Reviews For The Secret History of Antarctica: Death on the Ice

Fairly boring podcast, uninteresting stories tepidly told but Holy smokes this host is hilarious So transparent, so bombastic, so self consequential! Such boring reporting, over-directed interviews, such a predictable arc, such gimmicky “podcast” devices! So desperate to be fascinating! Poor little guy is EXACTLY the kind of person you’d HATE to listen to for hours on end. There’s nothing here. Dude spends years (lol) looking for a grand scheme to uncover when all along it’s just simple stupid human oversight and hubris. But the way he artlessly foreshadows and over explains and continually tries to ratchet up the tension as the season progresses is absolutely sidesplitting. Unless you (like me) enjoy a bit of the schadenfreude of watching a huge dork fall flat on his face failing, Save yourself the trouble. Grossly glorifying someone’s worst day. Total pervert behavior
Excellent podcast! Binged both seasons in two days.


By TJ1825
Interviews of survivors, but would have liked to have a reference to documents to support.
Gripping, well-researched, and affecting.
This podcast is incredible. It’s well produced and very well researched. I don’t know how I have never heard this story before, but I feel deeply for the victims. I’ve been suggesting this podcast to everyone I know!
How have I not heard about this story?! Absolutely incredible.