy price. - cmon folks, you’re talking about Disney , try to seem happy.
Subscribed to this podcast about 6 months ago. Have listened to at least 20 or so and the host Pete takes over the entire podcast, which is male dominated. If anyone has an opinion that isn’t the sand as his, he hijacks the topic and always has the last word. The entire podcast rarely looks at anything from a point of view of traveling with children. Definitely not a family oriented podcast in the sense that it talks about how/ when etc to enjoy disney with children.
I still listen to this podcast or watch the YouTube videos regularly, as it is very helpful when planning our yearly “pilgrimage”, and the hosts have great banter\chemistry most times. However I agree with some of the other reviews that the tone has become increasingly “curmudgeon-ish”. I think the participants need to remember that not all of us are as lucky to live and work in the heart of Disney, so we are much more forgiving of tiny things that they sometimes go on and on complaining about. I don’t mind hearing fair and honest criticism, and genuinely appreciate a comprehensive review, positive or negative, but there’s a difference between that and just being generally critical; sometimes I wonder if they really like Disney as much as they used to. Maybe it’s time to find a new passion. If not, then please remind us of how much you love it (bc you all are generally awesome at what you do) and be mindful of your attitude when you’re just having a bad day, that it doesn’t spill over to the content.
I loved this podcast. I have learned so much. However the past six months or so it’s gone down hill. Th negativity by most of the males on the show leaves a bad taste and makes it hard to want to listen.
This is the podcast for you. They give fair criticism and much love for all things Disney. I would never be able to keep up with all the news and goings on without these shows. I only am able to visit Disney about once a year but listening to this show is like taking an hour or two vacation every week. The hosts are serious when they need to be, and support many good causes, but also very goofy and irreverent in the same show. Love it. Everyone remotely interested in Disney should have a listen!
Great source for Disney news. One of my favorite podcasts!
Listening to this podcast is like listening to the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore discuss quantum mechanics. The main host is barberic and condescending. In a recent episode he is demeaning to the disney cast members that work at the hotels. This podcast offers nothing of value unless you like listening to a trainwreck that is trying to convince you to use their WDW vacation planning services. There are other disney podcasts that are respectful, practical, and helpful.
The show is informative and in general positive. However, when the subject needs to be put on blast they don’t hold back. With all we spend to go to WDW glad to hear someone that is honest about the negative changes that are happening.
I have listened to the Disneyland version of this podcast for over a year. My family and I are planning a trip to Disney world next April. I decided to listen to this one. They are so negative and a bunch of Debbie downers. I appreciate the feedback, however, it’s hard to know what to believe because everything is negative. I hope it improves.
Do you like listening to someone who is “too cool for the room”? Do you find unhappiness everywhere? Are you Regina George? Listen for when he infers that housekeepers steal Then this podcast is for you.
Your shows are very informative and helpful in planning our Disney trips. Also enjoy listening to the DVC and moving to Disney shows.
This podcast just makes me happy, makes me smile and laugh. Love the honesty options and family like energy
This may not be the podcast if you want all sunshine and magic. It’s real adult discussion. I like Pete Werner. I read here some critical comments about his defending Pixar’s John Lasseter from May 2018. In that discussion, Pete was measured and fair. The two other guys were participating in the pile on, bringing up yes Bill Cosby and the Penn State football scandal! Pete Werner did not minimize harassment. He spoke to the facts and sounded like the adult in the room/studio. If you want a Disney podcast that’s more Disney booster and family fare, check out Lou Mongello’s WDW. I listen to both. DisUnplugged with Pete Werner is indispensable because with him, I feel we’re getting the full scoop from someone with a background in the travel industry and as a Disney enthusiast.
Recent negative reviews have me cracking up. I *love* this podcast for its informative, unbiased approach. They’re not saccharine sweet, which I appreciate. I look forward to the new episodes every week!
I love the show, I cherish the sarcasm, and I don’t think I’ve come across many people in this world with bigger hearts. I am saved by Gods grace and not on my own merit. I so appreciate the straight-forward-ness of the host! It’s so refreshing to be “with” REAL people - fist bump to Craig for the Pittsburgh accent - I don’t miss the snow! 😂

By wdwr
Great show
I have been listening for over a year, despite the host. He displays prideful, demeaning attitude toward the other people on the show, actually telling others giving their opinion to “shut up” and sighing, “oh God” when he disagrees. They go really in depth and have lost touch with what it’s like to be a vacationer traveling to DisneyWorld, as they all are Orlando locals. They do give a lot of good insight and information, and I enjoy Rhyno and Craig, so I continue to listen.
Missing John and Kevin, they don’t let the show go down the hole of negativity. Pete lets negative Craig and his negative puppet Rhino go down that hole way to often. Wish the other people at the table were given more of a chance to speak. Although Kathy listing ice cream flavors was really uncalled for. I’ve listened for awhile now and can’t believe Dreams Unlimited Travel could get many clients if this show reflects their agents.
