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I highly recommend this podcast for quick and insightful takes on the week's Linux headlines.
Love the show bummer the BS that shut it down
Jupiter Broadcasting does great work. While this show maybe over, it certainly has reshaped my IT career the past 8 months.
The Best Linux Podcast
This show is an amazing journey through the Linux landscape, which is infinitely more nuanced and fascinating than you might ever guess. Whether you are catching up on the latest news about your distro of choice or trolling through the back catalogue you will find so many entertaining conversations you will want EVEN MORE…Which is perfect because there are tons more amazing Jupiter Broadcasting shows.
I haven't been able to make it through an entire show in a while. The co-host Noah overplays his experience quite a bit, and provides a lot of really bad advice with respect to network security and passwords. He also will just straight-up state falsehoods like the ubiquity of System 76 in the HPC space (it has none), or that he never lost a customer (yet he said in the prior episode that he lost a customer)... The last show had a one minute long snippet of conservative talk radio, for no real purpose... If you want a linux show, I would just listen to linux unplugged, lot more Chris and a lot less Noah, generally more plesant after they cleaned up the mumble room.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Very good show. I Like to know all the rumblings out there regarding Linux and open source. Show is 2hrs!!!! After an hour it feels a little robotic and drags on. So please just cut down the time or release the show in 2 intervals per week and I think the show will grow leaps and bounds.
Chris talks more about his love for Apple than anything else now, skip the show and find a better podcast
The content provided is a joke. Two guys just talking about Linux. Just talking. No real good stories.
Really, The Linux Action Show is by far the best Linux podcast available. The difference is that Jupiter Broadcasting is an actual business dedicated to making technology podcasts. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with volunteers doing podcasts in their free time, I enjoy some of them too. But when you have a company based on doing this for a living, they have to be good to make it. I’ve been listening since 2007 and I still can’t wait for the next episode!
I don't always agree with the content creator, nor do I appreciate the language/ inuendos at times, but there is no denying that the podcast is super entertaining and as a fan of linux I love the contentent of the show. I look forward to listening every week to the latest linux news, reviews, etc. Overall I'd give it 5 stars, but again would suggest to the content creator that he tone it back a notch, i'd love to listen to these shows with my kids, but with language and inuendos, I'd rather not right now.
This show is not only informational but entertaining as well. These guys are passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable. I've learned a lot about linux and discovered many tips listening to this. Must download!
I could not get through my week without LAS. Great show that is informative, innovative and extremely entertaining. This is exactly how it should be done, technical topic that are presented in a fun and easily approachable way. Thanks for the great show.
I found this podcast to be a must listen. It provides great news and more coming from the Linux world.
About 20 minutes of valuable content per episode.
This podcast grew on me... I now look forward to it each week. The two hosts have distinct personalities, and they are both knowledgeable and passionate about Linux and open source software in general. I like the fact that the show has a consistent format, and the deep dive that they do related to the podcast's topic is always worth it. There are sponsor ads; they can be a bit tiring after a year or two, but I just grit my teeth and wait them out (I usually listen while cycling). Who knows, they may convert me to Ting for phone service yet... I learned from them recently that Ting now has beta support for iPhones!
Not just my favorite Linux podcast, but one of my favorite podcasts of all time.
I'm a big fan of Linux and this show has a ton of great tips tricks and software suggestions, but perhaps most importantly it's fun and entertaining. Top notch!
Just watch it :)
You have to wade through a lot of noise and immaturity to find anything of interest in this show. My sample was two podcasts and I found them unbearable and less informative to the mid skilled user.
This show is top notch. I look forward to listening every week. Chris and Matt provide an in depth look into the world of Linux from a user and business perspective from a rational point of view i.e. they are not fanboys. I never miss an episode.
All of Jupiter Broadcasting's shows are awesome, but LAS stands out and is on the list of shows I anticipate every week.
Informative and entertaining. Good blend of news and technical topics. Thanks guys keep up the good work!
This podcast is fantastic for any Linux user, enthusiast or even someone who is curious about Linux. Best stories, best hosts, best show. LAS.


Useless show without Brian
High energy!!! Great job guys!
Best Linux podcast I've heard. Enjoyable, and insightful.
There guys have it all, and they do it better than anyone else! Foremost, they are serious about accuracy and quality! Beyond that, it is entertainment, news, reviews, and more. If you use Linux, this is a benefit to you wherever your skill level is at. I have been listening/watching for almost five years now.
Not funny. Not clever. Just dorks ruining their podcast by speaking in LOUD STUPID INFO-MERCIAL voices to show us they're so FUNNY! FUNNY! painful. Subscribed twice. Unsubscribed twice.
I was a Linux Noob and now I am a better informed Linux Noob. Now I am getting my LAS on PocketCast but since you keep bugging us to review on iTunes I figured I would! If you want a good perspective on Linux news LAS is for you. You will quickly get hooked.
