Reviews For Weekend

I actually didn’t catch the fact that this was supposed to be fiction when it aired. had i known I might've prepared my brain differently — still, I enjoyed a great deal. I’m not entirely certain why the riders are not the narrators. Maybe that’s just an American thing? That we read our own work? or maybe it’s a British thing that they don’t, and the rest of us in the world are suckers for our own voice. Hmm. I do know I would read the last piece quite differently than the narrator chose to… we've all got opinions… Certainly, it was not The Guardian Science Weekly. Longer than I expected, funnier than I expected, and a show that dives into British life in such a way that it would be helpful as an American to know more about British life to fully appreciate like a proper listener. I approve I approve. heh. not that my opinion matters but I do approve. Give it a try. I think you’ll like it too.
Thank you guys for doing this, my favorite part is the people you have picked to read about the subject, thank you, thank you 😊