Happy to hear one or more women at the table each week! Especially love Jackie’s positivity. It helps offset the often negative vibes from a few others, esp Craig. This episode he was seemingly complaining about things that have not even occurred (and may never occur) in Galaxy’s Edge. And the anti-candle rant? Id be happy to hear Julie or Kathy fill in for Pete!
Love this show. Can’t handle the dry mouth and saliva sounds from the host but it’s so good otherwise! (I have mouth sounds phobia admittedly but can’t listen to the ones he is the main host on)
Very fun weekly show on all things disney world. They report the good and the bad news in a fun way.
Great idea and has a great execution but maybe try to stay on track a bit more
This podcasts pretty much just bashes all things Disney. Lots of complaining, whining and hating on the Disney of today. Big downer.
Episode #1027 of “The Dis Unplugged” is hands down the most enjoyable thus far with John’s music/trivia guessing game and the hilarious antics that ensue! Everyone’s participation (especially Craig’s) is just pure fun and I vote for this to come back, hopefully sooner rather than never!
The show grows on you. I gave it four stars because the completely messed up the disneyland podcast.
I’ve been a listener for quite a while now, and really enjoy this podcast. Always informative and entertaining!
I like the content but would love to see new hosts to add new perspectives to the podcasts.
Tons of tips and tricks about Disney while staying relevant and entertaining. Sometimes the podcasts can be on the negative side of things, but still worth the time.
I love this show! I have been listening for more than six years. Comical and informative! I feel like these people are my friends even though I don’t watch live or communicate in anyway. I did attend an event the year before last which was amazing. I hope that this podcast does not have an end in sight. Please continue producing great content!
I would not recommend this podcast. I gave it a try, but the host is very arrogant. He talks down to others on the podcast and the listeners. I don’t know who this guy thinks he is, but he needs a lesson in humility.
Great show! Love how every couple of years it changes and evolves to improve the podcast experience!
I’ve been listening for years now and this group seemingly gets more negative every time they broadcast. Many of the show regulars constantly discuss the negative of Disney hardly trying to find the positive. The host is great, however his co hosts generally are not. There are a great many sexual innuendos throughout the show that frankly get old and seem out of place. It’s best when they discuss as opposed to rant. But sadly, that doesn’t happen as often as it used to.
First show I listened to was a 15 minute dining show. It started out OK but included a very unnecessary political jab. One that seems true to one party simply because they believe but have no evidence for it. Anyway, with the polarized political climate we live in when listening to and researching Disney vacations and offerings this is the last place I thought we’d have any reason to get politically cynical. Disney should be one thing that bridges the gap for us. Try again. You might want to take a page out of Lou’s book. His podcast is the escape into the beauty of Disney. My podcast schedule is full anyway so having been underwhelmed is probably for the best.
This is a great show it is NOT made explicitly for kids I personally love this if you have a problem don’t be rude about it and just stop listening .i like it it’s fun and funny 🙂🙃😉
I have listened every week since this show started (when Bob Varley was still on the show, and they mentioned “the sad little crab cake) but I stopped listening to all podcasts about four years ago. Pete and the table know their stuff. Pete owns a travel agency, so he should. He started the show because of his love of Disney. And to drum up business. Don’t take this the wrong way, but Pete gets more excited about the Oscars than the Super Bowl. Unlike most Americans. Also, he seems to have an elitist attitude. Thus, I don’t feel he is in touch with his clients. The other panel members are more down-to-earth. You will learn a lot from this show, but just don’t get lost in the non-Disney stuff.
Probably the worst dining review I’ve ever heard, and Sean wasn’t even involved. At least use participants with a 5th grade vocabulary and know a little bit about food.
The host is one of the most negative people I've ever heard on a podcast. The whole podcast has this negative vibe. They do have some good updates but they need to try not to be such a-holes.
The DIS produces a bunch of podcasts/videos and they are really consistent which is great. My opinion of this podcast has evolved, I previously was not a fan of their criticisms toward Disney restaurants however I’ve found they tend to be warranted and they have equal amount or more praise for the parks/restaurants. This is largely a podcast full of non-parent Disney fans which is who I’ve been my whole life (until recently - now I’m a parent) so their take really resonates with me and they’re trying to move into the family/parent side of things by bringing on more employees with that experience. Overall great podcast.
Love this podcast! This podcast provides me with some great listening material at work. My family goes to Disney World every year and I’m always looking for ways to improve our overall vacation experience. Definitely my favorite podcast! I also really The Best and Worst podcast by the same team :)
I love the variety, the polished professional production, the hosts-oh man the hosts, best by far of any podcast.
This is one of the very podcasts out there. I listen every week!
Absolutely love this podcast !!!
I listen to one of these episodes almost every day. You guys keep it real and I love this podcast! Keep it up!!
Love this Podcast! It’s my way to beat the Disney blues in between trips. Mike, Rikki, and Pam are positive and engaging to listen to. Thanks for an awesome podcast three times a week!! :)
Love the team and everything about their podcasts!