Reviews For Gilmore To Say: A Gilmore Girls Podcast

I honestly haven’t met anyone that loves the show and talks about the show like these two girlies! Their creativity, empathy, humor, and writing prowess make their analyses so poignant and their criticisms valid. If all you’ve wanted is to sit down with Amy Sherman-Palladino for a million hours, this is the next best thing! Tara and Haley are similar (acutely obsessive and detail oriented) and also different enough (Lorelai vs Rory and boyfriend teams) in their personalities that they represent the spectrum of fans as well as any two people could. They are a treat. Also, I too, for years, have gotten stress nightmares about a class that I didn’t know I was taking the whole semester?!! Just mentioned that phenomenon to my husband just hours before I listened to that episode. So wild. When y’all figure it out, please @ me lol.
I have been a listener from the very beginning and can’t say enough amazing things about Tara and Haley. I found them both on TikTok and have happily followed them to the pod. This has quickly become one of the top pods in my rotation. I love that they jump around, because that’s how my mind works too!
This podcast feels like coming home. Gilmore girls will always feel like home and listening to Tara and Haley talk endlessly about the show, the way no one in my life wants to listen to me talk about it, feels like an extension of the show itself. This podcast has made me laugh and cry and, made me drink lots of coffee and on same days helped me find motivation to get out of bed. This podcast means more to me and so many people than I think any of us can express. Thank you Tara and Haley for giving us all more Gilmore.
I love this podcast! My one issue is that Tara and Haley often refer to GG episodes by their official name, which I don’t know by heart (and I doubt other listeners do either). It would be helpful if they quickly described the GG episodes they were talking about rather than their official titles!
I was genuinely so excited when Tara and Haley started this podcast as a fellow Gilmore obsessed girly. I love that it is not solely a rewatch pod, and dives deeper into the themes within the show. The one thing I am saying, “No, sparkly heart” to is how often Haley veers off into Taylor Swift land. I like Tay Sway as much as the next person, but it’s getting excessive. I say that with love and appreciation for the podcast as a whole. Thanks for keeping my Gilmore-loving soul warm, ladies!
This podcast is so entertaining and I am constantly blown away by how well Tara and Haley know the show! It’s so fun hearing their perspectives from the super specific details and quotes to the speculation, analysis, and parallels they draw. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because of the language. They swear a lot and it’s the least enjoyable part of the podcast for me. If they could at least edit out the F bombs, that would be greatly appreciated!
I adore this podcast and Tara and Hayley. I feel like I’m sitting at Luke’s sipping on coffee and talking endlessly about GG. I have watched this show for years and I’m contaste y surprised by new viewpoints, details I have never noticed, and I am surprisingly pro Logan now!!! This show has everything and I recommend it to all GG fans!! ❤️
I love that it’s not a rewatch podcast. I just want to be their friends and be on the podcast and discuss gg with them
Not a fan of how many times Hailey says “like”. Also her veering off into Taylor Swift topics is annoying. I much prefer Tara’s voice as she comes across as mature and has a great “radio voice”.
I was always the person who knew everything about GG but these girls put me to shame. They’re super respectful of other opinions but can always use the show to back up their claims. They’re showing me around Stars Hollow in a way I’ve never seen before and I LOVE it!
Great podcast. Also, I think the pastor, the Rabbi, Clara, Rune (!!!), the town loner and maybe even Lindsay are considered townies. What about Michel?
I like the podcast because I love Gilmore Girls. Cannot stand when they say things like, Silly Goose Time, Gilmore Girly and other cringey phrases. Adult women trying to be cutesy weirds me out!
i really love this theyre voices r like really soft and i like that they sort of analyze and take in all perspectives and point of views without being necessarily disrespectful towards the people with those opinions very entertaining and insightful
I really want to love this podcast but it’s so fast I have a hard time listening. If I stop listening to multitask for even a second I end up missing things and have to rewind. It’s almost exhausting trying to keep up!
Better than a recap podcast is a in depth study of the writing, characters, plots and tropes! This podcast is for all those; watch every night, “I smell snow”, coffee coffee coffee Gilmore girl fans. Keep going 🙌🏽
All the content we want in one place. I love how in depth you go. I can’t wait for more!

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I’m in love with everything about this podcast. It has easily become my favorite, I’ve binged every episode in the last week! I just love the critical thought that goes into this. It’s not just a rewatch pod. It’s more in depth and I love that! Also, ladies, your voices are lovely, you’re both so pleasant to listen to. Sorry if that’s weird.
Haley and Tara are the PERFECT duo to do a Gilmore girls podcast together. They complement each other super well and have the best conversations! I love every topic they discuss and I’m always so excited for Tuesday’s every week. I would listen if they released a 3 hour episode every day 😂❤️. Love!!!
