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This is a terrible podcast!
This is nothing more than someone spilling out garbage using the first amendment. Apple should be ashamed of allowing this type of HATE be a podcast.
Everything he says is untrue, I know mormon people, and they are the nicest people I know.
Dude, just because you don't agree with their religion doesn't mean you have to bully them by spreading hate. I know Mormons and they are just like any other Christians: imperfect but trying. Matt 7:20 "By their fruits you will know them."
Looks like all the TBMs are giving you 1 star. Pretty sad group of people. I knew from a young age that the mormon church was a fraud when my teacher tried to explain to us in Sunday school that dinosaurs were from other planets before earth was created. Ha what a joke. Ignorance is optional. The proof is right in front of people's faces. Most Mormons are cowards who don't want to bring up certain topics because of the consequences from the church leadership...


By Kiki924
Wish there was more.
I love this podcast. Knowledge and critical thought will set you free, brothers and sisters!
After watching this I gained a stronger testimony that the book of Mormon is true. Thank you
How bored do you have to be to create a podcast solely for the purpose of tearing down someone else's faith? I'm guessing pretty bored. These episodes are hateful and twisted versions of truth. If you want to know about Mormons, ask a Mormon. Why would you ask Jew about a Muslim? Who does that kind of thing? Well... you if you ascribe to this rubbish. Your time is better spent elsewhere. Why such hateful bigotry is allowed on iTunes, I can't imagine.
Ok, first of all the feelings we talk about actually do come from the spirit and are NOT the same as watching an irspiring movie or something. The only thing I felt when listining to your podcast was a dark and evil felling. " I KNOW" one thing and it's that you have a meeting with the devil.
Utterly pathetic, period.
I actually havent even heard this guy, just saw all the crazy rants. Members, do your research for once in your life. I finally did years after my mission. You might be surprised. I love the, I KNOW...beyond a shaddow of a doubt. You've been saying it your whole life. "I don't know how, I just know." "I cant deny what I've felt, and seen (wink wink)." "It is not by faith that I know..." (haha). Sound familiar? Guess what, other religious faiths convert with the same "spirit." Is God just preparing them to be a Mormon? He's not a god of confussion. The church is good, just not what it claims. You don't need to go far to find that out. "I know" it's not true. The very core pillars that are claimed to make it true are the biggest issues that make it not. Joseph Smith, Book of Mormon. The problem is most active members don't care about the issues. Im asking you to care! Stop living in the matrix.
This whole series is a very good source of information for those of us who study cult issues, and are fascinated by how anyone can actually follow a true religious con man like Joseph Smith. No matter what negative reviews mormons leave here, they can't hide the truths about their nutty faith. Study Mormonism people, and see how Joseph Smith was a 19th century Jim Jones. He died before he could make them drink the Kool Aid, and LDS lived on rather than burn out like most cults.
Church members will live in this wheat-and-tares situation until the Millennium. Some real tares even masquerade as wheat, including the few eager individuals who lecture the rest of us about Church doctrines in which they no longer believe. They criticize the use of Church resources to which they no longer contribute. They condescendingly seek to counsel the Brethren whom they no longer sustain. Confrontive, except of themselves, of course, they leave the Church, but they cannot leave the Church alone (Ensign, Nov. 1980, 14). Like the throng on the ramparts of the “great and spacious building,” they are intensely and busily preoccupied, pointing fingers of scorn at the steadfast iron-rodders (1 Ne. 8:26–28, 33). Considering their ceaseless preoccupation, one wonders, Is there no diversionary activity available to them, especially in such a large building—like a bowling alley? Perhaps in their mockings and beneath the stir are repressed doubts of their doubts... Neal A. Maxwell
I don't get it! How can a religion that teaches family values, love your neighbor, shun drugs and infidelity, and follow Jesus Christ's example be bad? Samuel and other "exmormons" simply could not follow the church's teachings, and their guilt has led them to this.
Lacks a professional touch. Not a podcast but a rant.
Clearly he/she has no idea what Mormons really believe so I just have to laugh. What's sad is, this person could be using his time and energy in such a better way. If only he/she'd see that they bring themselves down by creating stuff like this. Don't join the church, don't believe what they do, but please, find a better way to live YOUR life.
This isn't actually a comment on the podcast (which I just started to listen to), its a comment on the other people who have commented so far. Most religious people are totally convinced that their religion is absolute truth and everybody else's is wrong. Their are thousands of contradictory religions in the world. At most, one of these is correct, meaning virtually everybody on the planet has incorrect religious beliefs, which they fully believe in. Most religious people recieved their religious indoctrination from their parents, at a time when they were too young to decide if the beliefs were rational or absurd. This means an individual has virtually zero chance of having true religious beliefs. Believing in something really hard does not make it any less absurd, it just makes the believer more fanatical and removed from reality. Casting off old, silly beliefs is difficult, but not doing so is dangerous. Don't rationalize the absurd, reject it!
