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I try to listen TED TALK every day. I have offer to you. Could you add SUBTITLES as a text. Because, my English language is like ESL. I try to catch difficult pronounce of speaker what are they saying... Thanks.
This episode touched me as an impoverished mom. It encouraged me to look outside the barriers put in place to keep me and mine trapped in poverty.
Definitely some really good topics and insights, as well as some objective talks but way too many biased speakers and lectures. Sure, some of those use stats and figures too but they spin or misrepresent them to fit a certain agenda. Overall, would not recommend.
Too much BS trying to convince me of how racist or sexist this country is and how much privilege I have. Time to move on .
They get off topic and seem to provoke racier topics often..not sure unless they have a liberal hidden agenda whereas learning used to be
I sincerely enjoyed the extended talk with Ray Kurzweil. Thank you for trying something new with Ted Talks, and I hope there will be more in the future.
I listened to the “Spanish Flu” pod cast. After 20 minutes of an hour podcast I learned that one of the guys on the show was sick and they were going on tour in the pacific NW. Also, why the pandemic was called the Spanish flu. I pulled up Wikipedia and read it in less than 10 min. I finished the podcast waiting for some piece of new information. Nothing. 1 hour later, I learned nothing more than what I read in Wikipedia. It was just two guys rambling about themselves and the same information over and over. It’s puzzling to me that people listen to this. They should try to keep more on track about the subject.
I would love to hear topics discussed without a political slant.
I used to LOVE TED talks. Even though I didn't agree with some of the speakers they were always very fair and cordial, but now it seems like half of the speakers are radical SJWs that just go off on virtue signaling rants on how they are right and anyone that disagrees is an EVIL racist, sexist bigot. The SJW fascists are taking over on this show now and that makes me sad that it has fallen so far in the ditch. God forbid you are a straight white male listening to this..they pretty much consider you satan incarnate.
Generally listening to these I’m looking for fact based talks or ideas that are world changing. However a lot of times speakers will tout their views predominantly in the political sense that are rooted in fallacy. One speaker arguing for climate change was speaking of confirmation bias saying “87 percent of scientists believe in climate change” but in reality only 6% of scientists are in fact conservative. This demonstrates a confirmation bias that is very important in this debate, but I digress. It boxes one in by their perceptions given the authority of the infallible “TED” talk.


By Ksulls
My teacher shows them every day on YouTube and I love them
Love the show but STOP playing old episodes! I’m tired of the old get it off your chests and old donkey of the days smh
Great stuff as usual


Short and varied. The most appropriate duration for a podcast. I usually listen to 4-5 at a time.


By Zantrix
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It’s ok but I think daily Ted talks is too much. The talks don’t seem to be heavily vetted so some are pretty bad.
I enjoy the wide range of topics presented on this podcast. Some are absolutely terrific while some miss the mark. Today’s podcast had the promise to be great, but failed miserably. To suggest that military leaders do not ensure military operations do not abide by the law of war is irresponsible. To suggest that senior military leaders do not request a whole-of-government approach involving other federal departments, agencies, and NGOs is also irresponsible.
I usually like TED talks but every single one that has came out on this podcast since I subscribed was a little too social justice warrior and virtue signaling for me.
A handful of good talks, but also a lot of dull content. The subjects are so “left-oriented” (liberal) as to come off as having a political agenda, and leave the listener knowing the producers are myopic and one-dimensional.
Your stance on pedophilia is appallingly repulsive, disgusting, completely unacceptable, and frankly a huge leap backwards for society. What are you thinking!?
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Zero confidence and credibility
After seeing conservative reviews whining about not having conservative talks posted, I wish to express my opinion. I prefer you continue to post talks based on expertise/experience and factual information from Science. Snowflakes can go listen to Rush-Hannity-Jones or any other fake conservative to confirm their beliefs instead of educating themselves using facts.
I love TedTalkx and I love this podcast, but on days where 3 episodes are posted I find myself deleting them all. Just wish it was a once daily podcast.
I find Tedx talks very inspirational but I often don’t have time to watch a video. I love that this provides an easy way for me to get in diverse information.
I listen to these podcasts because some of them give me a different way of looking at things. I’m very open when it comes to ideas but the creators of ted obviously aren’t. It’s a disgrace to only post Ted talks that are ultra left and never and moderate or conservative views. If there’s not a mix I’m going to get very annoyed like many, many people and stop listening to the talks for good. There are plenty of other podcasts out there that provide a balance and actually show you both sides rather than trying to brainwash people into your communist and socialist ideologies that have proven time and time again to fail
Everything from relationships and psychology to STEM topics! Great listen!
Ted use to be interesting and have good educational material . Now the liberal bias is so obvious you can see it in the material from a mile away. I got news for npr and it’s affiliates not every other news story needs to bring in the race issue. Seriously listen to any 6 episodes and you will hear the race card dropped over a dozen times. Its not news it’s not relevant it’s not interesting let’s grow up and put in the extra work to have meaningful material and content instead of puking up overworked and uninteresting racial relation stories. The world is bigger than just race there are real world lessons to be learned instead of this garbage.
I’m 11 and I like TED talks unlike most people I learn and they interest me I have always wanted to do a ted talk cause maybe swing a child’s side of things would be cool but you guys don’t need that right now but this is a great podcast and you should listen to it I’m not joking it’s great
I love Ted Talks, but it has sunk deeper and deeper into liberal propaganda. This podcast is for the left; occasionally the center; and only the thick-skinned right.
Very enjoyable show with such a variety of topics.
You can’t go wrong with these. They are short, to the point, and bring all the best the world has to offer right to your ears and eyes. If you ever think maybe the world doesn’t have hope listen to a few of these, there are still incredible people out there doing awe-inspiring things.
Love your podcast! Have learned so much! Often listen with earphones but am always rudely annoyed at the end with your shrill announcement "PRX". Can you tone this down or eliminate it? Was not always on there and wish it wasn't there now!
Can anyone look into it?
I’ve got an idea. I’m a flashy speaker. I pause at the right time, have an anecdote about Zimbabwe. Did zero research to see if it works. Will you buy my idea? - Every single TED talk
Some episodes are misses but most are hits.
I enjoy all TED podcasts but listening to the Jon Bowers podcast marks the first time I had to stop listening after 10 minutes. I agree we should “strive” for “perfection” but his approach seems a bit tyrant-esque to me. For some, that management style is anything but motivating! It reminds me of some sort of old school military tactic. Many of us thrive and bloom way better with different styles of leadership.
Thanks for all you do!
I've been listiening to these talks for years and they are fantastic. I haven't agreed with every speaker or idea, but its fascinating to hear what people are up to.
I started listening to Ted Talks for assignments in college but I really do like them. Then I stumbled on this podcast and it’s amazing. Now some topics I don’t like but it’s a preference thing but I highly recommend. If you don’t like a certain topic, there are always plenty more to choose from. I also love that in a few minutes I am caught but on current events.
Great talks, but curator does not understand that visual presentations are not available in audio podcasts.
Very well thought out and explained. Very good interviews
I tried to listen to a podcast... but like any TED dies I wish I had not allowed those ideas into my head as there seems to be no counter points ever discussed or allowed to be discussed by TED.


Just the TED talks, without a lot of filler.


Mind expanding. College on the phone
I followed this podcast when it wasn't Ted Daily, and I like the switch over to daily (though they have repeated some old ones)