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This is a great podcast! It’s what we need in the world — 20 minutes of things that we can all agree on like awesome cheese, a good cocktail or a kitchen tool that makes your life easier. Sara and Rob are funny and approachable and have really good taste. They curate a lovely assortment of things that either you already love or soon will!
Holy crap!! So happy you’re back!!!
Haven't heard from you since Dec 2012!!!
I heard Sarah and Rob for the first time on one of my other favorite podcasts and I was intrigued by their humor and their chemistry. I have an hour commute a day and get really tired of bad radio and worse commercials so I end up listening to a lot of podcasts. This podcast is so positive and the humor and rapport between the hosts has brightened up many a long drive for me. I have a really hard time starting in the middle of a series, much like Sarah :), so I started at the beginning and it draws you in from episode one. I hope everyone who tries this out really likes the lightheartedness of this show. I have also learned about a lot of things I didn't even know existed that I have come to love. I just wish they put out more episodes!
I get so many great ideas from this podcast. I'm always noting things down while listening at work to look up later. BTW- Zac Young on the Tv show Unique Sweets sounds exactly like Rob. :)
I started listening a little over a year ago after I heard Rob's and Sara's guest appearance on Game Night Guys. Continues to make me laugh. Continues to introduce me to cool things. I have almost worked my way through the archives. Very worthy!
Listening to Rob and Sara brightens your day and makes you appreciate the little things in life. They are themselves, a touch of fancy.
This is my favorite podcast. I am always picking up tips from them about new things to try. Very entertaining.
I listen to many podcasts, but this is always my first go-to when I've downloaded a week's worth of fresh new podcasts. The hosts are hilarious and I love their little anecdotes. Fun, informative, light, short, enjoyable!
Rob and Sara have great banter and I've gotten numerous great gift ideas from them. Highly reccommended!!!
Hey hmdwl! It's 14 year old jack here just to say how much I love your show :)
Until I started listening to Rob and Sara talk about the things they love. Best ideas ever - great show, easy listening!
How Much Do We Love... is light-hearted, upbeat and never disappoints. Sara and Rob are always entertaining. Their friendship really shines through. They are a pure delight.
Sitting here in my soft pants enjoying the last of the HMDWL podcasts. It's just a fun and uplifting podcast. Filled with fun and lots of things to love. I have tried many new things on their review and have had some happy memories of products from my teen years-Bonnie Bell lipgloss. I really enjoy the friendship of the 2 hosts. Looking forward to future shows.
I love Sara and Rob. They remind me of things I have forgotten that I loved or tell about new things I need to check out. Plus, it's always two friends (who are really funny) catching up. Love that.
How much do *I* love listening to Sara & Rob? Can't measure due to the immense size of enjoyment. Like having friends travel in the car with me, I love laughing with them as they go over the latest and greatest things. So many great discoveries shared, and the occasional contest keeps me listening and looking forward to the next installment. I love Rob & Sara, and I think y'all will too!
This would be her favorite show! Its so positive and upbeat! Sarah and Rob are lovely co-hosts and you do get to find new things thanks to them!
Sara and Rob do SUCH a great job with this podcast. Definitely one of the top 5 in my favorite podcasts. Both hosts are so much fun, and you get reminded of how many great things there are out there, everything from food to clothes to electronics.
Sara and Rob are so good together, they have great chemistry and are always so positive! Their recommendations for products to try are almost always amazing, and I'm so happy I've come across this podcast and get to play catch up!
Such a great podcast. Always puts me in a great mood.
And I'm not just saying that because we happened to have Sara on our show as a guest! This is a nice little slice of fun pie, and a good reminder to stop and smell the roses now and then. Keep it up Sara and Rob!
There is not a better podcast out there, period. Sara & Rob will keep you laughing with each episode. Love, love, love HMDWL!!
I love this Podcast so much I can't imagine life before it! Rob and Sara talk about things that we can all relate to, and they always make it funny and entertaining. I also LOVE the April Fool's episodes, and the Friday the 13th. HYSTERICAL. I can be in the most awful mood, and listening to Rob and Sara will brighten my mood almost immediately. They are always upbeat and witty, and with this podcast, are sure to gain new listeners each day.
It's so refreshing to hear people talk about positive things in their lives. I always listen to this uplifting and funny podcast when I'm working late and not feeling too keen on life. Sara & Rob make me smile and when I don't want to, and they also point out some useful stuff I've never heard of but want to try...pretty much the coolest podcast EVER.
I love this show and have got so many great ideas about the things you guys love. Was happy to submit my sumer cocktail recipe. :) And from what i hear, you guys enjoyed! haha can't wait for the next episode. Cheers
I don't care what your mood is...How Much Do We Love will ALWAYS cheer you up and make you feel conected with the world. Always positive, never bland and continuously funny:)
This podcast is like going out for lunch with good friends. It's easy to get hooked on it. The topics focus on what they love in life, from chip clips to gingham, from crazy neighbors to community supported agriculture. It is hosted by smart and silly Sara, who loves high tech gadgets, and witty and charming Rob, who loves theater and a good alcoholic beverage. Together they chat about all the wonderful things in life. In a world of negativity, Rob and Sara are a delightfully positive breath of fresh air. How much do I love Rob and Sara? A lot!