If you ever wondered what a tech show done by a couple of failed morning zoo shock jock wannabes would sound like then this is the show for you. Unfortunately their technical insights are undermined by their shilling for GoDaddy and one of the hosts' software packages and their unwarranted ad hominem attacks on other podcasters. Also: the fact that they continue to accept money from GoDaddy means they are aiding and abetting the passage of SOPA in the US, which means they are definintely not worth patronizing in any way.
If you haven't listened to this show and you are an avid Linux user, do yourself a favor and just listen. These guys put their all out there . Their production value is second to none. They might ignore the common roots between iOS and Linux or especially BSD -- for shame Allen! -- but they entertain like no other. I can't say it enough. Highly recommend!
Chris and Allan do an awesome job of keeping us up to date on the news and awesome happenings in the Linux and open source world. Thanks guys!
Used to be the funniest show I've ever heard of... But not so much, no offense Allan but your a lil bland. As fun as Chris is, not the same as Brian, so what happened to him?
Very good mix of Linux news, reviews, and commentary. Helps me decide what packages I should install on my Linux box next. I used to laugh more when Bryan was the co-host. But the show is still entertaining.
I am one of those people who has to work for a living. This means I have to venture out into the non-linux world which I have hard time breathing in. I prefer the musty basement air which is pushed around by my Zalman and the various case fans. While at work, I use a Mac or the closest thing to LINUX ("The only way to say LINUX is to scream it." -LAS ) that I can find to listen to the often funny/annoyingly obnoxious/informative Linux Action Show. It always brightens my day to hear Chris' laugh and to see USA playing so nicely with Canada! I do have one question: Did the Illumination Software Creator kill Bryan Lunduke? Where is he? We all know that Bryan is a god (Please note the little 'g', he is not THAT cool.) and the only thing strong enough to destroy him is an artificially intelligent deb package created by Bryan himself or his offspring. RIP Bryan, you will be missed. With that being said, I am kinda happy Bryan died because Allan is wonderful and I am thinking about purchasing hosting from for my next social media project created with llumination Software Creator as a shout out to its late creator the brilliant Bryan Lunduke. For those of you who are wondering wether or not to start listening to LAS, do what ever you want. Just know that studies* show that LAS listeners are better equipped to do all things. Prolonged listening to LAS will increase the speed of your torrents, make your cpu run faster, make you taller, you will be able to run faster and scream LINUX louder!** All you have to do is listen to three episodes (unless LAS decides to change their season/episode format and they start to call "shows" something else. This potential change will not affect the LAS results and I am not sure why they are even considering the change. They must have been tired of rolling around in server rooms filled with money and felt the need to change something which will have no baring on the show.) then give LAS a 5 STAR rating on iTunes to start seeing results. Personally, I would like to say thank you to Jupiter Broadcasting for making my day a little more bearable. * citation missing ** may not be based on actual facts
I searched for "Linux" on iTunes podcasts and came across a picture of Tux the penguin holding a lightsaber. I knew this was a show I would like, and it didn't disappoint! These guys put on a professional, high quality podcast full of interesting topics that I actually care about. Their "shock jock" announcer style is a little cheesy, but it totally works for the show and I love it! Keep it up guys, the community appreciates it.
Love the podcast. Long time listener. Keep doin' what you guys do. Don't change a thing. Best linux podcast out there. Period.
This is by far my favorite tech podcast not only because they generally have good info they also have a good sense of humor.
Informative.entertaining and they get along good. Ciphersson


By Salaxx
It's a great podcast. Just be warned that they do joke on occasion, so if you want a boring monotone podcast about why Vim is better than Nano, look elsewhere.
Im a truck driver and listen to hours of talk radio and TWIT podcasts but still look forward to a new linux action show every week
Since I like tech so much, this is really good. And it's funny, too! Definitely .
These guys give and enthusiasm and technical knowledge to a subject with no holds barred. They will discuss a piece of hardware or software, with it's pro's and con's and won't leave anything uncovered and yet are totally enjoyable. I also recomend anything from jupiter broadcasting for just unabshed fun on geeky subjects. Please note that the linux action show is now the computer action show. But don't fret, this just gives them a broader area to cover.
This show prides itself on its professional sound and polish. Can't stand dead air, heavy breathing into cheap mics, or F-bombs dropped every 5 seconds? Then subscribe to this show. LAS keeps it tight and structured, and broadcast quality. The hosts are funny and intelligent; and effortessly breakdown complex topics without dumbing it down. Their topics are current, and their enthusiasm is infectious.
This is a great podcast about what's new in the world of Linux. If you want to keep up to date on the latest happenings of Ubuntu, Fedora, or anything else related to Linux, this is the podcast for you. The hosts also have a great unique sense of humor that keep this podcast fresh.
I've been listening to the Linux Action Show for years and it's only gotten better and better. Bryan (with a Y) and Chris, you guys rock. You two are the single reason why I'm excited about Linux and why I still use it today. Whether you're and IT professional, a Linux enthusiast or just a fan of tech, this podcast will non disappoint. Great interviews, great reviews and serious lulz.