SD Rocker No. 2501

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Thank you so much for putting up darling Nikki. I haven't been able to find that song anywhere. C
So glad I found this tool !!!!!
I'm only here because I was searching Deftones songs. Why is everyone enjoying this? All the episodes sound exactly the same. Just 23 seconds of some British guy talking. He says the exact same thing in every episode. Am I missing something? Help me out here people!


By Serpen1
Im pleasantly surprised this somehow hasn't been taken down.
I'm glad I stumbled onto this! Omg please add more. Seems we like all the same stuff. 46 and 2 my Brotha!
i love it especially the tool songs you put on there
This is the most awesome podcast ever!!! I like most of the stuff you have on here so I'm sure I will like the stuff I haven't heard of