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Thanks Dr. Gergens for all the work you did to bring us your podcasts. Podcasts are such a convenient way to learn and review. I only wish teachers would use Power Point more because the chalkboard is often difficult to read. Maybe your students could create Power Point slides as an extra credit project.
Dr. Gergens is an innovative educator giving us a glimpse of the 21st century classroom! His online classes and podcasts give students additional resources and utilize new technology to interact in the classroom....On Demand! This is just the beginning...there is much more to come! There is a new standard set for educational resources today...Educators take note and accept this new challenge!
Not for the faint of heart, if you love action/adventure movies you need to pick this one up! worth every penny. Not since the great action movies of the 80's has a hero been this outnumbered, and still pulled through in a grandstand of violence and gore. Once again I say EVERY one should owe this!