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This cast is a life saver I was not able to download the music to mii Ipod so I used this cast thanx so much


By Torey87
I love this podcast! Please upload more!


I LOVE Tohoshinki! they had none of their songs on itunes but i finally found one of their songs!!! MiCKY! Yoochun!I like this song but none of the other stuff
Oki, I downloaded it but it's only 23 seconds long and it's just that guy talking. >o< heellp?
OMG this is great I would like to hear more music of SS501 please..thanks


I love this podcast! It's pretty diverse in music choice, although I noticed there is more K-pop than there is J-pop or C-pop. But besides that, it's perfect. And I can't wait for episode 16!! It's been FIVE MONTHS now. Hurry up and upload it!!!


can you get Crazily Pretty by DNT


when is episode 16 coming out u put out a teaser like 2 months ago please put out ep 16 iv been waiting forever for it
i cant hear it! it says the bandwidth has been reached for this month :( i wannnnaaaa hearrrr ittt soo bad haha.
I subscribed the podcast and when I click on each and every episode it just kept on saying "This podcast blah blah blah..." Just all talking. I don't hear any songs that are listed. I don't hear any at all. No music plays. Why ??
Please add more episodes!!!


hey just to let you know, that song called "haptic", it's actually based off song himnae....well later also this guy talks way to much about nothing.....can't stand his voice, but good music
OMG i know. I am really glad for podcast like these. While iTunes have some asian music, some of them are old or i have already or ones i dont even listen to. Thank you for the wonderful podcast. It is a great way to listen to your asian music. =]


By devi210
anybody know where we can get the earlier episodes?
Thank you so much for starting the podcast up again! All the kpop and jpop podcasts have stopped putting out any new episodes so you totally made my day! no week! Thank you so much!
Love all the music you put on the podcast, especially DongBangShinKi/Tohoshinki, their music is the absolute best in KPop and JPop.
omg! thank u! i can now say that i hav dbsk's choosey lover on my ipod! beat that nikki! thx o so very much!! yays! gud 4 u 4 putting so many dbsk and suju songs!
i snuck out got caught then got caught on the phone. now i have to go to therapy i'm also not allowed to see your father (trenton) anymore it's quite a long story i'll explain more later --christukie<3
I love this podcast, it help me find some of my favorite music, but i wish i could find the first five episodes again. Could someone tell me what sonds & artists were in the first five, or maybe put them back up on Itunes?
This is my favorite podcast ever!!! if you like jpop, kpop, or even cpop you will absolutely love this podcast!!! hardly any interruptions and best of all FREE!!!! so get it now! you wont regret it!!!


I LUV this podcast. Thank you so musch to whoever did this podcast. I luv it so much cause there are a lot of korean songs by many popular artists. I heard DBSK!!! SO COOL!! Chae Yeon is in it too!! Pleaase keep up the good work. I will always love this podcast. ^.^
korean is pretty sweet n all, but no viet? thtz not cool


By :3
I really love this podcast xD I must say, who ever you are that created this podcast are AWESOME! Keep up with the GOOD work =^o^=
omg, i luv this podcast!!! i luv jpop and stuff like that, but it's so hard 2 find my fav artists newhere, so thank u so much 4 putting this one itunes! =] keep it up!
OMG!! i hear dong bang shin ki!!! my favorite asian group!!! yay!!!! i love this asian radio podcast
so nice to have asian pop available on itunes for free!!!!! just need some more cpop like jay chou, jolin tsai, twins, cecilia cheung, etc.
hey. i really like this radio podcast too. i couldn't find boa and i actually started to like other korean artists after listening to this. but i had a question. how often does this update? cuz i'm waiting for the next podcast to come out and would like to know when. could anyone help me?
I love this! Right now I'm really into Korean artists like Se7en, Boa, etc. and its hard to find any of their music here. This podcast allows you to listen to great songs and keeps you up-to-date with asian pop!
i loveeee se7en! im glad i can get some of his songs on my ipod/itunes =]
oh dang ! azn pop radio podcast roxx !! i love this ! i couldn`t find krn musix on itunes , so i got pissed & stuff . but asian pop radio podcast has lots of songs that i like . like dbsk & boa & se7en <33 thx a lot !! xDD
ohh my gloodness! i'm South Korean & I Love Boa! & when i Tried To Find Her On iTunes She Didn't Come Up! i Love your podcast! keep It Up! Love,Katz


By kurenai
I was so upset after I discovered the itunes has a limited delivery on the jpop/kpop music. But now, thanks to podcast, I'm able to hear and enjoy all my favorite artists. Thank you!
i love korean entertainment and i hope that you will have more k-pop episodes here! thank you so much and please keep us aware of new songs!