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Makoto shows an amazing display of skill on the mixes and on the selection, once in a while comes a dj that knows how to put a good show. the only thing that this podcast needs is to crank up the kbps to 128 or more, it sounds good don't get me wrong, but it will sound a lot better if you give it more juice. this comment does not take anything away from your show, it is still one of the best in itunes.
I found this podcast early this year. I have to say that since I started listing to Good Looking and Makoto in general, I love the music. I agree with the others that say there should be track listings. I don't care about the talking over the mixes because it doesn't detract that much, I don't speak Japanese, and he explains in English why he does this in one. I have had fun finding new artist I like by looking for what labels Makoto has made music for so I can find these tracks. There are a few I can't get, bummer. TRACK LISTINGS!!!
of Makotos stuff. Great sound all around. I just wish he (and many others) talked less during his mixes. And any mix with Deeizm singing over the tracks is almost not worth downloading. Her voice and ego completely ruin the music for me, personally.
Makoto always brings a soulful selection and still keep the vibe deep. My main wish for this podcast is a track listing; especially when he plays some off-the-wall remix. Please ADD TRACKLISING in the info or notes field.
Although I wanna slap the dude that's talking over these beautiful tracks, the music is highly elevated, keep it moving, big up Makoto and Deeizm!
A must-listen if you're a fan of DnB and London Elek's podcast as well...the only thing these are missing is the tracklist!!! if someone can help me figure out the track at 29 minutes on podcast 11 that would be of the most gorgeous DnB tracks EVER but I DIDN'T GET HER NAME!!
If you are into soulfull / liquid styled drum n bass, you have to listen to this podcast. A bit more audio resolution will be much appreciated!!
Every track takes me back to the days I first began listening to LTJ Bukem's Good Looking Records Mixes and Makoto ROCKS!!! Too much talking between tracks, but otherwise outstanding tracks and seamless mixing!!!
I've been into Makoto since 2003 and the man is excellent. The fact that he's released a DNB podcast/radio show in Japanese is excellent and anyone out there who's curious for more about him and the scene over there, check this out!