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These Doctor Who episodes are better than the first run of the TV series often were! Please keep up the great entertainment.
I was thoroughly enjoying this series and then came to the Caribbean Blue episode. A fantastic story but it is unfinished, I even went to the Darker Projects website to see if I could find the ending there only to be let down. Excellent sound quality and wonderful voice acting, but leaves me wanting to know how the story was resolved.
Good stories that make a nice accompaniment to walkig or other light excercise. Pretty good writing and reasnable acting all the way through. THANK YOU for your work, my family have all enjoyed it.
have you stopped making it?
I just get turned off by some of the supernatural stuff they throw in there. This is sci-fi, not fantasy. Other than that I really like some of the characters and the Doctor is well played.
It rivals the big finish audio dramas. I have a question where is caribbean blue part 2?
This is a fairly well done podcast. I just wish they'd hurry up and add a new episode. The wait is killing me!
I don't understand what order they go in the dates go one way and the numbers go the other!! Time travel has had a weird effect on my brain...
Recent Dr. Who fan/convert and just can't get enough! You know how it is, when you find something that grabs your imagination and you just want more and more? So imagine my delight when I discover the Time Tales... harkening back to the days of radio at its prime, these productions are astonishing. Great special effects, good voice actors, decent plots, but most importantly it captures the delight and wonder of the Who mythology. The accents aren't always the best, and the Doctor is missing some of that energetic spark from the series, but the mystery, the awe, and the humor are there in full form. Wonderful bit of escapism. The amount of work... the writing, the acting, the recording, the noise effects, etc... that go into this makes it even more enjoyable. I was listening to a few casts at work today and actually found myself laughing out loud and even gasping! *LOL* Yeah, there might only be an episode once every couple of months, but considering the care that goes into the casts and the fact that we're not paying a dime for it or listening to any commercials (meaning that they're probably doing this for the fun/fandom alone), how could you complain? You have to appreciate the dedication! The only thing I found a bit strange was the episodes being a little out of order. Can't figure that one out.
The story arc is random and the episodes are to far apart. They also the story arc as is it aren't very good, I mean it could be really good if you were more versitile with your story types and maybe make the episodes longer it would help. And again it takes 2 months for on 10 minute episode to be put up, most of the time it isn't enough to get any story out of it. You guys have a chance to be better, but there is just a lot missing.
Great sound, effects, great acting by Mark Kalita and a lot of the other cast, and even if a few people are a bit rocky it's still fun, fun, fun...and Dr. Who!
Awesome storylines and very addicting, especially the newest story, but I don't like the fact that it doesn't include any of the series companions. I realize it's easier to do it this way, but I think a lot of people would like to hear about some of the untold adventures with some of our favorite old companions. Also, on a personal note, the language is acceptable and it doesn't have any grotesque or perverted comments in it, which I think is totally great! :-)
Good story line but a bit slow in production. David Ault is a perfect Doctor on the order of Peter Davison. Keep them coming!
I've listened to about half of the available shows and I love it. This series is keeping me locked into the Whoniverse while I wait for the next seasons of Doctor Who and Torchwood. The Doctor is well acted and very much in line with what I have liked about Doctors 1,8,9, and 10 (these are the ones I know well). The production value is just this side of of campy, but there have been times where I've had to turn it off because it was just that immersive. The stories are a little indulgent, with bits of very familiar American fare, but never the less it's very entertaining to hear the doctor engage them. Well done!
Mark Kalita was always dull and lame as the Doctor. But now that David Ault has stepped up into the role, Darker Projects Doctor Who is hotter than ever. Really has the same feel as the TV show. Better than any other fan Who you're gonna find out
If you are looking for something to hold you over until the new Doctor Who season starts, or, if you can't get the Big Finish stuff, this is the way to go! These podcasts are interesting, intriguing and stay true to the characters. Keep 'em coming!
These Doctor Who episodes are the best I've heard! I like to think of them as the "Lost" episodes that should have aired during the Doctor Who drought of the late 90's. Darker Projects makes great audio podcasts. Highly recommended!
This show is much better that the one on the sci-fi network. Keep up the good work.
I like this interpretation of Doctor Who. Mark Kalitta's interpretation of the Doctor is fantastic. The acting may be a bit bad, but the stories are good!
I just gotta say, great plots, better than the new tv show.
Incredible work from Darker Projects.They have managed to make Doctor Who audios that are the closest thing to watching the original series. Mark Kalita has done a fantastic job in capturing the Doctor of the old days... reminds me of Peter Davison...
I resisted the lure of the Doctor for years. Thought he was wimpy, effeminate, and altogether too British. Now, because of Darker Projects, I see this show for what it is. Quite simply put, the Doctor is the smartest character in all of SF. Audio well done, and voicework is amazing. Could not be more in the spirit of the BBC series, and the perfect intro for those who don't know what TARDIS means.
I'm a Whovian of the old school, and I have to say that I love Darker Projects "Time Tales". The quality of acting is, with one or two minor exceptions, superb, and the stories are excellent. These are the only fan audios that I've listened to more than once, and I will continue to revisit these plays in the future. As something of a purist when it comes to a certain race of metal monsters, I was thrilled by the great voices (which are harder to get right than you might think), when they turned up in...but that would be telling. I'm not going to spoil that one for you, just listen for yourself. I'd love to see more of these from Darker Projects in the future.
I really enjoy listening to these audio dramas! The actor portraying The Doctor is terrific. (He sounds a bit like Peter Davidson) The plot lines are very good, as well. Subscribe...if your a Doctor Who fan, you won't be disappointed.