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Fabulous selection of scientists with superb credentials but Marc has definitely a problem in that he hesitates too much, stumbles on words, stutters, and has difficulties formulating and expressing his thoughts. This is unfortunate as Marc is a very smart guy, entertaining and likable.
My favorite show on the TWIT network.
I love the idea of this podcast. The guests they get are fantastic and the show covers very interesting topics. But unfortunately Marc, the host, is a poor interviewer. He is obviously very intelligent but has trouble expressing his thoughts and questions, and therefore does not make a good host. The earlier shows with Leo Leporte kept him on track but the later episodes with just Marc hosting are becoming more and more difficult to listen to. Marc has a nervous laugh and a stutter. He should write down his questions beforehand to get a more concise interview. Also better editing may improve the flow of the podcast. If Marc can improve his hosting skills, I'd give this 5 stars.
Oftentimes the media available is so watered down and speaks to the lowest common denominator. Thankfully FIB speaks at a level that intelligent people, especially professional and students in the life sciences, can appreciate. With every episode I learn something new and especially love to get to hear the process of discovery for the researchers. Thanks to Leo for making it possible. Also hopefully Dr. Kiki will have her pod on here soon.
I'm a student of bioengineering at UCLA and I absolutely LOVE this podcast. It teaches me so much about my field of study... maybe even more than my classes. The interviews are engaging, intelligent, and thought provoking.
This podcast consistently gets brilliant, articulate, incredibly interesting guests at its disposal. I find myself re-listening to episodes now and again, and this is the only podcast I've ever done that with. Subscribe and listen – you wilI learn a lot, and not only about biotech. Marc has interviewed physicists, geologists, astronomers, computer scientists, and others, and they have all been inspiring and educational. Unfortunately the one thing working against this podcast is the host. I certainly wouldn't rather a bombastic mainstream-media type, but Marc is too much the opposite. He has a very irritating habit of chortling almost constantly - when he asks a question, when he listens to an answer, simply all the time. Furthermore he has so much trouble formulating his thoughts on the air that listening to him try to put together a question is excruciating. His interjections are either blubbering expressions of amazement at whatever the guest is talking about, or sometimes even go against the natural flow of the interview, both of which the guest must maneuver around. Marc is a smart guy and would be a great host if he: - Listened to a recording of his show and noticed his chortling, then made a concerted effort to not do it in the future. - Let the guests loose by asking broad questions and letting them talk pretty much about whatever they wanted. Despite these problems, I still rate Futures in Biotech with 4 stars simply because of the mind-blowing interviews and subject matter, neither of which I have found anywhere else.
To whom it may concern; The music at the beginning and end of the podcast has got to go! Please, it’s a good podcast otherwise. The music ruins it. Michelle New York NY
This is a great podcast. Very indepth and informative. The guests are people who are at the heart of Biotech research and know what they're talking about. Even with all the info, it's still accessible to those of us without P.H.D.s. They let you know what's coming up in the world, and certainly give you something to talk about while drinking coffee. Highly reccomended.
This isn't a podcast for those who crave wacky soundeffects or outragous host. Instead it is for all those people who are interested in the facts and the research. This podcast is right on with their info and up to date on their research. The hosts are smart and know what is going on in this field. Never do I feel they are just reading a script. Its just a smart podcast.
Futures in Biotech has a great collection of subjects and guests, but unfortunately Marc Pelletier talks too much, sometimes even interrupting the guests, and in an effort to make the show accessible to neophytes often asks sophomoric questions. I may be wrong, but I doubt neophytes are likely to subscribe, and it is unfortunate to have these great guests dumbing done their subject.
This podcast is consistently fascinating. I never cease to be amazed at the quality of guests and the topics discussed.
If you have any interest in bio technology, this is a fascinating show. I'm not a scientist (I'm an accountant), but even I can understand the topics. The hosts do a great job of keeping the explanations simple for non technical listeners. The guests and the work they do are fascinating. Highly recommend this podcast.
I'm a senior biology student and this podcast is by far my favorite. I can understand why people not in the field may find it to be too techinical but in reality that is my favorite part about the podcast. Most of the other science related podcasts seem to dumb things down or not go into complete detail and that's where Futures in Biotech shines.
The information is very good, but way too technical and boring. This podcast is strictly for the scientists who don't mind very dry content. I'm giving an extra star for content.
I must say that this podcast is up there with all the other ones. Its true that Biotech is on the cutting edge of technology and this podcast proves it right. Keep up the good work and I hope to hear more in the future!
Dr. Susan Linquist was great! Her work is fascinating I thougt she did a good job of defining potentially unfamilar terms. (If you thought the first podcast was "too technical" stay away from the Nature podcast too and consider reading a introductory biology text!) Marc need to work on not talking over his guests and not inhaling into the microphone, but these are problems that I am sure will go away as he gains experience.
Excellent first try. They picked a great person to interview - cutting edge gene technology. Marc has some distance to go as an interviewer but brings very good scientific credentials to the table. Leo is a consummate professional and establishes continuity and access. Worth listening to.
It's about time a relavent and technical podcast shows up! The information on the first one was presented by a real expert, not by some idiot that thinks their an expert. I cant wait for the next one!