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I can't find a podcast update at all for the past year and a half. Am I missing something?
My child has been diagnosed with a developmental delay, so I found this podcast when I looked for sources that would help me become informed about the issues he has or may someday have. This podcast provides a lot of information; some is directly applicable to issues we're dealing with now, some has been helpful in educating me about things we may encounter as he gets older, some has given me things to think about with regards to the general state of education today. Ms. Hoffman has a variety of informative and interesting guests, she shares tidbits from her own family & her own experiences that bring a sense of relevance and humor to the topic, and she definitely is well grounded in her subject. I recommend you check out this podcast.
Whitney Hoffman interviews very personable experts who are looking at learning in some wonderful new ways. Her interview style creates a comfortable atmosphere where you feel as if you were around the table with these people. Hoffman asks excellent questions and leads the conversation down very interesting avenues of investigation. I'm doing a masters program in Education and I've been very excited to have this resource available. Thanks Whitney! Can't wait for your next interview!
Whitney does an awesome job of bringing different experts to the show. She has real experiences with LD in her own children. She has real strategies to help you navigate through the education system with your child’s needs. You may feel alone with your child’s special needs at school but podcasts and blogs like Whitney’s put you into a community of families with the same issues.
This is a well produced, informative podcast filled with great information and resources.
Whitney, you have done an awesome job. I have been listening to your podcast faithfully for over a year. My children have ADHD, PDD, ODD, and LD. I really relate to you and get new information as well as support. No one understands how it is unless you are in the same boat. I especially like listening to the controversial guests. I may not always agree, but it opens my eyes to a new way of thinking. thank you, thank you, michelle in pacifica
This podcast has so many interesting and informative guests. Whitney does a wonderful job interviewing professionals that have the knowledge base to assist parents understand what makes their child with learning challenges so special. This podcast also helps families find the child's unique strengths to help them succeed. Thanks, Whitney for all your hard work & dedication.
Imagine a world where you can connect with others, a world where acceptance is normal and knowing that the things you perceive are different, but not wrong. This is the world of the LD Podcast, an audio community for parents to learn how to turn what some call a disability or weakness into advantages.


For decades, parents with children dealing with learning disabilities had to link up and share information by accident. The Internet changed all that, and this podcast takes it to the next level. Educators can benefit from this material as well.
...from a parent of a child with developmental challenges. This show is an amazing source for information and hope!
LD Podcast is the ideal example of passion makes perfect. The subject is close to Whitney Hoffman's heart and she tackles the issues of raising an LD child informatively, exhaustively a and with tremendous personal insight and feeling. A phenomenal resource for all parents and an invaluable podcast for parents of LD children in particular.
Excellent show! I'm a graduate student in Special Education and I loved the insights Sally Smith gave into LD and it's history. I'll be sure to listen to future podcasts now that I know you exist! Thank You, Greg
The LD podcast is informative and uplifting. If you have a loved one with a learning disability, subscribe to this podcast so you can stay updated on current information and relevant interviews for understanding more about learning challenges. Bravo Whitney!
If you have a child with any sort of learning disability listen to this podcast and then tell all your fellow SPED parents about it - I am. Congrats Whitney, a year of podcasting under your belt and each one a great help and inspiration to keep up the stuggle. I have been on board since early 2007 and have not been dissapointed yet. Tons of useful information amd links. And most of all I love the balance of practical advice with personal anecdote. Flat out - just great stuff.
I started listening to the LD Podcast after Rob Walch featured Whitney on podCast411 and have not stopped listening. I'm a psychologist and work with kids who have disabilities and mental health problems (as well as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) and found the Handwriting Without Tears podcasts with Jan Olsen to be very enlightening. Now, I am encouraging all the parents and teachers I know to use HWT--and to listen to this podcast. Thanks for all the great hard work.
Whitney Hoffman combines a conversational style, unique and relavent personal experience, a quest for knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and clarity of purpose to this first rate podcast. The LDPodcast is perfect for parents and professionals alike. Whitney stays true to her subject matter and simultaneously manages to reach out to a diverse collection of experts, giving her audience voice through her own joys and struggles as a parent of children with learning disabilities.
Not only do my 3 children have learning disorders that provide various challenges for their success, I am a single parent with significant learning disorders. I just started listening about a month ago and many of the archives are invaluable. A very professional production. I told my daughter that it was like the "Fresh Air" for learning disorders. A great resource.
Whitney creates an interesting and enlightening podcast for parents with kids with learning disabilities. Each week she manages to pack into her show so many important ideas for helping kids with LDs and their families. Many of her podcasts make me smile with a new "I can do it" attitude. Some shows make my cry because I have just heard a story about a child struggling with LD just like my own child. Her podcast makes me imagine the possibilities for my child and reminds me to never give up. Anything is possible. Whitney and her guests inspire and empower me.
I love this podcast. I have a child with learning differences and this is definitely a great podcast to listen to! It not only makes me feel like I'm not the only one going through some of these struggles, but it gives great suggestions for how to make things easier for myself and my child. Whitney's demeanor is very calm and encouraging. She also interviews people from various disciplines and that is very helpful to hear things from another perspective. If you have a child with a learning difference or if you want to learn more so you can support a family that has such a child, this is a great place to start!
Whitney speaks from experience and seeks out experts in the field to put together a well produced and informative show. If you have a child with a learning disability or know a child with these issues this show will give you insight that you may not find on your own.
Come here to find out all the information you need to help kids struggling in school. How the maze of special education works, how to talk to educators, and how to approach a teacher - all vital information parents need. There's alot at stake in education today - and you need to know how to get what your child needs most. There are interviews with pediatricians and educators, therapists and specialists- an enjoyable and informative weekly podcast!