I can't even tell you how many cool things this show has gotten me hooked on. Sara and Rob are old friends and it is fun to eavesdrop on their conversations about things you can not live without. Both are fun and very funny. Highly recommended!
"How Much Do We Love…?" is the cure for your workaday blues. This is such a simple idea, it's amazing it isn't already on radio or television somewhere: Two friends with excellent chemistry and stage-ready personality have a chat, and in the process, tell a rapt audience about stuff they love. Rob and Sara's positivity and enthusiasm are absolutely infectious. "God BLESS you, BK!!!" You'll have to listen to the show to understand that quote, but once you hear an episode or two, you'll want to listen to every one.
This is the Podcast I always listen to first and can't wait for the next one to come out. Love it! It always make me laugh out loud. Their look on the bright side of things is sooooo refreshing and is guarantees to cheer you up no matter what.
This is one of the rare podcasts that brings a smile everytime. Between the great interactions between Sara and Rob, the trips down memory lane and the excitement of new discoveries of life little pleasures, this is one of my favorite podcasts.
hey what's up!! my name is Zac and i am so excited for the new cocktail contest. My friend Ashley and I are probably your YOUNGEST listeners out there. We are both 18 and we are so excited just to send something in ^_^ yay!! You two are the Bestest. Zac =P
Enjoyable to listen to, of course, but HMDWL actually delivers. I have listened to every podcast and learned about everything from great websites to household appliances that have literally made my day to day life better. Best of all, they cover all price ranges, dream gifts to things you can do and get for free. Along the way you also get to know Sara and Rob and that may be the best thing of all.
always a lift to your day, a laugh, finding out about enjoyable stuff, more hilarious moments.......rob and sara are the best......what's not to like (or LOVE) about it?
We can't get enough of Rob and Sara. HMDWL makes us laugh out loud every episode. It makes a walk home from work or a few miles on the treadmill fly by. The only thing that could make HMDWL better would be to have more episodes.
These two are so entertaining, I truly look forward to every new episode. There is great chemistry between them, and they make you feel as if you were listening in on a private conversation between two old friends. I really hope they continue for a very long time.


Laugh out loud funny. I get hungry and thirsty listening to Rob & Sara discuss various foods & drinks. Wish it was on daily!
How much do we love two adorable characters who make you laugh and turn your frown upside down in just a few minutes? The hosts are awesome, and I defy you to not to shout out at least once during the show "I love that too!". Even makes your commute, or cleaning the bathroom, an awful lot of fun while you listen. My only dig is that listening to them has caused me to use the word "awesome!" in my everyday life...thanks Sara and Rob for all the fun!
You are my own version of Good Morning America. I am currently listening to all of your back episodes. I then take the message with me through out my adventures of the day and have a better appreciation for all that is around me. I find myself looking at things in a more positive light and I ask myself all the time now "How Much Do I Love....." It has also lead me to discover a plethora of newly discovered things of "How much do I love this NOW".
Love this show!!!! It makes my day better thinking about what I love! So thanks!!
I can’t begin to tell you how GOOD these two podcasters will make you feel! It’s like listening to two friends you have never met but will love forever. They also give great advice on new goods & services and remind you of all the products you love. How much do I love HMDWL? My arms could never stretch that far!
HMDWL is an amazingly positive podcast and one of my favorites. I'm so glad a friend told me about this podcast!
Could not LOVE IT anymore. I downloaded this podcast before a long road trip (15 hours). I arrived at my destination and stayed in the car to listen!! I never knew I love things so much...but, I do and so will you!
This is my #1 favorite podcast ever. Sara and Rob are awesome and hilarious. I wish we could all be friends.
Sara and Rob could possibly be America's sweethearts. Except living miles away from one another. Oh and they also share the love of men! Oh well they still make a great duo. Keep up the great work and keep telling us how much you love things! Ricky B Foul Monkeys Podcast
You know what this podcast is good for? Doin' the robot. Two best friends that don't let half a continent get in the way of being tremendously funny. Seriously, though... there are probably fewer bridles on this podcast than any other online.
Sara and Rob have created a very enjoyable podcast! I love the positive point of view and I love being exposed to so many new things to love! It's a great spirit lifter on a morning commute.
This podcast consistently makes me laugh. Rob and Sara have such wonderful chemistry that it doesn't matter if I don't like whatever they are loving (although I do blame them for my Coke Zero addiction!). If only they were my real life friends!
This podcast was a winner from episode one! Rob and Sara are so open and friendly you can't help but be sucked in and feel like you are becoming friends with them yourself. The premise is simple enough, just two friends talking about the things they love, but there are so many laughs to be had, as well as new enjoyable things to be discovered, it's really worth a listen.