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Diane is one of the very best of podcasts, remarkable woman and interviewer, it appears to me the quality of her guests is insured by their respect for her....
Same Diane you know and love talking about what's important in our world. I'm really glad she's still doing it.
Many of the public radio talkshow hosts (Diane and Joshua Johnson to start the list) used to do a decent job of at least trying to hide their liberal views....until Trump showed up. What they don’t realize is that there are (were?) many conservative listeners who didn’t (and don’t) prefer Trump, but had no other choice. Hillary was not a choice. I simply don’t believe in most liberal viewpoints, but that didn’t take away from my desire to listen to a well-balanced show with reasoning behind both sides of the argument. I can only imagine they have lost thousands of conservative listeners as a result of abandoning the ethics behind real journalism. Ironic part is that you’re playing right into Trumps hands! I’ve listen to Diane for years, and I’m done. This comment will be my last visit to this podcast site.
What Diane was great at was neutrally, (most of the time), moderating a discussion between individuals that represent the 2 or more sides of an issue. Perhaps she increasing saw her point of view as the only correct way to see the world. Perhaps she couldn’t bare her personal torment of not speaking her opinion into the issues any longer. Thus she has abandoned that model for this new podcast, in what feels like Diane talking down to anyone who doesn’t agree with her elitist ideology. What a shame! Her listeners care much less about her opinion, than they do about hearing 2 sides of an issue, and making up their own minds. This new format is a far cry from the the great work she did on The Diane Rehm Show.
I listen to your weekly podcast to keep up with the political far left. Your Friday guest was slandarous in his comments about President Trump and the First Lady. It was all his opinion, with no actual facts, and you let him go on and on loving every word. I know you are extremely liberal but Trump won and is our President which just shows how bad the other candidate was. Please try for a tiny bit of support for him on your show and ask your guests to support their opinions with facts or call them out.
A jewel! Happy to have found her new podcast.
Nothing new to add here. Ms Rehm remains a national treasure. Her show is always worth hearing. Always.
I was heartbroken when Diane retired from my daily NPR lineup. I was THRILLED to find this podcast! I even called my husband at work to let him know, since we have both missed Diane’s wonderful conversation desperately. A million thumbs up!
I am so glad Diane Rehm is still doing great work with podcast...was afraid she would no longer be availble after leaving her daily npr program..What a great telent..thank you npr for providing this weekly podcast.
I listen to "On My Mind" every week without fail. It has very good in-depth interviews. Even where the same person has been interviewed in several other programs, as was the case with Ta-Nehisi Coates this week, Diane brings out something new.
What else can I say? Diane truly is a national treasure. If I could give ten stars I would. Thank you.
I miss her daily show but a great weekly podcast with a fascinating conversation with a distinguished guest. Diane is a fantastic journalist. We need more like her!
She's still got it! I love to listen to Diane Rehm. Her questions are so thoughtful and she listens so well.
Glad Diane decided to do On My Mind, the podcast, after she "retired."


I lover her and her new show. Takes a great nuanced view at topics.
Diane Rehm continues as an enormous asset to all who listen. Thank you.
Diane, Im grateful you still have a desire to share your talents and connections to bring me the scoop like only you can. Thanks. I wish you happy life and a wealth of health!
A wonderful source of news and thoughtful stories to enlighten you and enrich your life.


Diane's new podcast is great, and though only once a week, she again selects great folks to interview. I enjoyed the extra insertion of David Cole, when the immigration ban took effect. His explanation really had me understanding the ins and outs of the legalities of the item. I look foward to today's and I think I recall that it's posted at noon. Diane, you are as great as ever.
A valuable voice has returned via podcast. Love the civil and balanced coverage of policy, culture, and events.
I will see how this substitute works....
I really miss the daily show - glad she is still continuing with an occasional podcast!
This has been the best news program on the radio! I'll miss listening to Diane every day, but look forward to her upcoming weekly podcast. I hope she keeps up the good fight against ignorance. I hope WAMU will consider making her back catalog available on iTunes. I'd be willing to pay a few bucks to download the episodes I've missed because only the most recent week has ever been available. My original review of The Diane Rehm Show: I listen every day. Diane has more class than all the pundits put together. She always tries to have someone from right, left and center when discussing controversial issues, and she doesn't allow personal attacks, rude language or unsubstantiated claptrap pretending to be facts. I also love her book review programs. I only wish I could get podcasts from more than a week back.
Your service to our country is to be commended as a responsible member of the press and I am very grateful. Your call for civil discourse at this moment in time is so important. You will be missed and I look forward to your weekly podcast. Thank you.
