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Extremely well produced. Great to be “back” with Susan. It made me so sad that two kids’ lives can be destroyed through such an incredible series of absurdities.
You guys do a great job investigating and telling the story! Really like this and have been recommending it to my friends.
Great work all!!!
I loved the in depth analysis, yet easy to follow explanations. The cast of real life characters is extremely compelling and, for the most part, endearing. The pace could be a bit slow at times, but I actually appreciated this, as I didn’t miss important details. Both hosts were great, but I was especially drawn to Jacinda. I loved her warm voice and kind demeanor.
I previously listened to Undisclosed and so I had to try this when I heard the trailer. It was so good. I couldn’t stop listening. I am always in awe of what they find on the cases. I look forward to more seasons.
Interesting story but drawn out and I am sorry to say it is really difficult to listen to Jacinda’s strained voice.
Loving this one so far! Very interesting case and appreciate Susan’s style. Only 1 teeny tiny complaint - the audio is low for the podcast compared to the adds. When the adds come on they scare the living daylights out of me because I have to turn the podcast up loud to hear it in all its greatness.
Susan and Jacinda were able to pickup right where undisclosed left off….after one episode I was hooked…bravo
The story is good, but unfortunately they have turned this into a marathon. there is a lot of repetition of the story and facts. The audio is really poor as it varies significantly with some interviews being really loud and others vary quiet.


By pjbrock
Love the podcast, love Susan but the other lady has a voice that is hard to follow I’m sorry not trying to be disrespectful. Love the podcast!!!’I came back to this when heard Susan on undisclosed about update on Adnan and down loaded this again & forgot the lady speaking and read my other commitments and yes I have to delete love you Susan next can only speak in the narrative… love Susan
I wanted to love this podcast. The story is deeply sad and I knew there would be lots to uncover. HOWEVER, it moves at a snail's pace - so. very. slow. I cannot believe there are so many episodes. Sadly, I gave up midway through episode 4. It just wasn't holding my attention the way a good podcast should, because I kept hearing the same things - over. and. over. and. over. My sincerest condolences to the family for their loss.


By momkbm
Susan has once again proven that all is not as it seems in my hometown!! Great job to ALL involved in this podcast. Thankful that truth was discovered and healing has begun for the families involved!!!
I was so sad when Undisclosed ended. I loved Susan on there. I always felt like I knew all about Georgia. I wasn’t sure where she went so today I googled and found it. Both hosts are great and I can’t wait to hear the rest of this story.
I just came across this podcast. I love everything about it. Great story about a very sad case. They do a great job with all the things that usually annoy me, like sound. No overly dramatic music or voices. Not a lot of repetition. The story actually moves forward and they find out interesting facts and details that pertain to the case. Plus I love Susan from Undisclosed.
Excited with the credentials behind this podcast and yet two things bug me. One, the audio levels vary so much - it’s so quiet at points so you crank the volume and midway through the clip, you have to turn it down and the ads are blasting your ear drums. Level the audio. Two, the pace - this doesn’t move fast. At all. They draw things out so very much…
i don’t know what else to say- this podcast broke my heart for everyone invoked (other than the cops, of course). our criminal justice system is beyond broken
Love this new team Susan is working with! Super detailed, thorough, and engaging like Undisclosed! Her work to help wrongfully convicted people is so inspiring and important. An excellent listen and I can’t wait for more!
Never a doubt this would be an extraordinary podcast series. I am already familiar with Susan from her work with Undisclosed and I find Jacinda simply lovely. Both ladies are smart, articulate and obviously talented. Does the story telling crawl? Yes, but when you have a situation as twisty and turny as this one, you have to slowly, methodically and sometimes painstakingly pull your listeners through it so they don’t get lost in the muck. As far as Jacinda’s voice, as a person who SUFFERS from sinus infections, drainage and allergies all year long, if I had to interview, discuss and record as much as she does, my voice would sound much the same I’m sure. If it’s vocal fry then it is what it is, oh well; still worth getting two innocent men set free. Great job ladies and here’s looking to future collaborations from you two! 👍🏻
Your Podcast Is a prime example about how corrupt a city/county police and prosecutors can be. Also how they are able to keep a strangle hold on others in order to secure “there truth” to get a conviction. It would be nice if you were about to get an attorney general involved to uncover the wide spread corruption that seems to have going for decades in Georgia. Can’t wait for the next case.
Susan will never stop to amaze me. She is so dedicated to finding the truth about a story and the team created to investigate this case is just perfect. Every episode there was something amazing revealed. But the most amazing thing is the result of their hard work, the connection the families have now and getting the innocence project involved again can really change lives. Thank you for your extraordinary work!!! Can’t wait to hear the next season!! Susan, thank you for speaking slower, you are doing it perfect!!!
This case is wild and I couldn't wait for each new episode, amazing investigating and searching for the truth. Thanks for your hard work and I hope everything works out with Lee and Cain.
…has a great voice for being a TV producer (not so much for a podcast).
You both are remarkable. This is not a case that most people would take on for actual innocence. The interview with Brian’s family left me in tears. In todays world where people believe things and are unwilling to listen to or even consider facts, to hear the family publicly change their opinion and belief after 25 years was truly unbelievable to me. God bless all of them. I wish they could run that interview on the nightly news. Susan, you still talk too fast (huge fan of yours from undisclosed). I usually have to listen to the podcast episodes twice (haha). That said, If I or anyone I knew was wrongfully accused or convicted I would want you on our side six days a week and twice on Sundays. I pray that Josh and Lee are exonerated. Keep up the outstanding work y’all do. It’s truly remarkable.
This series is absolutely perfect! You can see the amount of research to get to the truth to give hope to those wrongfully convicted! Can’t wait for a new season❤️
I honestly hope BOTH can get set free!! Not just one! It just doesn’t seem fair! all this for Lee??? What about Cain!? What about him!? Does he not matter too!? He too was convicted just as LEE.
I’m impressed by how compelling this podcast is without the sensationalized nonsense of so many others. Susan and Jacinda narrate a case in a way that is easy to follow and totally addicting. I hope they have another season in the works.


