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Outstanding podcast with the right amount of talk with the right amount of music. Plus, the guy who is speaking has such a great voice, his voice flows like music. The combination of his voice and the music makes for an excellent blend of sounds.
Like the concept, but I'm not paying, when I can just listen or google. Make it free, advertise, and get more listeners.
Heavily pop. Some good, some so-so.
This is probably my favorite podcast and one of the very few I subscribe too. They are perfect-less than 10 minutes in length so they are easy to listen to a few while you walk the dog or drive somewhere. Brian (and his writer, Diane) take a few minutes to give some background on the artist and then lots of fun music facts sure to satisfy any music trivia geek. I enjoy the podcast even if I'm not that fond of the song (or, as has happened a few times, if I'd never heard of it. Mike Oldfield did something besides the Exorcist theme?) My only complaint is new episodes just don't come fast enough.
Easily my second favorite podcast after Brian's other production, Coverville. He breaks down the lyrics, history of the bands, and the influences behind the scenes for every song in a smooth, mellow voice that is matchless on the interwebz.
This is a great, short informative podcast. People who love popular music should really take advantage of this podcast.
Nice combination of artist background and song background. Very entertaining for a fan of popular music and music history. Nice job Brain.
Ever want to know what a song is really about? Brian Ibbott from Coverville peels back the layers to analyze the lyrics while sharing some background on the artist or band known for the song. R U Listening?