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I need more of this in my life the way Kanye needs more Kanye
Great podcast but plz add some episodes that don’t have explicitly in them cause I can’t listen to them 🙄
I love the Noise Pop podcast. I’m always looking to discover new tunes, and this podcast delivers under the radar stuff, most of which I haven’t listened to before. I’ve found out about a number of artists from this pod, from Caleborate to Rexx Life Raj, to Jay Som. Also awesome is that it’s once a month for about 45 minutes - not overwhelming at al. Keep up the great work y’all.
It's well produced but still has a conversational, raw vibe which I like. It does a great job of highlighting local Bay Area sound while maintaining a global view on music. Love the focus on diversity too. Highly recommended!
Sometimes you want to listen to a music podcast for the analysis, sometimes for the music. NP is all about the music. Adrian knows his stuff and has an infectious enthusiasm about every corner of the musical spectrum. I challenge you not to get excited along with him. There's at least one gem of a tune on every episode, so get on down with it.
I listen to every episode. This is a great podcast to discover new music!


"I'm from San Franciscoooo soooo I don't eat Taco Bell..." get over yourself
In the crowded digital world, it's pretty tricky to find reliable sources—especially for new music. And Noise Pop comes through with the new music when you need it! Excellent resource for music-lovers.
Rarely do I find a podcast that I want to listen to every episode -- but the Noise Pop Podcast is one of the rare few. Great host, great music, and great commentary! This show is so good I wish it released weekly instead of monthly.
Awesome new and sometimes older groups.
Title say it all here. I really liked this podcast because it was like listening to an amazing half of hour or so of a college dj's set. It was a really nice way to hear and discover new music. Lately they've had a lot more episodes where the mix been way more on the talking side. Nobody who's listening to a music station wants to hear the DJ babble on for a half hour only to play one song. And that's effectively what the last few episodes have been like.
This use to be one of my favorite podcast, but it has recently turned into an indie podcast aimed at Bay Area techies. Not my thing anymore.
Noise Pop has been a staple in SF's music scene and their podcast is a great extension of it. Long live independent music.
This is an amazing cheat sheet of indie goodness, particularly local Bay Area bands. I exclusively rely on cooler kids than myself to keep my ears happy and hooked on new music -- and the Noise Pop podcasts is hands down my favorite source of great tunes and commentary. Thanks for doing all the digging for me
But I'm having trouble enjoying the new format of this podcast. I miss the down-home feel of "we're just a bunch of friends sharing our favorite songs." I want WAY less talk and way more tunes. I came here for the tunes, and I want to stay for the tunes. I appreciate your new super-music-nerd host, but would love to hear his thoughts outside of his script (which needs to be pared down so the music he loves so much can actually shine...)
Love me some Noise Pop! Absolutely loving the new series, My Mix. There’s nothing quite like hearing the trip music takes from inspiration in an artist to recreation and rebirth as something completely new.
Just listened to the My Mix episode you guys put out and it was awesome. I'm officially an Astronauts Etc. fan. I hope you guys do more podcasts like that one.
Noise Pop has established itself as a bay area fixture and continues to extend its long arm and grace our ear drums with this stellar podcast. Dawson and crew has historically brought to light amazing picks week after week and has now passed the torch to Adrian and Ashleyann and I simply CAN NOT wait. Here’s to a new year! Onwards and upwards!
"I heartily endorse this event or product." -- Krusty The Clown
I’ve been a subscriber for years and will continue to be, especially with the new sound and revamped production. I’m really looking forward to the next episode. Great job leveling up, guys.
Super excited for this breath of fresh air into an already awesome podcast. Great source for music discovery. Love it.
I really enjoy your podcast, but I am not sure if you still exist. Do you? KQED doesn't have you listed as a podcast. If you were cancelled, a heads up would have been nice.
I love this show-no updates since July??
From making this podcast to throwing block parties and music festivals, I really appreciate Noise Pop. Solely concerning the podcast, I commend the great song selections, the interesting but brief banter, and the regularity. They play music by obscure acts as well as big names. And although it's universally appealing, I like the local flavor that occasionally comes through the dialogue and song selections.
This is, by far, my favorite music podcast! I haven't come across one bad episode. They don't talk to much, but when they do I enjoy their banter and find the information relevant. It's the best place to find new music that you've not heard before and generally love it!
The music culled for this podcast is always exceptional. One request is that there would be more episodes that talked about music, and about where some of the songs and pieces came from. Find the program to be great, though, and look forward to it's release every couple of weeks.
Even if they play something I'm not crazy about, it's still good music. Thanks, Noise Pop.
This podcast is awesome.
For people with a developed sense of "excellent" and post-puberty sensibilites!
Love this show, informative, fun an love that it's based in SF.
This is one of my staples for finding new music I love. It's 10% funny banter, 10% helpful info, and 80% awesome independent music. It features a lot of great local (SF Bay Area) artists as well as national ones, and gives a good variety of genres within the indie scope. Noise Pop has been a mainstay in the local independent music scene for almost 20 years, and an early supporter of bands like Modest Mouse and The White Stripes. I can't think of a more trusted source for sharing great artists before they get big. Definitely worth a listen. Highly recommended!
NoisePop podcasts are wonderful! love love love them. :)
Thanks for the passion you bring to the bay area music scene!!! Stefan: SF Intercom
This is the business!! Jams for days!
Just started listening to this podcast and I really like the choice of music. Just hope the artists aren't too hard to find.
The description says "monthly," but it's mid-August and we haven't had a new show all summer. It wouldn't matter if the show wasn't so terrific . . . but it is, just about always. Give me more, please, and more often.


So Amazing
I am the the farthest thing from hip and have the Journey album collection on vinyl to prove it. Which is why I love the Noise Pop podcast. It exposes me to great music, locally identified in reasonable sized doses. Keep on!
that's right folks, i said it. sure you have pitchfork and kcrw and woxy and whomever. and you know, i love them for what they give me. but being a san franciscan, i love the local flavor of this podcast. and really, the fact that it's not just local acts that are played, but at least they're featured. i've discovered great stuff on here, like delorean and others. and come on, who else is making indie music waves, or at least monitoring them, like noisepop? check it out, y''re hella gonna like it.
i love it! finally something that can keep me as interested as the current! great job!
great round up of indy music in the Bay Area, I'm hooked
but so far I like Dallas Does Indie better


way to long im not listening to 45 min. of badness