I’m so happy I found this podcast, as these young ladies are expressing what I’ve felt in my heart for sooooo long! Dean is a controlling whiner, Rory needs to communicate better, etc., etc. I love the way they express themselves ~ *except* for the explicit language. I’m only in the middle of the second episode and there are already like 5 f-bombs, but there is no ‘E’ warning?? So I’m hoping they’re not all like this. I know my opinion on this is likely unpopular, but the fact that we’re talking about the CW show GILMORE GIRLS, and not The Wire or Orange Is the New black, can’t we just stay on theme and keep it clean? At least semi? Like use euphemisms and the mild words that were allowed on GG? But alas, e v e r y t h i n g continues to go in this direction, so I realize I’m just swimming upstream 🤷🏼‍♀️
This is the first podcast that I have found that really goes in depth about all of the GG characters and assesses things from all aspects from the characters to the storyline.
Don’t we have a Gilmore podcast with Scott Patterson? Why do we need another?
Love this podcast so much. I’m so glad I have a podcast that I can now listen and really relate to! Keep it up ladies!
Honestly, this podcast felt like coming home for me. I haven’t found a podcast that accurately depicts and digs into all the nuances of Gilmore Girls and I always thought it was a shame! There’s just something about Tara and Hailey that brings everything home and the way they talk about the show, certain episodes, and characters is just so loving and warm, it makes me want to curl up in a blanket and watch Gilmore Girls all over again :) they are really respectful of each other’s opinions and even back each other up (ie Logan/Jess). It’s really sweet. Anyways you should definitely listen- it feels just like coming back to Stars Hollow🥰
For the record I don’t have TikTok and I’m guessing this podcast landed on my recs because I watch Gilmore girls every single day. This is the podcast I’ve been waiting for!!! So excited to finally hear people debate and discuss the things I’ve been thinking about forever. If you ever need someone to be a guest to discuss how some of the miscommunication between Emily and Lorelai could have been avoided by literally just tell each other what was going on I AM YOUR GIRL! For example, when they realize they got the date wrong of Rory’s move in date for Yale and instead of just telling Emily that that was why Lorelai wasn’t there they say she has “errands”. Just tell Emily what happened!! Sure she might make a comment but at least she’d have context then!!! Seriously though so excited to listen. Rant over. I’m going to go refill my coffee now and keep binging this pod ☕️
Do you rewatch Gilmore Girls episodes like I do? Cheaper than therapy, more effective than Prozac, Gilmore Girls has helped me survive Covid. Tara and Haley have an encyclopedic knowledge of Gilmore Girls and amazing insights. After I listen to the podcast, I’m eager to rewatch Gilmore Girls so I can look for whatever they’ve pointed out in the pod.
This show is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I look forward to every episode that comes out! I love that I finally have a community of people to discuss one of my favorite shows with. These two are witty and funny and a joy to listen to as they talk about one of the best shows ever made.
Tara and Hailey are hilarious! I love their insights and breakdown of characters, story arch’s, Amy Sherman Palladinos writing, ect. I literally find myself giggling along with them as I listen 😂❤️Would wholeheartedly recommend to every gg fan!
I love Gilmore Girls and I love listening to you ladies talk about it. And now I have a new podcast to listen to at work :) Please keep the episodes coming!!
i love how you both discuss so many things within the show whether it be things i didn’t notice or things i did notice. i always want to talk about gilmore girls to people and no one ever wants to go in depth, but i’ve finally found a place to listen to people talk about this great show and all the rich characters it has! a lovely experience every time i listen and also makes me feel less alone in how much i love and care about this show.
I just finished Gilmore Girls for the first time and stumbled upon this podcast and listened to all of them in one day!
They are very opinionated and dogmatic, but know the series well. They intelligently delve into relationships and connections across the whole series. I don’t always agree. Yet, an excellent listen for Gilmore girls fanatics.
I finally found a reason to be obsessed with podcasts LOL. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so intelligent and knowledgeable about something as much as I have Gilmore Girls. It is so fun and exciting to learn even more about my favorite show of all time from you both. Thank you!💖
I’m a longtime mega-Gilmore fan and I love listening to these ladies dissect and discuss every tiny detail of these characters I love. I look forward to the new episode each week so much!
Love this. I’m a avid GG watcher and it’s my comfort show. I love this not-a-recap podcast. It makes my heart happy. #teamLogan #Deansucks
These girls are fun, witty and their ability to retain all this information about GG is mind blowing! It’s like a chat with friends! It’s a must if you even like Gilmore Girls in the slightest!
I’m very picky when it comes to anything Gilmore Girls but I absolutely LOVED this show! Loved the chemistry of the 2 hosts & their banter. Looking forward to more episodes!
super entertaining & fun to hear!!
Finally a podcast that isn’t a rewatch podcast! The first episode made me laugh and gave me a new perspective! I loved how they discussed Dean’s toxic behavior and how we shouldn’t let young women think this is okay! I can’t wait until next Tuesday!!
Love the concept of this podcast, not a rewatch but instead just in dept convos about different aspects of the show. So fun and the hosts are so easy to listen to, very compatible.
I will never tire of a Gilmore Girls podcast!
I was a girl who was made fun of because my favorite show was Gilmore Girls. So I’m happy to find my own little Stars Hollow group!
Ps: I found Haley through a friend who sent a GG themed candle tiktok on Instagram so I technically found you via Instagram❤️
Both Tara and Haley are witty and honest about their feelings. They keep the conversation interesting and make it funny as well. I look forward to more episodes.