K92 Mornin' Thang

Reviews For K92 Mornin' Thang

I listen to this podcast almost everyday! It’s my go to when I just need to have a laugh!
I love this! It’s so nice to listen to doing anything !
I love the Mornin Thang! I crack up every time I hear the sound bite of Fred talking about how he doesn’t like yogurt but likes pudding and when Monica talks about her man, the Wizard, and his scrolls.
I cannot usually listen live because of my schedule. I have not missed a single podcast! I love the Mornin’ Thang...it makes my day so much better! Keep them coming—especially the bonus bits that you do.
I look forward to listening to you guys everyday, keep up the good work! Maybe you could do a segment where the “film snob” recommends a netflix movie/show once a week on the podcast thang!
This show is awesome! I listen every day and download the full shows when I travel the 6 hours to see my boyfriend. Thanks for making the commute 20X better!!!!
I used to hate all things talk radio. Now I know that the Mornin' Thang is not your typical talk show but whatever you want to call this group they are awesome. I find myself getting mad and annoyed when a song comes on because I just want to listen to them. If Danny, Zack, and Monica ever read this... You all are THE BEST!
Love my Mornin' Thang … best morning show ANYWHERE!!!!
You guys have amazing chemistry. I love listening to you guys. It's like sitting in your living room. The term "friend" is thrown around a lot for a reason. You feel like you're a part of normal, but still intriguing, people's conversations and lives. It's funny and interesting, and it's also extremely relatable. There is a reason that I still listen, even though I now live in Chicago. I've never written a podcast review before, but you guys totally deserve this one. Thanks for making my commutes tolerable!
Love listening to the Mornin' Thang everyday. Love listening to the podcast without the commercials/occasional static even more.
I've listened to Danny, Zack & Monica FOREVER!!! The Mornin Thang used to entertain me on my way to work each morning. Now that I am unable to work (due to vision problems), I set my alarm to get up to listen, listen on the web when I can't be at my radio, and use this podcast to re-listen and laugh. Love it!!!!!!
What happened to the podcast?
Danny,Zack, and Monica you all are the best! I don't get to listen to you all in the morning anymore so I started downloading you all on the podcast! I am so glad you all are making podcasts! It puts me in a great mood and spirit for the rest of the day or evening! Love ya and keep doing what yall are doing! Casey (21/South Boston VA)
Danny,Zack and Monica have/do the best morning show on the radio. It is great to go back and listen to their show. I love it.