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Wonderful sermons that are approachable, easy to understand and are inspiring. Am incorporating these into my yoga practice and it has made them even more fulfilling.


Great Meditation App
I also wish there were more. I have listened to Swami J's talks many times and each revisit I learn more. Thank you Swami J, for your humor as well! ~Calvin
I love this podcast! Why did you stop? Can you please post more? It has really helped me become more in tune with my higher self.
Swami J is a wonderful, kind, and enlightened being -- well worth the time to listen to and learn from. Western man has pretty much let go of contact with anything beyond our bank accounts, iPods and contact lists. The Swami -- like many before him, offers a message of joy, happiness and bliss. Whether you believe it's eternal or not is up to you -- his discussions are as rewarding for the truly secular as they are for those seeking something more than a Big Mac and a nicer car out of life. Gary Poyssick in Tampa, Florida
It can be fairly difficult to find the voices of mystic traditions and hear them speak about higher consciousness -- even in today's electronic age. This information reminds me of my time with my own guru who has now passed: approachable, joy filled and leading to greater insight and more disciplined practice. This podcast is a wonderful service to seekers swimming in the sea of meditation and mystical yearning.