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it's more like a traditional radio show than a podcast but nevertheless one of the best podcasts about chiptune music I know so far. Joe and cheapshoot, that are the names of the moderators, present a huge diversity not only in chiptune but also in music in general! You are going to discover chiptuneesqe music from all kind of genres, from chill out to metal, from drum and bass to vaporwave and so on! And this diversity is the best part of the show! Here you get the opportunity to get in touch with a wide range of music genres to expand your musical horizon! And from time to time there is a release on the show that means you will listen to new and exclusive chiptune music! They also talk a little bit, sometimes more, in every episode about japanese culture and language and their time they spent in Japan. And if you listened to some of the older episodes you already know that they made a lot of interviews with chiptune artist from around the globe. Some other topics are e.g. chiptune festivals and other more or less scene related themes. All in all this podcast has a lot of things in it! Thank you for your efforts, spreading the word and all your suggestions!
...those sweet sweet T-shirts with the tears of podcast reviewers who CAN'T HANDLE THA BANT(er)! AIR HORN Loved this podcast from moment one, and the latest Chibi-ts incarnation is even better than I'd ever imagined. Banter away! Banter double!
Two self-important dudes taking up over an hour with their chatter with a few half-decent tracks scattered about.
I've been listening to Gamewave for years. I hope it always keeps coming back!
Great chiptune podcast, especially the part where y'all interviewed me (j/k that part was tolerable at best.... ;). At any rate, keep it up guys! \m| <3 |m/
I really enjoy this podcast. As an aspiring chip tune artist myself this podcast gives me inspiration and introduces me to tons of great artists I haven't heard of yet. Keep up the good work.
Thank you guys for putting out the chip! Keep it going!
Sounds great blasting out of iPhone speakers… the way God intended


Great music! I would like to hear some discussion about the technical aspect of making music. Different gear and approaches different artists use. Awesome show!
>.> ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪
I love this podcast. It covers a wide selection of video game music and has introduced me to a number of artists that I've come to love. The hosts are funny guys, if they had a podcast just talking about old school video games I'd listen to it too.
Ever since i listened to the 1st episode i was so amazed to see that there are other artists out there making video game style music highly recommended
This show, hosted from England, showcases a variety of video-game inspired tunes. Don't take that to mean that all the songs are Atari bleeps and bloops (though there is that); the range goes all the way from chiptunes (said beeps) to alternative and heavy rock with synth riffs. Or it might be completely analog music with lyrics inspired by past adventures in Mushroomland or Green Fields. If you like video game music at all, there's a good chance you find something that speaks to you, moves you, even rocks you here. Very recommended!
This podcast is the bomb. I'm not giving this podcast 5 stars because they said so. Its becase they have been doin such a great job and insiring this new revolution of music. The best thing about it is it international now. This podcast inspired me to get in to the genre. I hope it keeps inspiring others. Chip On Mike and Joe. PS: Ructions means consequences
Good music and two guys that know what they're talking about. Never too dull or in-your-face, Gamewave is just what I need when I'm editing video -> a good mix of 8-bit music and tomfoolery. Keep it rad!
Long after the VGM scene is gone, this podcast will be a lasting symbol of what it was. Our grandchildren will listen to archived episodes and wonder what the hell was going on back then, and I think that's great.
Best, and as far as I am concerned ONLY podcast to hear chiptunes. Awesome music, awesome talking segments, and awesome bands and websites of the week.
I have been introduced to soooo many awesome artists through this podcast. If you, or anyone you know, are into video game-style music, or any electronic music in general, this cast is for you. Actually, sometimes this cast plays video game-inspired rock and metal, too. So basically, if you like music, and hilarious banter between two clever blokes, do yourself a favor...subscribesubscribesubscribe!!!
What a great, hi-quality, entertaining show. These guys put on well selected and broad selection of 8bit music. the hosts are fun to listen to as well. Great for drawing to.
I listen to Gamewave at work and its turned on a few of my co-workers to chip music. The tunes sound great and the styles are varied and interesting. The hosts are quirky and entertaining and add a lot to the show. This show is just about a daily listen for me, only complaint is I wish the updates were more frequent. Keep up the good work!
Joe and Mike consistently play a good variety of video game inspired music. Anyone who enjoys video games owes it to themselves to check out the Gamewave Podcast.
I had always been looking for an easy way of getting a hold of video game style music. Until this Podcast it had been really hard to obtain from any central location. This show not only provides great music to listen to, they point you to websites with music, and most of it is ALL FREE. Mike and Joe are a breath of fresh air from the stereotypical radio talk show hosts you hear today. Subscribing to this Podcast is an absolute must for any enthusiast of this genre of music.
Im afraid to tell you that youre an idiot because, you don't have this podcast yet. Not having this on your preset is the equivalent of not liking rock and roll in the 50's. Get with the times and get this podcast. Job and mike have good banter as well. More David Sugar and Area 81!