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Rachel is probably one of the most annoying people ever. Only white trash laughs at there own jokes. If dj is not on the show, its not worth listening to. Total trash
This show used to be great years ago. But it's become a waste of time. It jumped the shark when the California girl became part of the show. Completely ruined whatever chemistry was left.
I LOVE Explodey Files, it is a truly awesome podcast that reviews and analyzes one of the best most influential sci-fi shows of all times (no, not Twilight Zone, that OTHER one-!) Any fan of the show, or of sci fi or horror will really enjoy this. They do a good job of covering both the highs (and lesser highs!) of the show all within the context of a group a of great personalities that are fun to listen to-- a def favorite podcast
These guys are awesome podcasters and awesome people. If you're not down with the Splattercast, go f yourself.

By B8tr
Good show lotsa fun. Give it a shot. Reading these other reviews they must have improved.
Don't listen to the 1 star cry babies. The show is enjoyable and pretty consistent quality wise. I enjoy the different personalities of the hosts and enjoy listening even when the movie sounds awful.
They review many different movies and each person often has a different viewpoint so you can see a movie from all sides. This is a great look into horror films with some humor mixed in,
I was reading some of the other podcast reviews that were negative and just had to say What in the hell is wrong with those people this show is great and keeps getting better
These guys are so annoying. Their jokes just don't hit and they review some of the worst movies. Having this many episodes you would think they would get it. Guess not


Youre a podcaster, not a celebrity. Stick to discussing movies. Leave the personal stuff for off mic. Nobody cares about anything else u say. World famous? Hahaha.
Listening to the show is like hanging out with a bunch of (occasionally drunken) friends who love horror as much as you do! The mix of personalities keep the show fresh and fun, and make the Splattercast a must-subscribe!! Love it!
I first listened to this podcast in its early days and didn't care for the rampant insanity of everybody talking over each other and general chaos. Recently I have started listening again and I must say, Dead Lantern is now one of the most enjoyable podcasts out there. Each host has a unique and interesting personality (especially DJ) and the cast is funny and informative. It must also be noted that Splattercast really encourages community among the horror podcasts out there. I really enjoy their splatcadamy awards every year with intros from different hosts. Good Show!
I listen to my share of horror podcasts, and this is by far my favorite one. The relaxed structure of the show as well as the themed episodes make it fun. All of the guys are easy to relate to and they appreciated their fans. They also have two of their very own indepedent films.
These guys(from Nebraska) have no idea what's going on but I love the show. Deejay is an idiot savant, MaT spells his name this way for some reason, TJ is a hollywood elitist, Steve works in a toy store, and Jeff is...well he's quite normal. Total train wreck radio!!!
These guys are a cluster F#%ck, and I love it. You can tell they've known each other for a while, and it's the sense of nostalgia that they bring to the show that makes it so good. The only negative I have, and trust me it's minor, is that they Skype it in, but they have to. If they didn't Skype they couldn't get all the guys on the show and that would detract. They actually talk about movies I'm into, and they remind me of me and my friends.
This show is not worth your time.
MaT, Jeff, DJ, and Steve, fantastic, hilarious, and breezy, one of the best!!
A loose cannon of a podcast, capable of dizzying highs and terrifying lows. If they could fix the chronic thechnical problems and boil it down to just three personalities vying for attention (The dry, funny host Jeff, the bitter cynic Matt and the drunk guy DJ) it would be a great podcast. Still, it's a fun listen if you don't mind a little chaos in your que.
The Splattercast is one of the best horror podcast out there.......
I enjoy hearing in-depth reviews of horror movies both current and retro ranging from low-budget horror to Hollywood horror. The cast of guys give an array of honest opinions that gives their listeners an idea of possible hits or misses in the horror genre.
Well, I just finished trudging through this episode. I normally find DL Spattercast very interesting, informative and funny... This must have been very, very improvised....I don't think any single thread of consversation lasted more than a couple of minutes. Extremely hard to follow. This reminded me of going to a friend's home and watching some of their old vacation slides. Frankly, I'd rather watch concrete harden. Please, please don't do this again.... :)
This is a great show for horror buffs. If you like scary, bloody, gory, or just plain weird movies, listen to these guys.
But of course I'm partial, as I work on the Dead Lantern website! Still, being as objective as I can, I really think horror fans will get a kick out of this podcast. It's just some guys hanging out and talking horror. It's got news, reviews, discussion, and it's all done with a not-too-serious attitude. Give it a try!