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Can’t thing of anything negative but you guys are hilarious and it feels like your talking to us not throwing facts at our faces.
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Watch them daily.
Ted Talks sponsored by Rolex is the absolute Best Site for amazing and informative, educational and overall A+++ for being beautifully produced, filmed and presented by some of the most Brilliant Minds of our times. Changed my life as it is so unique! Like having all the Encyclopedia's in the World rolled into 1. Knowledge is hard enough to come by but TED Talks is superlative.:-)))
TED is one of those things that is precisely what subscription digital content is really good for. by now everyone knows about the quality of TED talks so I'll spare you the superlatives. since its humble beginnings TED has only gotten better over the years, but even as it has expanded in range it's still Science and Tech at its heart and I do deeply worry that political innuendo, social sensibilities and religious tribalism have begun to infiltrate what has been and should be a glorious celebration of free thought, science and innovation. in my mind, there is no place here for climate change deniers, anti-Science Bible thumpers or Edward Snowden. There's something here for everyone and 5 stars isn't even remotely enough. Let's make sure it stays that way and, in fact, continues to grow by keeping this thing what it has been for years which is abastion of science, education and intellectual inspiration.
I used to watch these regularly because they would increase my knowledge, but now they're getting tougher to watch for many reasons. In generalNd in my view, the opinions expressed in these talks are lopsided and presented as "fact" and "science" and the alternative ideas are shouted down (albeit quietly). Many messages (not all) have an agenda to tell you your way of thinking is wrong.
This is the most educational, interesting, and far-out lecture/presentation/talk podcast/video series out there.. Bar none! Hands down, the best. Trust me on this, you want to watch every episode of TED talks. It will make you a better and more interested person in the world around you. Things you don't understand, once TED talks, you will!


Very interesting!!!!!
The videos are great! love them but Why haven't I been getting videos since 8-16????
I feel lied to by all the idiotic positive reviews. None of these ideas are remotely intelligent and it's a total waste of time. For instance there was one on an electric skateboarder as "ideas worth spreading". Ummmmm it's safer AND cleaner AND cheaper AND healthier to just walk, or do the people at TED not know what walking means because they are fat and old. Electric skateboard is just about the most idiotic thing you can come up with and TED decides to feature it; what does that tell you about the people working there? Then there's one about an artist criticizing xia gang, laid off workers in china. Well DUH that's what happen when you go from communist to capitalist. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Full employment under all communist regimes, and massive lay offs of useless people in all capitalist societies. I'm not saying communism is better--there's poverty and low standards of life but yes everyone has a job. People working at TED really have no brains, but the people watching these and feeling enlightened are no better if not worse for propagating stupidity. This is the gross problem with America, really: a program like this "blows" someone's mind. I'm about to barf.
There should be more things like this in the world.
Amazing cant go one day without it
5 stars
Ted did more for my life than any other educational service ever. Now I am a new Person vis vision, passion and Goal. Thanks TED
Looks like after Aug 17th they stopped posting these. WHY?
Guys, why have you stopped releasing new episodes?


By fojoye
This podcast is best ever, informative, educative and more. These presentations are food for mind. One can not be better informed. How can a clip be forwarded, maybe censored and aired. I have made this podcast from TED my daily food for thoughts
Let me get this straight. I absolutely love TEDtalks, and I've been watching them for several years now. All of a sudden, I can't play them on my iPod classic, and I can't figure out any reason why this should be the case. I'll still watch them on my computer, but I really hate not being able to have them on my iPod!
Personally, I think TED should invite me to give a talk. But until they do, I guess I'll make do by watching the other speakers, most of whom are brilliant, insightful, witty, and (probably) hygienic. I love science, art, architecture, literature, technology, and philosophy. TED manages to cover all bases.
Only if this was on the tvs in the tabloids in the schools on the minds of everyone we would be in a resource based economy
Shhh! Don't tell the Republicans about these talks! Remember what they tried to do to James Hansen.
I must say that it is an enjoyable series. The subject matter is from all over! Every subject you can imagine. A daily must for me!
Ted is daily must for me like a lot of people said it is better then tv one thing I would like Ted to do is to take request for older video to be released on iTunes thank Ted Sincerely A. Jibril Canadian teders
Incredibly thought provoking and entertaining. A must daily ritual.
Take your time and watch them all. It's better than TV. Enjoy!
Get more info, change the world...one step at a time.
You will be more than informed; you will be inspired.
Just the right size. Great variety.
I absolutely love TED!!!!
TED's content is unmatched. You can always find great stuff in many places. But TED consistently offers amazing presentations. It's a unique source of inspiration, able to create value for the viewer. Amazingly, it's free! Keep doing the good job guys, you are positively and actively make the world a better place.


Who doesn't like TED! my dream is to one day attend in person. To be in the presence of all that intelligence...priceless!
Simply the best. Know the future of humanity.
Ted! Informative! And brilliant! 
Thank you so much.Please keep them coming.
This is one of my favorite things, but it doesn't download any more. It gives an error message that it's not here to be downloaded.
TED is amazing, we TEDers are trying to translate these TEDtalks into Chinese, while at the same time we also organize TEDx events in China. Spread good ideas!
Incredible, insightful, enlightening, inspiring, educational, entertaining, witty... I can't go on... iTunes does not allow enough characters for me to list all of the adjectives that describe this groundbreaking podcast series. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making these free to the public.
My language arts teacher was teaching us about spoken word poetry, and showed us a video of some poetry. Not only did the video display some of the poetry, but the poet told us about her journey through the process of writing. I was so inspired by the 20 min. video that I watched it twice more when I got home! I have watched many other Ted Talks videos, but by far, Sarah Kay was my favorite. It was actually the one I saw that day in school. Now every time I feel confused or defeated, I can just go to my downloaded video section and hear the beauty of Sarah's words. Please listen to Sarah's words-they really do change your perspective!
I discovered TED TALKs and it's inspiring to be exposed to all the great thing people are doing all over the world.
My class went to see TEDx at CNU. we all loved it! Everyone should watch at least one, you'll get hooked!
Everyone should listen to ted


By doc5506
Thank you for sharing the amazing and inspirational ideas of some truly impressive individuals. Love these talks!
Thank you for sharing these conversations with us. They are inspirational, educational, and self-awakening. While I will probably never be invited to attend TED, I thank you for allowing the rest of us to see true vision and thought.
If these talks don't engage and challenge you mentally, you probably aren't watching them.
This is the right combination between funny, informative, interesting, and just entertaining. It's refreshing to hear intelligent people once in a while.
Please fix that you cannot see the name of the item before you start it.
They are great, but when being in China mainland, you'll find it is hard to follow them.
It would be great if the titles were fully readable. To bad iTunes doesn't change into landscape view so they the titles could be read fully. Or give one more line to the title so it could be fully read.