The Diane Rehm Show is keeping me politically sane. Thank you
I have listened to this show almost every day for many years and I enjoy the guests although the perspective is uniquely Washington-centric. I find that over the years it has also tended to succumb to the "cult of personality" shifting the focus to Diane ( you can see this especially in the blurbs for the show) rather than the topics or the guests (who are often awesome.) There are other podcasts, such as those on KQED, WBUR, and KCRW, that attract equally interesting panels.
Have been listening for years. Going to miss Diane!!
Love this show on the radio, and love hearing it on podcast. Especially the Friday news roundup. But, the domestic hour doesn't always update on my podcast app, and there's no way to make it update, even when I can verify online that the domestic hour is ready to listen to. This is on an iPhone. I've tried the built-in Podcast app, also the Overcast app, also NPR One, also RSSRadio download. All have shown the same behavior. For example, today is Nov 19, and the Nov 18 domestic hour is not showing up in any of these apps on the iPhone.
I am a daily listener of Dian Rhem. I appreciate the candid and somewhat unbiased coverage of important issues. Thank you for all the hard work that must be taking place behind the scenes.
The Diane Rehm Show is like a Thanksgiving dinner where your relatives disagree about politics, only they manage to be as knowledgeable as they are polite. Gonna miss that french horn, and all that came with it.
She has the best panelists to dissect and illuminate the thorny issues of our times.
I look forward to new host/hosts who aren't such unabashed cheerleaders for Obama/Democrats. And FFS, change the promos. If I hear her talking about playing the piano once more, I'll scream! And with regards to the Breyer bit, the issue with ideology is that you don't know you're basing your decisions on it.
Provocative discussions with brilliant guests over pertinent issues. Diane is uniquely talented by asking intriguing, thought-provoking questions. I love this program!
Have been listening for years. I download podcasts and listen to the ones I'm interested in on trips.
Superior podcast for measured, in-depth, civil conversations about a variety of relevant topics. The Friday news round ups are required listening for me. Hoping the show remains exceptional after Diane retires.
This is my main source of news. I've listened every day for two years and I love it.
Intelligent, thoughtful.
I've been listening to the show for many years now. I've tried to engage in other news/talk shows -podcasts but they all pale in comparison. Diane's commentators are so well informed and smart. Diane's questions are just what I'd want to ask if I were hosting the show. The format is appealing and I catch every show!
I love the Friday news roundups. I think the news topics are cutting edge and amazing.
Edit: lowered rating. The show has basically become one long continuous tax payer funded Hillary ad at this point. The show struggles to be intelligent and balanced, but just can't due to liberal hosts and fear of upsetting the mostly liberal audience.
I have been a Diane Rehm fan and listener for many years. Now I listen to the show on my iPad as a podcast from Singapore. I admire how Dianes has kept up with such a demanding schedule over the years. It is like teaching two one hour university classes on different subjects each week. Sadly, it is clear the Diane Rehm era will soon end. Susan Page would be the best replaceent, though I know that is improbable. As a daily listener, one change I would make is the repetitive announcements during the numerous "breaks" inviting us to rate the show on iTunes (which I am doing). Over and over the same few acolates prasing the show I am still a faithful listener, but they drive me crazy!!!
I used to be a fan of the show, but recently have found it just mundane. No point to listening to any particular topic episode if already rudimentarily informed on the topic, as the show rarely progresses beyond a basic overview level of detail. If not for regular Norm Ornstein appearances, I would have unsubscribed a while ago.
I've been a listener for over a decade. How Diane has any reviews less than five stars is beyond. Put me down for six!
I am from the US, and live in Western Australia. I NEVER miss a podcast and keep up with what is happening in the US/world. I love this show. I love the topics. I love the book reviews. I love Diane Rehm.
Love the podcast. Catch up and get a thoughtful evaluation of domestic and international issues. Well done. Listen to the podcast every day. Great to hear the perspective of Americans, Mr. & Mrs. Khan & Mr. Jabar.
From the tired 60's theme song to the painfully slow, wheezing, geriatric host...this show makes me old just listening to it! Good subject matter...but Christ! Can't they find a LIVE host?
This is a one-stop-shop for daily discussions on diverse topics that matter. It features knowledgable guests, great audience questions, and deep conversation that always leaves me more informed. If you're looking for a single daily show to stay abreast of what's going on in the world, this is it.
I listen to the Diane Rehm show on radio in Boise, Idaho, but when I have to miss the show live I always download the podcasts. Some of my recent favorites have been her interviews with Jimmy Carter, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Sally Jewell and 100 years of the national parks...the list goes on. Her voice issues have caused her to speak a little more slowly, which seems to add to the civility and respectful tone of the program. It is a joy and highlight of my day to hear her program. Will miss her when she retires!!