Reviews For Classified

I enjoyed the combination of humor and action in this. QCode seems to drop a lot of audio drama shows after one season. Hoping they make a season 2.
You guys! Wyatt Russell is perfect. Someone tell me this will be picked up as a series. Agree with those who have compared it to a combination of Deadpool and Suicide Squad. Wild and fun ride.
The first one was really funny and a thrill ride. Kind of reminded me of Deadpool. Looking forward to a second season.
So funny, so good. There has to be a season 2 !!!!!
I love the narrator, he is so hilarious! The whole thing is full of jokes and twists! I can’t stop listening, so you must give us more podcasts😡😡😡
I LOVE this story. The plot, characters, production... One of the best yet. Can't wait for more!
I found myself laughing out loud so many times. The characters are engaging and I was instantly invested in all the mysteries. My only complaints- I wish the episodes were a bit longer and there were more of them!
This was HIGHLY entertaining! I was on the edge of my seat in the car!! I had plenty of LOL moments and some parts I even had to hear again just to be sure I didn’t miss A.SINGLE.THING. This was excellent voice acting and I love QCODE


I laughed, I cried, I love everything about this podcast
This had a little mystery, action, thrills and chills, loved it..Acting, characters, and writing was too notch. I binged from start to finish at work😂
I love the third wall breaking. Wyatt Russell is funny and good timing. Season 2 please!!
I hope there is!!
This show is so funny. It’s like a new age One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Very witty, great voice actors, and awesome story line. If you need a break from true crime or horror or supernatural podcasts, then definitely check this out. It’s so well written. I’m glad I gave it a chance. It’s worth every minute. Stringer and Eli are hilarious 😆.
Narrator is annoying but if you can ignore him when he goes off topic, seriously stick to the actual story……. You’re not funny. Listeners just want the actual story. Other than that the actual story and Only the story is good.
When I originally listened to this podcast I shut it off early because the main character annoyed me with his tangents and 4th wall breaks. It kinda annoyed me the whole time but the show as a whole was very entertaining. Eli was my favorite character wish he was our main protagonist.
I loved the humor, the fun…I was literally laughing out loud multiple times. I couldn’t recommend this more…I absolutely loved Classified.
At first I found the main narrator very annoying, but the story grew on me and I actually enjoyed the writing and the performances of the other characters. Archer fans should enjoy this show.
Highly recommend. Can’t wait for season 2!!!
I listen to podcasts all the time, but this is only my second or third review. I love the narrator’s sarcasm and quick wit (well, he gets to write what he says, so I don’t know how quick it really is, but I still love it)! This is a very immersive experience that has gotten me through my workday at home in front of my screens. Thanks!
Fantastic podcast. The cast is so good and the story is engaging. It is so funny and easy to listen to. I hope there will be a second season.
Another PHENOMENAL IMMERSIVE AUDIO EXPERIENCE!!! I am living for this!! The get me throw my not so great days. It’s nice to pop in good ear buds and drift away in the show i pic for the week. Please say there’s more coming, or I be have to start round 2 on ALL the shows😊 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️stars to c Q code!!
Wyatt Russel is amazing at playing these unstable men, Fantastic cast and fun, cheesy story.
Best podcast I have heard so far. Made me laugh out loud several times- which was very alarming to people watching me walk around alone. I could not stop listening to this one.The characters are interesting & very real, voice acting is incredible. And I absolutely love the setting. Cannot wait for the next season!
I knocked season one out in two days. Very entertaining and breath of fresh air from non-fiction podcasts. My only critique, the credits at the end of each episode take 2 minutes and when I’m hands free I can’t skip. Small thing but when binging it would be nice to not have that.
This needs to be a move with RyanReynolds and Morgan Freeman please
I couldn’t help but smile and laugh while listening to it. It was so fun and hilarious! I hope to see more of this or stuff like it in the future. Great job and keep up the amazing work!!


Just yes. Enough said.
This was an amazing one!
Super fun and well written podcast with great production quality! Perfect for a binge or to listen to in segments, with just the right balance of humor and suspense. The fast paced action keeps the story line moving and there’s never a dull moment. All of the actors were perfectly cast! Would definitely recommend!
Was good until episode 7, that episode doesnt play any sound.
This was so fun! I had no idea what to expect, but the pace, humor, and twists kept me hooked. Honestly, one of the most enjoyable podcasts I’ve listened to. I’ve also fallen in love with Stringer! Highly recommend this one.
I’ve really enjoyed the show thru the first 5 episodes. Great story. My only complaint is Monica Potter. She’s eally quite difficult to listen to. But that’s my only complaint. Looking forward to new episodes.
It’s super well put together I loved it kept me very interested the entire time
I enjoyed every second of this podcast!!


By blc826
Didn’t hold my interest past episode four, plus the ads were too much
Nice job to all involved.
Wow! I enjoyed listening to this show so much! I look forward to season 2! Great writing! Great narration humor! Thanks!
First of all, I love qcode, but you guys have a real winner here. The writing, the dialogue, the acting, all top tier. I can’t wait for more!
I really enjoyed this podcast but I didn't enjoy the crude jokes in the beginning. Other than that, the plot was great, and I can’t wait for a season 2. I wish season 1 would’ve been longer too but either way it was great!
Great origin story but will need at least 3 seasons to satisfy listeners. So we will be waiting for more.
I listen to a lot of podcasts and often run out. “Classified” did not seem to be my thing but I was desperate so I tried it. Am I ever glad I did. The sound is amazing (REALLY!) and the acting is top notch. Wyatt Russell is convincing and hilarious. You must listen.
Reminds me of Deadpool soo if you like Deadpool you’ll love this
Engaged with the story from the start, loved all the tongue in cheek references to similar stories. Listened straight through at work and enjoyed every minute.
I’d rather not explain but wow this is a crazy reminder of a past life! Very funny and well written.
This gotta Be a movie and make a season 2!!! Please
If you are looking for serious, this is not it. This is, adventure/action, with a fun vibe!! Loved it. Great audio production, acting and writing.
Can’t wait for season 2
Loved Wyatt Russell and I’m glad I got to see him do something different from being US Agent. I’d love to see this turned into a movie with him reprising his/this role. Great story, loved the humor and the pop culture references. Can’t wait to hear more!
As fiction podcasts go this is pretty good. I doubt anyone will turn it into a movie but it’s worth a listen.