The Darker Sides of Life

Reviews For The Darker Sides of Life

Every single episode, I relate. Often, I find myself wanting to reply to what Kami is saying, sharing how I have experienced what she is describing. Thank you so much for doing the work that you do.
I found this podcast from your Instagram. I love your content and your voice and speech pattern is so soothing. Thank you for sharing your stories with us.
Compassionate with a brave transparency, Kamila’s podcast is a beautifully written exploration of topics that people often shrink from acknowledging but always with an ultimately hopeful outlook. I love that this podcast addresses a unique range of experience, exploring many different ways we can encounter loss and aloneness and how these experiences shape our personal narratives.
Thanks to Kamilla for sharing her wisdom and experiences. It’s so comforting to hear how she’s processed and grown beyond her rough start in life. I hope she meets her financial goal for this podcast because her point of view is so important. Her podcast is the first I’ve listened to that truly resonated with me on topics that have the power to shape and control us if we let them. Some things I know: Everyone has a story, life is one long roller coaster ride, pain is relative and we have the ability to build positive memories to crowd out the memories we had no control over while growing up.
Kamilla is such a wonderful human! Her brilliant insights is so thoughtful and helpful!! I was feeling so alone with my troubled heart and she really helped me get in touch with my feelings. The different concept she covers are thought provoking and has been giving me a deeper perspective on my inner emotional world not to mention tools that I can apply to my life. This podcast is a gem and such a fantastic resource for people going through the darker sides of life! Thank you Kamilla for helping us and sharing your kind heart & thoughts. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