Adventures in Fly Tying with Fly Fish Ohio

Reviews For Adventures in Fly Tying with Fly Fish Ohio

Nice work Joe and Jim. I hope you continue to produce these!
Between the video and instruction, these podcasts are a wonderful learning tool. Learn to tie the fly, its history and how to fish it. Tough to beat anywhere on the web. The other Fly Fish Ohio podcast, advetures in flyfishing is also worth checking out.
These are great, but please don't let them die. I wish they were more regular.
What a great podcast! Concise, easy to follow instructions for tying useful flies. Please keep making this--with each episode, Fly Fish Ohio helps me add a good fly to my tying repertoire and gives me something new to try!


By bosox99
These have got to be the best fly tying videos out there. The videos are great and the instruction easy to understand. I have become a much better tier since watching these podcasts.
I ran onto this podcast this winter during our big storm loved it !! I have since downloaded all of the episodes great teaching style.
Excellent Podcast! I am new to this Podcast thing so the novelty has not worn off yet, but never the less this is a great one. I am an avid fly fisherman but have never tied my own flies. After listening to the Fly Fish Ohio Podcasts I am going to try to tie a few. These Podcast are very informative and entertaining. They give a neophyte tier like me the confidence to try it for myself. Excellent job Joe! Thank you.