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I listen to this podcast on occasion. The hosts are fairly smart and well-informed, but have very, very high-opinions of themselves. They do a very good job going in depth into comics matters, bringing a wealth of background knowledge to bear, but on the other hand they seem obsessed with the negative side of everything. I dislike most of the things about comics and fandom that they complain about, but at the same time, they'll sometimes spend upwards of 95% of a podcast ragging on things so much, like they're pathologically fixated on people whose tastes differ from their own. And even though they are pretty well-informed, that only makes it all the worse when they happen to be wrong about a certain factual detail but will build elaborate arguments around it. As you can tell, I'm very much of two minds about the podcast. They're basically pompous jerks... but they are nonetheless more interesting than 90% of the competition. They also needlessly bring in their own petulant political beliefs for absolutely no reason. Again, I agree with them most of the time, but there's only so long I want to listen to people who give me the impression that they think anyone who doesn't agree with them on everything deserves to be controlled by a totalitarian government.
I listened to Tim's interview with Dan Jurgens, questions were great, a real nice insight into the comics craft and marketplace. Tim gives attention/respect to the independents as well.
I was pleasantly surprised at how balanced and refreshing it was hearing these guys review the books. They've put together a great little show.
I always look forward to what Tim manages to get for his shows, and the recent one about comics in Guam was very interesting. I love listening to these guys on my commute and have found several comics to read through them. Thanks guys, keep it up!
mmmm uh-huh.other than using that fraze too much its the best podcast on comics ive hear yet!!!!!
This is a great podcast that I discovered rather late. This podcast offers true, critical reviews of comics with surprisingly intelligent insight (surprising because I wasn't expecting such depth from a podcast, not because of a judgment made on the podcast authors) into a medium still marginalized despite its rising cultural popularity. I never fully agree with their reviews, but I don't have to because Deconstructing Comics offers a multitude of opinions on whatever comic is reviewed - a quality I value very much. Though a bit of snobbery infects the reviewers at times - how could it not? Aren't we all snobs on some level? - I feel the authors of this podcast approach a given comic in an open-minded manner and review it, mostly, on its own merits. Deconstructing Comics is a great podcast, and I'd say it is invaluable for comic readers and creators that want more complex reviews and conversation about comics.
This show has great discussions and guests. It is a great resource for emerging artists. Definitely a must-listen.