Microbiology Lectures Audio, Spring2012

Reviews For Microbiology Lectures Audio, Spring2012

These lectures are clear and very informative. Micro is finally making some sense! Thank you for posting!
I love the option to listen to our lectures again. Dr. A presents micro in a way that can be understood w/out speaking so technical you can't follow along. Wish more of my profs were like her.
Wish it came with the slides that she's discussing so I could follow along. Great info, in depth and easy to listen to. Will there be more lectures added?
One of the most helpful micro lectures and I enjoy the side anecdotes. Having the slides to go along with the lecture will be even better.
These lectures are awesome! I can actually understand what we are talking about. Thank you so much!! I hope that there are more to come!


By Hoathi
I love her lectures. It helps me understand not only for my microbiology class but also help in all my nursing classes. Thank you for making these lectures available ! And it is FREE!
This recording has helped me immensely with my microbiology class exams. The teacher speaks in a way that is easy to understand. Slow and thoughtful. I can tell she really wants us to get the big picture through the details.
Good lecture! I hope that there are more to come!