Shoreline Christian Center Sermons

Reviews For Shoreline Christian Center Sermons

Amazing and powerful words. Never cease to amaze me.
In all of my years of living I have never been more in love with a church than I am with Shoreline. Our pastors are a fleet of angels sent to deliver Gods word, an show the true meaning of being a Christian. Love u pastor Rob & Laura.
Your messages are an absolutely incredible gift from GOD! Thank you and GOD Bless all who take part in making them happen. Rob Koke has an amazing way of delivering the word of the Father. Thank you!
I've moved to WA since last year and missed Shoreline very much... I am still listening to Ps. Rob via podcast and his sermons always touch my heart!
Miss Pastor Rob and Shoreline so much I am so glad to get to here his sermon in pod cast. My heart will always be at Shoreline. I now live in Corpus Christi and have not found a church that I can call home like Shoreline.
Pastor Robs messages are amazing! I love that I can listen to them even though I don't live in Austin anymore! Keep them coming :)