The Binaural Banjo

Reviews For The Binaural Banjo

These are my favorite binaural beats. "Enchantment" puts me to sleep immediately. I only wish there were more!
New to the binaural thing and not too sure about it, but what the hell, it's worth a try. Binaural or not I can get into some of this! Nice work!
Awesomely beautiful. Comfortingly melodic yet still so ignorably ambient. Relaxing, profound, simultaneously lighthearted and deep. The banjo has clearly joined the ranks of the mandolin, sitar and harp as a proud chakra tickling peer. The sweet hint of twang is just so tasty rollin' around the brain. Thanks so much for sharing this fantastic stuff with us.


By JoJo719
These podcasts are wonderful! I wish there were more out there like this. My favorite is no. 20 Reverence. Very smooth relaxing.
I was looking for some binaural relaxation music, and came across's lovely, and a nice change from the sort of generic nature sounds found elsewhere. I really enjoy the music. Very beautiful and calming and well worth downloading! Thanks!
wow, this is great. it keeps the whole body and mind in a smooth sail while focused on what you do. you have a major gift and thank you so much!