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By KRBada
I am learning a lot. Thank you for these episodes. These podcasts are feeding my soul.
It’s like this, I’ve listen to nearly every episode between 2oo6-2o14 /so far/ & My faves are the commentary on the upanishads. The ‘casts are never perfectly recorded, he verbiage never obsessively polished. You can hear coughing, sirens wailing & Swami talking about the Sox Its completely authentic, genuine and joyful. I count myself blessed to have found this biz.
Swamiji always explains all the obscure stuff and sticks to the main message. Like Sri Ramakrishna, his parables and practical examples are spot on. It is like hearing a knowledgable friend talk.
Swami Tyagananda provides a clear and lucid explanation of teachings contained in Panchadasi & Bhagavad Gita. These lectures help us overcome our misconceived perceptions about the true nature of Reality around us.
Thank you for these soul stirring lectures
Authentic and soul enriching.
I find this podcast an excellent resource for vedantic listening. Many thanks for publishing this online via podcast.
Sri Swami Tyagananda shows how to understand ancient teachings in modern terms, and to integrate them into daily life in today's world. He provides an opportunity to continue the tradition of satsangha - association with the truth/wisdom in a context relevant today.
I found his speech very helpful and thanks for sharing it with us. Swami ji 's speech are keeping me closure from my inner soul and param satya paramatman. Om tatsat!!!
These podcasts are outstanding. Many thanks to Ramakrishna Vedanta society of Boston for putting these out. They're truly life changing.
Just wanted to add my five stars. Greater teaching, great teacher, great voice for listening. I take long walks a few days a week and listen. Perfect.
This is a must listen podcast for all the spiritual seekers. When you are down or wen u r havin some difficulties jus listen to some of the podcasts and they lift u up in no time. We are indeed very fortunate to hav such a podcast. Tnx a lot swami.
Can't express my gratitude in words. Priceless knowledge!
Listening to this podcast regularly can quietly change your life...
I listen to this Podcast on Sunday mornings for several hours and the peace that I enjoy is beyond words. My intellectual mind settles into the teaching and my heart opens to the Love that is coming from the good Swami. Every message reinforces my Christian faith and touches my soul.
I truly enjoy listening to these lectures. Swami Tyagananda is clearly a true teacher. He knows the subject and one can tell that he is very disciplined, and extremely educated by how he lectures. I am truly blessed to have come upon this podcast and will continue listening to the topics over and over. This will help me to continue developing an enlightened mind.
I am very thankful to Swami Tyagananda for these podcasts that let me get his message in Bolivia. These podcasts are very iluminating and help us to understand the deeper meaning of life. Since I found the books of Swami Vivekananda my life perception and understanding has totaly changed, and it is great that Swami Tyagananda can deliver his message with contemporary examples, and help us to grasp the profound meanings of Vedanta phylosophy.These podcasts are teaching me how to conduct my life in the best posible maner. I recommend them to all the seekers of real spirituality, and the highest values of humankind.
game-changer, every other knowledge appears trivial, just fortunate to have listened to this.
Thanks to the Swami for his indepth and very valuable explanantion on the topics discussed here. His hints regarding our daily lives are very helpful. This idea of remembering the Ideal/God during the day are regular intervals is an ancient idea. But hearing it again, put in such simple words, strikes a cord within the heart. Most of all the lectures are purely spiritual and are applicable to one and all. We look forward to hearing more from him and the Vedanta society in Boston. Thank you again.
I used to attend these lectures by Swami Tyagananda when I was a student at MIT. I missed these for the last 6 years while I have not been in Boston/Cambridge I am so happy that I can listen to this podcast on my daily commute to work, and get inspired as I start and finish each day. Many lectures also best heard many times. The podcast enables re-listening so that I can understand more subtle topics that I might not have fully grasped the first time. Thanks to Swami Tyagananda for this great act of kindness, and to the Boston Vedanta Society devotees for bringing this great weekly experience to those that do not live in Boston/Cambridge or its vicinities. Also congratulations to Swami Tyaganandaji for embracing modern technology for delivering a message that is as old as that stars and the galaxies