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Reviews For James M. Tour's Audio Files

Thank you for these audio files. Dr. Tour continues to inspire me and bring me closer to Jesus Christ. I have learned so much and appreciate the time and effort he has taken to bring them to us. Hoping that someday I can possibly bring others to the word of God too.
When you are hungry for the "word" these podcasts will satisfy your appetite ! He does not get paid as a pastor, and isn't an ordained minister, but you can trust him in his research and weekly message. Humble man. Google him: he is a Rice Univ. rock star and former Jew. I've been listening to Mr Tour's audio files for 2 months and learn something new every time. You will fall in love with Jesus.
I've been listening to this podcast for about a week now. Dr Tour is a very good speaker and interesting to listen too. This Is especially relevant to me because I am a second year college student studying the sciences. I heard about tour through Ravi Zacharias podcast and found this by just searching google. Great job dr tour God has blessed you.
Thank you so much for this podcast. This has helped me so much in my daily walk with our lord. Please keep posting. In Christ
I use these podcasts to minister to me along with our church's Women's Bible Study Group. Rev. Tour goes into so much detail about each Book/scripture he is teaching and puts it in everyday language that make it very easy for us to not only understand but also absorb so that true learning is simplified. I read the scripture that the podcast is on and that we will be studying in my next Bible study session, then listen to Rev. Tour's podcast and then when I go to my bible study it is obvious that I am so much more equipped with knowledge and understanding then my fellow students who only read the scripture and depends on their own understanding of what they have read. These podcasts are a WONDERFUL tool whether for personal development and Bible study or to prepare for an in-depth study as I use them. I would recommend this series to ANYONE who simply wants to understand the teaching of the Bible and how it applies to OUR LIVES TODAY!
What I like best about Dr. Tour is how he APPLIES Biblical teachings to his life. So many times he gives examples of how he tries to apply Biblical teachings to his personal life and it has made me reexamine how I do things. I can't say enough good things about these podcasts, they have dramatically increased my Bible studies and encouraged me to live a more Christ-like life. It is very encouraging to see that a man with a such a scientific background can still find faith in God. It just goes to show that you don't have to check your brain at the door to be a Christian.