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God Through Caleb is right on time. This message is 100% being real about our walk with Christ and the scenarios with Seasons of Desolation that entail us from time to time. God is always always there through it all. Amen😇
This podcast is so inspiring and helpful in my walk with God. Pastor Jerry and the pastors at his church not only lift you up, but they also speak truth that encourages you to die to yourself and live for God!
I have been attending the rock since it first began in 2000. My life has changed dramatically and without pastor jerry I wouldn't even be close to the road that I am on today. Thank you pastor jerry for receiving God's calling on your life so that myself, and many others are now going to enter the kingdom of God. Listen to pastor jerry and find out why he has changed so many lives.
I have been attending The Rock for about 5 years now, my relationship with God has grown from the moment I started attending. Pastor Jerry has an amazing way of preaching the word of God, I learn something new at every service! I love my church!!! So grateful to be part of it and be able to hear the preaching anytime!!
Outstanding church all around. Thanks so much.
Having a benevolent heart not only for those of the kingdom but mainly for those out there who are ungrateful and evil. They are the ones who truly need to see the love of God :D
Pastor Jerry is amazing! Thank you pastor Jerry for your faith in God.we knew the minute we walked into the Rock we were home. Your way of teaching has dramatically changed our lives! You are such a joy to listen every Sunday and on your cd's. We love to hear you laugh..thank you so much! God bless!
This ministry changed my life! Thank you pastor jerry
One Word from God changed my life forever! God takes us from where we are to a place He created us to be...In Victoy!
Praise the Lord
I am so thankful to God for bringing me to the Rock. I'm 60 this year, nothing new, but His amazing love in all pastor is showing us; God's Divine purpose in our lives... Thank you for your faithfulness.
This pastor is showing me how the stories in the bible is related to my life how to restore my life. Gracias. Monica
Fresh revelation every time!
Anoited by "GOD"
Before I came to The Rock, I haven't stepped inside any church for 20 years. Truly "the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword..." and will pierce through the division of your soul and spirit especially when you hear the Word delivered by this anointed man of God, Pastor Jerry. And I will keep on pressing forward!
Pastor Jerry Dirmann is a wonderful man of God, he teaches the bible in a manner that reveals Gods plan for our lives. I am now a self proclaimed addict to the word of God and give thanks to God for blessing Jerry with such a beautiful heart to relay your message. You help enlighten us all, Thank you, Frank
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Pastor Jerry Dirmann is such an awesome man of God! If you listen to these podcasts I guarantee God will speak to you in such a powerful way, and if you open up your life and DO the things that God is telling you you will be forever changed. You cannot go wrong with theses messages
Jesus through Jerry will Rock you! Hands down Jerry is pound for pound the best preacher in my lifetime! Thanks for convincing me how much Jesus loves me pastor. I can only sacrifice myself to shoe hoe much thankful I am. Thanks the Rock for loving Jesus. God bless this place forever and please let us have pastor Jerry for life! :)
While listening to Jerry you can feel how much Jesus loves you! The whole atmosphere is very good in that church! I've been reading the Bible for 20 years now but the way of approach here is something new for me. The truth from my mind goes down to my heart. I just finished the basic training and can wait for starting the next level. God bless the Rock!
That's what The Rock does.
Everytime I go there it is a life changing learning experience. Pastor Jerry , Pastor Carl, Pastor Tammy, Pastor Randy Collins, and all the other pastors and godly people there have saved me form myself and the world. I am truly blessed having been introduced to Gdo after a 40 year absence, guided by the amazing people of the Rock. Bill Ditmar
I love listening to these messages over and over on my ipod while I work! Thanks for the podcast its awesome!!
Pastor Jerry's relationship with God is evident everytime he speaks. He is a great leader and a man after Gods own heart. God gives him life changing revelation straight from the bible. My life is evident of the anointing on Pastor Jerry Dirmann.
Not many pastors have the anointing and the courage to speak the word as powerfully yet eloquently as Pastor Jerry. Listen to his messages with an open heart; he is speaking the straight Word of God, and it will change your life.
Is it possible to post the Ruth Series messages that Pastor Carl has been teaching on Wednesdays?
When you're really hungry, do you talk about eating? No--you eat! Many churches talk about food, but this church serves up sermons that truly feed your spirit and change your life! For the first time, I am EXCITED for Sunday morning to come along so I can go to church. I am so thankful for this church and for the opportunity to attend every week. I only wish there were DVDs available...
the absolute truth of god is not comprimised a bit at the rock. An my life has not been the same since i started comming and recieving the word of god. every pastor i have heard speak at the rock is filled with the spirit and wisdom of god. just wish they update the sermons alittle faster.


It's about time you got a podcast Jerry
These messages are life changing. Thank you Pastor Jerry, and all the other Rock pastors for teaching the Word of God, uncompromised.
Every pastor at the Rock is so in touch with the Holy Spirit which alows for an impeckable teaching of the Word of God. Every spoken Word is relevant to to issues that every person goes through today.
Thank you for teaching the word straight! Your message hit me right between the eyes. God is using you big time.