Freedomain Radio! Volume 2: Shows 272 - 561

Reviews For Freedomain Radio! Volume 2: Shows 272 - 561

Freedomain radio is a life changing gem and I am so very grateful I stumbled upon it 5 months ago. This is the pinnacle of human knowledge concentrated in a package that is delightfully entertaining and yet simultaneously challenging. The clarity and consistency of ideas is literally refreshing, a gasp of air after a life spent suffocating in propaganda. Stefan is the humble, generous and staggeringly bright source of truths that will dramatically improve the future prospects of humanity. My suggestion is to check out the free books on the Freedomain radio website first, they are an excellent and important introduction. For the podcasts I would suggest jumping to topics that particularly interest you to begin with. For instance, I found many of the podcasts labelled "listener conversations" extraordinarily powerful, many of which totally changed the way I think. They are later on in the series, after podcast 800 or so. Although there are dozens of interesting topics that will keep me engrossed for years to come, I am particularly blown away by the psychology related topics. The insights I have gained have dramatically improved my interections in all types of relationships. There is really no other resource on the web or elsewhere with more potential for good.
This podcast is so large because it encompasses so many topics from politics to philosophy to psychology to economics to relationships to religion to self help to art and so on; each one is handled with such care and insightfulness it will knock your socks off! Give it a shot.
The long-haul listener is in for a treat!
A tasty little treat for the ears and the Soul...