How can you who listen to this explicit media claim to follow any form of christianity? those who will say that i havent even heard this podcast are correct. do you know why? i will not sit and listen to this inapropiate and false teaching. the teachings of the church of jesus christ have brought peace unto my life. by following the commandments everyone can find true joy. I am ranked #1 in my school. straight a's. is it not supriseing that by not following the "popular" or "cool" things of today and by following the teachings of christ that i have excelled above my peers? Another thing im sure many anti mormons have never heard about is the Missouri Extermination Order. let me explain. back during the beginning of our churchs history when the saints lived in missouri the govenor passed an order making it lawful to KILL "mormons". for those who dont believe me, go look it up. my ancestors have been driven from their homes multiple times. WHERE WAS THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION WHEN JOSEPH SMITH WAS IMPRISSONED AND A MOB STORMED IN AND SHOT HIM??? freedom of religion? i dont think so. I know that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints is true. i know we are led by a prophet today. on a side note to investigators, practice your agency. if you want to know "Mormon Truth Uncensored" go read the book of mormon. i also believe in the bible but did you know that the counsel of Nicia in 300 a.d edited the bible and took out plain and precious truths? please do not let your only knowlegde of us "mormons" come from this man who doesnt exactly know what he is talking about. I am only 15. but i can say that i know our church is true. my only advice is for you to read the book of mormon with an open heart and pray to find out for yourselves
This man is very seriously misguided, I know that Mormonism is true even after listening to this I have not a shadow of a doubt that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the church of Christ, I hope and pray that this man will forgive the mormon who did something to provoke this man to anger, I appologize and I hope that you might find it in your heart to forgive him seeing how I have forgiven you for all the things you have said.
So I noticed either he gets 5 stars or 1 star. Kinda tells you that people like him if he tells them what they want to hear. Believe me, just because you are part of a religion, does not make you an expert on it. The quotes and information in here are so badly taken out of context that it's apparent that the "truth" he is sharing is nothing more than hateful ranting.
First, I've got to say that it's simply not true that Samuel the Utahnite is citing only other ex-Mormon sources. He often cites (and credits) passages straight from LDS scripture, quotes presidents, past and present, provides links to news sources when necessary and speaks from experience. The first three are all easily verifiable with a little research. For the last, you may need to be somewhat familiar with the LDS church. If you've known Mormons you can certainly recognize many of the beliefs, phrases and attitudes he talks about. I believe any religion should be able to withstand at least a little scrutiny. If you're afraid to even look at yours and ask questions, maybe you should ask yourself why.
To bad there is not more like this! If you are shopping around trying to hear the other side of the coin (those that have given up their LDS religion and why) this is a good place to start.
For those who doubtlessly think I am mormon, I am not. I am a physicist, and a believer in God, although not of any man made religion. I have just got to say that this was tripe, and a whole load of it. I know several mormon scientists... your descriptions of what they tell me and what you espouse them to belive bare so little in common it is doubtful you are got it right. Even if they were as outrageous as you elude too... the basic facts do not figure they way you want them too. No doubt someone in that church hurt you and you want to get back at them. A suggestion in order to be more successfull: If you want someone other than a fanatic hate-monger to listen to you try using the scientific method to argue your case. Supply material from sources other that hate-groups that people can research independant of your arguments in order to come to their own conclusion. Granted this is hard to find, as in my searching most of the material against mormonism is hate inspired as opposed to truth inspired. But truth is truth, but being able to independantly varify it unquestionably makes it undenyable. I was able to defeat every position you proposed with a little unbiased research... Whereas I am not going to become mormon, you definately did not convince me they are a cult of the devil. Your arguments need to be more robust if you want to convince a competent person that you are correct.
