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sometimes fascinating, sometimes disturbing, but all with a fresh perspective and a British accent!
So disappointed … was hoping this would be different than the mostly biased news coverage we have in the States. I am neither a registered Democrat nor a registered Republican but a part of the shrinking independent class of voter. If you listen to this show regularly, you will either be listening to only that which you want to hear (liberal point of view) or you’ll listen and know your silently being vilified because you have absolutely no representation on the show at all (conservative point of view). How original it would be if a podcast produced by a foreign news agency actually tried to find a middle ground and have a real debate for those of us in the US who simply want to make up our mind??? Please PLEASE try and be more unbiased … you might actually get more listeners that way.
Enjoying so far! Thanks for the open and forthright interviews.
Rewarding to have Jonathan Freedland’s transatlantic perspective brought to bear on the role and challenges of America. With a diverse and informed succession of guests. A must-listen addition to the podosphere.
Imagine being a British person and wanting to opine (with a good deal of misinformation and bias to boot!) on US politics. The utter bad taste of even making this. You should be ashamed.