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You’re a flake. Master of the obvious - and just str8 boring
Love your podcasts. Although Scotty showed his true colors on the last podcast. Self righteousness at its best. Praising Kirk LOL .....and saying he’s worth 50K a show. ( and saying “you can change a life” by “doing this”) sounding like an evangelist. I can’t stand his underlying, disgusting unwarranted arrogance. So you STILL went after him after his death “he owes me this”. You are a piece of work. Gross. I will never look at you the same. Exactly the type of person who should have never been around him. Have a seat.
I just stumbled upon an interview on YouTube with Kim Barry the long time hairstylist for Prince and enjoyed it so much. Love hearing all the behind the scenes story of this legend and the way her own life changed so much. I came searching for the podcast to subscribe happy to find it here please add the past shows her show is from 2017 and not on here please add them all so I can listen when I’m driving. Thank you so much for this awesome podcast I’m a child of the 80’s one of my earliest memories is seeing Purple Rain in the theaters when my older sister made me and my mom go. I love hearing these stories it brings me back to when I first discovered Prince and growing up along throughout his amazing career I finally got to see him play at Madison Square Garden 3rd row 12/18/2010 a phenomenal show I won’t ever forget.💜
Always enjoy these podcasts on P
Michael Dean is an excellent host and really listens to his guests instead of talking over them and interrupting them. He also asks good questions and is knowledgeable in a way that some of us have to have to really enjoy listening. The interviews he's done with key people are some of the best anywhere. Long interviews with people like Eric Leeds, Andre Cymone and many others are amazing.
I love Prince. His name goes up next to Mozart for sure. This new release from the estate touches me deep to my core bringing me to tears. As gut wrenching as it is, the weight of my mourning has lessened. This music is probably part of ‘the stuff people are not ready to hear’ per the man himself. This is the perfect time. He’s still working his magic. The podcast was great, as always. Thank you!!
I have given up more hours to this podcast than any other. Ever. Brilliant guests. Susan Rogers. Eric Leeds. Jill Nelson for starters. These people are professionals and y’all just get out tha way so they can tell their stories. It’s beautiful. GIVE A LISTEN! If you love music, Prince, the business, and want to learn something from the incredibly motivated and talented people Prince worked with and gave opportunities to, then LISTEN. CLOSELY. Bless on bless on bless. You guys are entertaining and so funny!


I would say the majority of Prince fans possess above average intelligence. Sadly, this podcast does not. Knowledge of the subject is elementary at best. The actual delivery is cringe-worthy; syntax appeals only to the lowest common denominator. Save yourself some time and brain cells.
Want a Ph.D in Princeology? Just listen to this podcast. I thought I knew all there was to know about Prince. After listening to this podcast for some time, I realize I had no clue. The most informative resource on Prince, plus great interviews by Michael Dean!
I'm just gonna say it: of all the Prince related podcast I've listened 2 who weren't N the band, this is the best!!! Hands down. Michael keeps it's 100. Don't listen 2 anybody else if they say "it's no good". If this were true,why would people like Andre' Cymone, Bobby Z, Eric leads, Dez Dickerson, Alex Hahn as well as many others be willing 2 come on it? As Prince said so beautifully "be glad that U R Free. Free 2 change your mind..." If u love Prince, free your mind and check it out. Michael keeps the conversations on point. He doesn't get N2 "he say she say" or won't do gossip which I love. He keeps the integrity with very high expectations. Also he asks some gr8 questions. And the rest of the purple gang adds a nice mix 2 Mike's purple knowledge. So from a true believing Prince fan (from album 1!!!), do yourself a favor and check this one out!!! " Trikki Funk
Informative, entertaining, and well put together. Keep up the outstanding work my brother...
WOW !!! How do I thank you for this extraordinary experience. The insight given on Prince's music, genius, how he worked and how he related to the people around him is an incredible gift. The love and admiration that Susan Rogers has for Prince is palpable - even after all these years. She shines a light on Prince as a man - not just an icon. Your questions and comments also opened a door to ideas and recordings I knew nothing about. I was mesmerized for 3 hours. Beautiful....well done.
A comfortable place to commune with Prince family. Enjoy!
Thanks for the great podcast show Mr. Dean and the crew. If you are a Prince fan this is the show for you. So many great discussions, gets me through most of my work days. N.P.G. for life!
Keep up the good work. There are not allot of Prince podcasts out there so i was pleased to find this one. I've been a 0(+> fan since 82' and this little purple god has enough creative material out there that there should be hundreds of podcasts. I also liked the UTCM Commentary, Hopefully theres a Purple Rain one in the works May U Live 2 C the Dawn! [email protected] From Southie