Samuel the Utahnite drones on monotonically with notions unfounded by truths. These notions are clearly gathered through anti-Mormon sites (literature), conversations with other anti-Mormons, or through the personal and painful fallout felt by his unworthy attempt as a missionary. It would be nice to hear a balanced perspective of the critical comments made. His statements, thought to be clever and some how insightful, are sad empty words from a bitter soul speaking a one-sided story. If his energy was channeled to spread good works and to uplift people, as Christ taught and as Mormons believe, he could make this world a better place (the reason I gave him 2 stars instead of 1). Unfortunately, his attempts to blindly lead others to feel hate toward a people dedicated to charity, Family values, and Christ like love seems to be his focus. Peace be with you and as Christ stated, Love your neighbor, Love your enemy (whoever you believe that to be), and to Love All. Namaste' Daryl
Hi Samuel, I was born in the church (heretofore, the cult) and left 20 years ago at the age of 16. Because most in my family are still mormons, I still have ties to the cult. At the request of my mother, I recently read the entire Book of Mormon (which I had not done when I was in the cult). I listened to the audio book format you can download from over the course of one week. I didn't get out of the book of First Nephi before I was openly weeping by what I heard. Although I felt great pain and sorrow knowing the farce that was propagated on me and my siblings, I finished the entire book and will probably listen to the Pearl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants. More importantly, listening to those "scriptures" that were always presented to me as the "world's most correctly translated book"; I started looking for more evidence of Mormon fraud. That led me to your podcast and I am grateful. I have never been to Utah but I have heard enough to know the risks you are taking by doing these podcasts. I also know that you are sincere in your desire to educate others on the truths of the mormon cult. Please keep up the great work! Sincerely, Jim in Chandler, AZ


Why would someone bother creating a podcast to diss on another religion? Samuel, whoever you are, get over it and get a life, man!!!
I joined the church about a year ago. I realized that there were things that bothered me a lot about the church. I felt constant guilt for silly little things in my life. I was bothered by the fact that there are things about the church that don’t make sense to me. Most my church friends became very defensive whenever I brought up any of my questions and I felt like I had no where to get an outside perspective on the issues- until I heard your podcast. You have helped confirm many of my feels and concerns. You have also helped me see how brainwashed I was. I didn’t even realize the absurdity of some of things I accepted from the church. I still don’t know what I believe about the church, but I do thank you for helping me see more of the truth.
I was looking for info, not malice or hate. Something or someone from the mormons has obviously pissed this guy off enough to dedicate this much time. Problem is, there's not much beneath the hate and malice. you can hear it in his voice. I have found most of the info to be rediculously incorrect with respect to the mormons compared to other podcasts. I hope this guy doesn't run into any mormons soon.
A Prophet tells the truth and Samuel is one of the most courages men I have every heard. Like the prohets of old he tells it like it is -- regardless of who does not like it. He is a voice a reason and sincerity in the world of David Koresh-Jim Jones-Drink the Kooliaid -Joseph Smith mind numb cult followers. Keep up God's Good work Abstrakt
Why would I trust a thief to lead me to salvation?
You can tell the reviews that are done by current "Morg" members who have never stepped outside of the box. I recognize all those sweet, spiritual phrases. "Work on your testimony", "look inside your heart", also saying that what Samuel the Utahnite says is "purely false" etc, etc. Oh, yes, been all too well trained for those responses...Wake up you guys, hopefully someday you will. There is so much hidden from your ever-trusting "sweet spirits". Thank you Sam. I've only heard a little and immediately, things you said "rang true." I do know it beyond a shadow of a doubt.
There is no support for the points this man brings up. He provides insufficient evidence, most of which is inconsistent and untrue.
this is the worst. he doesn't know what hes talking about. he wanted to look for flaws and came up with this random stuff. if anyone wants to find the truth... just look for yourself with an open heart and mind. to find out the truth about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, just ask the members themselves or even better the Bishop, congregation leader, at the nearest location for more info.
People are not perfect. No one is. Mormons aren't perfect, not even their prophet is. But The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is perfect. If this Samuel the Utahite had spent more time on his testimony and less time on searching for mistakes that people, not God or the church, had made then he might still be a member. Instead he is telling falsehoods and myths about the church and leading people down a sad and scary path away from truth. I feel sorry for him and for anyone who listens to this podcast and takes it as truth.


By lobizao
I definetly like the idea of the podcast because it exposes the hidden history of the LDS church. However, I don't think that the podcast flows that well. Sometimes, he just rambles and will carry on a thought forever. It lacks the professionalism that I would like to see in an ex mormon podcast. I believe that he needs to use more logic in his arguments and stop just bashing out of anger. He needs to spend more time in preperation for his podcast so that he doesn't always say, "Uhhh" "Ummm"
Let's not forget, there aren't any Atheists in foxholes. You'll find Christ sooner or later.
