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Very dramatic and cheesy but I love that kind of stuff!!
Loved this when is season 2 coming out!!!???
I cannot wait for season 2 this was so good!!!
I really tried to like this one. Came here because of my admiration for one of the actors. Listened for several episodes thinking that it would get better but nope. Couldn’t do it. I cannot stand the main character or really understand how someone could be that stupid. There really isn’t a plot. I’d suggest that if you’re interested, give the first episode a listen. It pretty much sets the tone for the series and does NOT get any better. If you like it, great! If not, walk away.
Never really listened to a fiction podcast! But I loved it!!! Binged it so fast!! Loved all the characters and the crazy plot!!


By Dmd2780
So good!
Absolutely hysterical
Unexpected. Hilarious!! Great one liners and just a funny story!!!


Really good show. Quirky, fun, & hilarious.
Very entertaining, I want more podcasts like this!
Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) and Harvey Guillén (What We Do In Shadows) have great comedic timing and bring this script to life. I don’t really like romcoms, but I do like wacky comedies, so I loved this. If you’re a fan of the writers other work (romcompods) you may or may not not like this new style of story. However, the production value was better and the story was much more entertaining than their previous work. The characters were a lot of fun and I wouldn’t mind if there was another story featuring them or at least the actors in similar roles. I would prefer more comedy podcasts in this style in general.
This was silly, fun and entertaining… exactly what I needed right now something I was engaged with but was just for fun! Great work.
Hilarious and creative. I wish there were a million more episodes.
This was my first attempt at a story podcast. The first episode took some getting used to but by the second I was hooked! A great cast and fun plot made for a great listen!
I LOVE all the other RCP series but this one is… meh. It was okay until last couple episodes. Wouldn’t highly recommend 🙈


Give it a try, first pod you may be “what is this” but it is so funny and the actors are point on with their characters. It’s such a nice break from crime pods or interviews with the ultra rich😴 My adult grand daughter and daughter loves this pod, and I love this pod.


By C-win
NEED ANOTHER SEASON!! This was so good
Beautiful writing, great voice acting, and again I say hilarious. It is like the movie Hangover only with female and drag queen leads and its audio. Encore, Encore!! I would love to hear more adventures between these two.
The voice acting was amazing I had a clear picture in my mind of each over the top character. A definite listen when you need some reassurance your life choices could be worse.


Very enjoyable, light and acting is great. Loved everyone’s voice. 😘
I typically listen to the news on my morning commute, but once a week I’ve been making an exception for BMB. It’s the perfect amount of zany ridiculous to distract you from the upcoming busy day, but not to the point where you’re rolling your eyes or groaning. The casting is perfect, the writing witty, and the pace fast. The drive flies by and I start my day amused!
What a disappointment this one has been. I really, really loved all of the other RCP series and was excited for a new one to come out. But the characters are all insufferable and I’m forcing myself to finish just to see if the predictions I made after the first episode come true (so far I’m right).
Utter waste of time written by people who haven’t any idea what they’re doing. It’s like being tied in a chair and forced to listen to endless Randy Rainbow
So I came across this podcast by accident the first time and continued to come back every since I heard the trailer. I must say it has been a great discovery. I love it so far and gives me something to look forward to in the weeks to come. Great entertainment storyline and writing. I feel like I can see the story play out like its right in front of me . Love It Love It Love it We Need More..!! VeryRealistic
I literally think about this podcast all week and get so excited when it downloads onto my phone! I just wish it was longer!! ♥️♥️
I’m so impressed with the writing and the comedic timing of the voice actors! I laugh out loud multiple times in each episode. I cannot wait for the next episodes!!!
This story is smart and hilarious. Sarah Hyland is a comedic gem. I’m not falling into that dicksand again!


A fun break from all the crime and interview pods I normally listen to. Perfect reward for going on a walk.
God you one star reviewers are so corny, your vibes are insufferable. I am loving this resurrection of the mean-girls-esque era of comedy. The other pods are great, too! I’m having fun
I need more I love this so much and no this is not a fake review but my god I love this send me moreeeeeee! And Gabe omg I love him yes queen Gabe is my favorite I need to know his drag alters name so badly now!
Loving this! Harvey and Sarah have amazing chemistry. Best way to spend 20 minutes and escape into some fun!! What a great premise and the sound design is excellent!
Doubtful it’s redeemable - poor writing, stilted acting, thoroughly unlikable characters and ridiculous plot line (calling it a plot is a gift) - but we shall see. I will re-rate if it ends in a high note. But so far a waste of time.
I was a big fan of the first three seasons of this podcast, but I can barely listen to this one. I don’t like or root for the main character. It’s also unnecessarily gross. I wish you’d bring back some of the charm and lightheartedness of the show.
I love the concept for this podcast. It’s been fun to follow the story and I like that it comes in short snippets. I find the main character, Allie, pretty unlikable, but enjoy the other characters and where the story is headed!
I can't believe that the other reviewers liked this podcast! The last 2 stories were cute and good to listen to, but this is CRINGEWORTHY! Listen at your own risk.


Why would Dear Media do this to us. The other pods were so light and cute and funny, this is awful and Sarah Hyland couldn’t be more annoying.
It was just amazing it need to keep coming
An assault on your ears.
Different from the other romcom pods but still hilarious with occasional sweet moments. Looking for a slight redemption but it’s fun to hear as she regularly makes bad decisions


These good reviews must be fake.
Dying to listen to more eps!!!!


Hilarious!! My new favorite!!
Need I say more. But I will. Think irreverent audiobook in bite sized pieces. Doable on a semi quick car ride. But also makes you wish the car ride was longer. Also why is no one talking about our narrator? I would kill to be their best friend. 😍 Great work, great art, lighthearted, nostalgic, yummy.
Would be better without so many commercials. They shouldn’t be interrupting the podcast every few minutes.
There’s a scene in Darren Aronofsky’s feature film debut PI, where the main character takes an electric drill, puts it against his temple and gives himself a lobotomy. Listening to this podcast, which is full of shrill voices and sickening clichéd dialog, I felt like picking up my own drill. The premise is good, the execution dismal. Avoid at all costs if you value your time.
Absolutely love and Tuesday’s can’t come fast enough!