Thank u 4 this Show!!! I learn so much from u all about my Boy Prince! I think he's So "Under Rated" as a Artis & U help Ppl C the Light ( Genius )! Much Luv!!! ;-)
I'm a big prince and I'm only 13 and I love these podcast
I enjoy the dialog and the conversation and topics are always lively. Michael Dean is a great host and has a deep knowledge of Prince and his work (released an unreleased). Like any podcast, there is occasional discourse and off-topic debates, but the listener is continually educated and entertained. This great podcast continues to evolve with special guests (Dez Dickerson!) from the Prince camp of old. Tune in, you won't be disappointed.
Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it! Love it!
Lots of fun, and informative. These guys (and girl) don't take things too seriously and are a pleasure to listen to. Michael Dean is an old-school fan and has been involved in the Net community of Prince fans for years. Take a listen!
This podcast is full of very chill conversations about Prince's music. I love it because my opinions on the music are almost the exact opposite of the guests. Their opinions are getting me to relisten to stuff I passed on the first go.
Finally starting to get into the podcast. Really like the album reviews (I love Monique's voice, she sounds hot!!) and the trivia about the recording sessions, etc. But why all the call waiting interruptions?


By jmbovee
You know, Monie, you like, you know, have to ,you know, try not like saying "you know" all of the like, you know, time...You know, when you know we like here you say you know 8 gillion, you know, times in a you know, like one hour podcast, you know, then we you know want to you know like pull our hair out, you know?
You asked for a review of your podcast, so here goes . . . I Like your podcast, since I've been in and out of tune with Prince, can you tell info like which songs had certain artists on it. I went a few times to his venue in downtown L.A. I think it was called, Glam Slam, and everytime the last song they played was the Ohio Players, "Skintight" Is that a favorite jam of his? I like your reviews of the tracks, made me go to itunes, and download songs I forgot. It made me download Chelsea Rodgers (off da hook) thanks, Keep up the good work.
Hey, what up Michael Dean! Just want 2 say, as a (19 year old) prince fan I'm real excited about these podcast you guys have going. I just started listening 2 them and im gonna make my way through as many as possible. As an aspiring musician i love listening 2 all of you talking about one of my heroes. Anticipating Sign O the Times part 2. I'd appreciate it if you'd talk about my girl Sheena Easton and her relationship with his royal badness. I'm sure you will. Lastly, a shout out to Monique. U do ur thing girl.
Juss Heard the 1st Half of the Sign "O" The Times Podcast...Another Great 1..Yall Doin Ya Thing..I Got a Question Tho....After Sign "O" The Times...R Yall Gunna Do "The Black Album" [becuz it did come b4 Lovesexy] or Lovesexy? Neway Keep IT ^!
Great Podcast about Prince, his Music, Career, Concerts, Lyrics and More! Has the feel of sittin' around the table chillin with friends with some "Starfish and Coffee" and talkin about UR favorite Prince tunes or arguing over which album was the best or worst. If U dig Prince or want 2 know more about him, check out the Prince Podcast. **Life it aint real funky Unless its got that pop**
Wow!!! Finally we can all experience what its like to discuss Prince just like we do at home with the homies. The podcasts are fun, informative, smart and down right hilarious. Thanks michael dean good lookin' out!