Samuel cuts to the quick on all of the issues that show why Mormonism is a fraud. Although his delivery is not that of a proffesional broadcaster the subjects he brings up are very well researched and his point of view carries much more weight because of his background as a previously active Mormon and return missionary. The anger that he sometimes exhibits in this podcast is the anger that many of us who were raised in Mormonism and devoted our lives to it feel because of the betrayal and disillusionment we feel once we find that we have been lied to our whole lives. I am 60 years old and come from a family that is very deeply involved in Mormonism and have been for 6 generations on both sides. I served a 2 1/2 year mission, 2 stake missions, was a 70 for 14 years and a Seventies president and stake mission president, high priest group leader, elders quorum president before that and many many other callings. I raised my kids as Mormons and sent them on missions and saw them married in the temple. I found the truth by trying to prove that the church was true! Thank you Samuel for reinforcing my decision to have my name removed from the church!! Evil Earl
This guy is an absolute idiot who has no life and no idea of what he is doing do not be fooled by this loser who should be devoting his time to helping the homeless or fighting disease instead of trying to tear down other peoples' religion. Which, I might add he will not succeed at.
I have listened to this and many other podcasts about Mormonism. It is clear to me that Samuel is honest. Angry? Maybe. I am too. No one likes investing their entire soul into something that isn't what it claimed to be. I think the debate is a tiring one, but an important one. I was someone that would have dismissed everything here because it clearly was anti-Mormon-establishment. But then one day it clicked that working for truth was more valuable and reliable then having it handed to you. To that end, I became more interested in exploring all of my beliefs. Since Mormonism was/is core, that was a fun one to dig into. Podcasts like this truly provide more hope for me and that as an individual with the ability to think and reason that I can live a life in constant search of truth and good instead of stubbornly lying to myself and others that I have it all. As much as I always claimed to know the church was true, the reality was I believed it was, I hoped it was, and I had faith it was. The funny thing was, I never stopped to question why I hoped, believed, and had faith. It was the equivalent of saying that I hoped, believed, and had faith that Utah was the greatest place in the world (which I did). Unfortunately, I wasn't the best data point since I hadn't been anywhere else except Wyoming. My what a difference perspective can make in evolving belief and appreciating differences. There are those in the world that are dying and allowing their children to die because they have an irrational belief (fear) that vaccinations are harmful. I don't blame them because their perspective only allows them to have that belief. Asking them to change that perspective is asking them to risk the adverse effects that the vaccine may bring or asking them to travel to a place where vaccines are routine and they could see through others that vaccines are beneficial for the vast majority. There are ratings that simply dismiss this podcast as lies and of the devil. That's humorous. Information isn't scary. It is what people do with information or what they do when they don't have it that gets scary. To that end, I appreciate Samuel's point of view because he knows the Mormon point of view and can offer a countering point of view. So thank you, Samuel the Lamanite for blazing a trail for me and others. I appreciate your honesty and passion.


By fr!ng3
I'm not sure which is more painful; listening to this man speak, or the fact that I enjoy suffering through his podcasts. Samuel puts forth a good deal of effort which makes for lengthly podcasts. I could care less about Mormonism, right or wrong, but I have a hard time believing Samuel is as PO'd at the LDS church as he is that he allowed himself to be so 'simple' as a Mormon. Just listen to his perspectives from his mission journal. I know I'd be embarressed to be alive if it were me. Nevertheless, listen to Sam. You are sure to come across something to think about and even support.
Samuel your podcasts are excellent! Keep spreading the truth.
Samuel gives it to you straight up, without the sugar candy coating. If you need to be coddled, he's not your guy. If you want the hard truth in its raw form - he IS your guy. Glad to see you back on iTunes Samuel :)
This guy is so bad at what he does!!!!!!! He cant seem to get a sentence out without stuttering. The whole podcast drove me nuts! Dont waist your time or quit your dayjob!!!!!
Samuel was a member of the Mormon Church for over 30 years. He believed everything he was taught, and defended his religion, even going on a 2 year mission to converts others to his religion. Once he began delving into the obscure, shadowy, and unsavory history of his church, he was shocked to realize that he was involved in a cult. He left his church, and in doing so, has been shunned by family and friends who he loved. Samuel is not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of exMormons out there who are in similar circumstances. Samuel cannot even identify himself publicly due to threats he has received. He bravely tells the world the truth behind the cult. Why? He wants Mormons and nonMormons alike to read the history of the church--from ITS OWN ARCHIVES--to verify the facts he discusses. He is not making these stories up for his own amusement. The average Mormon will write Samuel off as "offended ex-Mormon", minimizing his podcasts as 'rubbish', 'stupid', etc. Usually, they are not aware they themselves are in a cult. For any intelligent, thoughtful person who comes across this podcast, check out the facts for yourself. You will see for yourself that Samuel is, indeed, telling the truth about the Mormon Church.
If you're listening to this podcast and posting comments you're not a TBM. Think about it. You're curious because you know there's an itch you can't scratch. Open your mind and ask the questions.
What about Buddhism? Jews? Islam? " the fruits of their labors shall you know them..." What are you fruits? Anger? Malice? Deception? May you find life in Jesus Christ and finally realize that being like Christ means loving and living like Christ.