By bob85
Great podcast I love the album reviews wonder if u guys will ever review the black album.
First I would like to say I usually don't write reviews. But after hearing the post cast I had to share my thoughts with everyone. This is one of the best Podcasts on iTunes. Michael Dean, Monique and Tobias do a great job. They all show passion when talking about Prince and his music and that is what makes listening to the Podcast a joy. I wish everyone that is involved with the Prince Podcast continued success and I look forward to hearing more great work from the crew.
I think its the only one, but I still won't listen to it. At one point when discussing Prince's new album, one guy asks: "Is he still going by the symbol? or is he Prince now?" He changed his name back to Prince SEVEN YEARS AGO. - I cannot listen to any podcast that is ignorant about the very subject they are speaking about....bad and unlistenable.
ok, i been listening to yall for a minute now and i have to say its coo listening to folks who dig prince and his music and like to keeping up with the lastest news and wut not...i think its coo that u can actually hear ppl excited to discuss wuteva...keep up the gr8 work! :)
I'm a big Prince Rogers Nelson fan and the Minneapolis Sound at large. This is a godsend for those who love the Minneapolis Genius' work. Just wish there were more podcasts on a regular basis. But when I hear do hear them I am never disappointed. Big up, Michael D !!!!
I really enjoy the Prince podcasts. They remind me of sitting around with my friends discussing Princes music. Very interesting viewpoints. Keep up the great work Michael!! I look forward to future Prince podcasts!
Love listening to these! Keep it up!
Hey folks, I just wanted to say to the broadcasters that I am VERY grateful for this Podcast. I been a Major Prince fan since 1984 (Im 37 years young now). It was very rare to hear Prince specials on the radio ,maybe like once a year on WBAI here in NY if anything. Anyway THANKS!
Michael. Tobias, and Moniche (sorry about the spelling) are real music critics with a deep appreciation for rock, jazz, blues, funk, and just down home American music. Michael’s trivial knowledge concerning the professional and personal life of Prince gave me a whole new appreciation for the Artist known as Prince and made me want to dust off some of my old records (that’s right I didn’t say CD I meant good ol’ warm sounding vinyl.) Moniche adds tons of enthusiasm and makes you feel like you’re listening to a friend you’ve known all your life. She clearly is a fan but does not hold back any punches when discussing the show’s topics. I feel all three have done their homework and are on point when discussing the show’s topics. If you have an appreciation for American Music you should be listening to this Podcast. Prince if you’re not listening to this show… you should be… these cats should be on your payroll… under PR.
Four starts only because I hope you guys upgrade your sound equipment. Lots of tape noise or something. Other advice...think about using a compressor. Turn off the cells! And more listeners, start ads on your site, be the gatekeepers! Also consider playing some songs in the background as you talk about the songs or period, just very low in the background. That way it could feel the listener is joining you in a listening/appreciation session. Create a play list you can double click to play as you discuss, I think it would spark up the show. Fan since '84 so I feel ya on every thing from Graffiti Bridge the song being fantastic to In A Large Room/Welcome 2 The Rat Race being one incredible song. Keep up the great work on a fun Prince show guys!
I'm 19 and have been a Prince fan for about 4 years... Use guys are basically on point with ur album reviews and those are actually my favorite podcasts here... Keep up the great work!
I really like this podcast. Being a huge Prince fan, myself, it's refreshing to listen to fans who not only praise his brilliance, but also don't hesitate to point out some shortcomings. The different points of view from the two (or three) hosts are also on point. I really like the new co-host, Monique. She had me rolling about the "23 scriptures" revision... Keep up the good work. Thanks, and hope to hear more.


By tlbuckl
I was extremely irritated with your melancholy review of Prince' s superbowl halftime performance. Not only did Prince deliver one of the most exciting, awesome half-time performances in superbowl history, but Prince singing Purple Rain IN THE RAIN! A total ROCK GOD moment. Not to mention no one can touch the man on his BAD A*S purple symbol guitar. SHAME ON YOU! Unfortunately, this was the first of your Prince podcasts i have listened to and it will be the last.
I'm an oooold school Prince fan! I started with Soft & Wet on 45!! I think the show is very informative and entertaining, but there are a few gaps of information from time to time. Would love to add to the discussion.
Thanks for keeping the great podcasts coming. I really enjoy hearing MIchael discuss Prince records in a objective-fan way. I do wish Monique would have more interesting tidbits to add without so much dead air and repeating herself. I think her speaking voice is very nice and I'd like to hear her actually say something. I think this will happen when she discusses her faves. Once again, thanks!