When I heard Susan was embarking on a new podcast endeavor, I HAD to give it listen. If you’re a fan of Undisclosed, Proof will not disappoint. The first season is a heartbreaking tale that will leave you shaking your head.
Susan, thanks for making the world a better place. I just started watching “the newsroom”. When I got too season 2 episode 2 it really made me understand. Fight the morale fight. Good for you!


By Jet K.
I was obsessed with Undisclosed and was heartbroken when the hosts announced it was coming to a close. The format of Proof is very similar to Undisclosed, which is great for fans! However, Susan, Jucinda and Kevin have more chemistry, in my opinion, than Susan had with Colin and Rabia, which is not a criticism, they just feel less formal with each other!! Mostly unrelated to the review of Proof, Evil Lives Here, is my favorite show on the ID channel, so when I learned that Jucinda and Kevin had teamed up with Susan, I knew it would a fantastic. (Sidebar: the theme song and opening for Evil Lives Here is perfect, but the most terrifying of all true crime shows. The first few times I watched, I had to mute the music 😂)
Truly the most intriguing true crime podcast I’ve heard this year. Wonderful reporting and investigation told in real time. My heart goes out to Charlie, the shooting victims, and both of the guys in prison. The reporting is so well done that I’ve felt I’ve walked through the investigation with the hosts. Continuing to follow while praying for exoneration of those falsely accused and serving time. Keep up the great work.
Wow, I’ve been riveted from the get-go. Susan is such a phenomenal investigator and breaks things down for lay people in a way that is so refreshing. As a former assistant attorney general who handled post-conviction relief cases for the State, I love how frank and honest (and right!) she is about recanted testimony. As frustrating as it is, particularly in this specific case, she brings the logical explanation that will hopefully help lay folks understand how messed up it is. Thanks Susan, you’re a gem. Please never leave podcasting.
The story line is fascinating and the overall content is presented well, but I find myself rewinding and rewinding because the hosts run their words together in such a strange way. It’s like they chop off part of the word as they speak, or they talk so fast they just combine syllables together. It makes me a little crazy. But great story and investigating. Just slow down and articulate.
I love this podcast. I love the set up of it. Their voices don’t bother me, instead makes it feel more real to me. I am picky about the layout of the podcasts I listen to and this was IT for me!! Such a good job with your work ladies!! Very unfortunate though , for Lee, Cain and Brian I can’t believe this case was ever even handled the way it was from the beginning.. sooo sad that things like this happen all the time to people. SMH.
Ok yes, the hosts could both use a little voice coaching. And there’s other podcasts that I’ve had to stop because of that, but those were just trying to be the next big true crime podcast. These ladies are fighting for Justice so to me, the content in this one outweighs that. The work they’re doing outweighs that. Yes, if I had the chance I’d give jacinda a cough drop and poke Susan every once in a while, I would. But if it meant changing anything they’re doing, nope. So thank you ladies, I love your voices and appreciate you so much! Addendum: I didn’t mean this as criticism, just trying to point out to other listeners that this is not just a “telling a story” podcast where of course we want a good narrator, but this is real life, these are real people. Get over that if you care about justice.
I give up on episode 5 I can’t take Jasindas voice I’m a big fan of Susan Simpson and her work in court, the View From LL2 and this one too. For episode 1 we get Jasinda who sounds like me when I wake up after a drunken night. She sounds sick and it is making it hard to listen to. I’m moving ahead because of the story I really hope they look at the reviews and I am not alone finding her unappealing
Well researched, they give you the details that you can find no where else. Excellent 5 stars! This show is award worthy no question!
Is someone legally assisting these guys and is there anything listeners can do to help?! This is a miscarriage of justice like I’ve never seen.
I truly enjoy the way the facts and details are laid out. I appreciate the attention to detail given to each episode to find justice for Cain and Lee. The family interviews lend to the background. Thank you!
Love the show, but who defended these two, so many opportunities to undermine prosecution’s case, get evidence not admitted, create reasonable doubt etc etc
My family moved here in 1979 and I spent my entire life here and had a great childhood and upbringing and actually worked in Lindale/Silver Creek area somewhere growing up part time while in my teens though not a Lindale resident as we lived elsewhere in town nothing is a far drive on Rome LOL! I honestly can’t believe how much it’s grown up as it used to be a really small quaint town that now has exploded with every fast food chain possible but I’m glad the downtown area with so much history finally made it back and is booming as it’s such a beautiful historic town… Y’all do an amazing job and I hope you continue with another journey after this one and you could stay in Floyd County and have enough corrupt cases and police corruption etc… for as many seasons as you’d like… It’s scary how many people have been railroaded by crooked DA’s etc… over the years and some cases have been on 48 hours, Datelines, etc… over the years and I’m astonished this wasn’t one of them as these kids were railroaded in so many ways someone has to overturn this and reopen the case as these kids who are adults now have done their time for society and then some and please get this on mainstream TV and as I mentioned keep exposing the corruption and find other cases as you won’t have to dig to hard and there are some doozies and bottom line this case should’ve been dismissed as y’all mentioned due to the judge letting the jury hear the confession tape which happens all the time with the 24 hour wear you down interrogations till people confess and these kids didn’t have knowledge or enough money for the likes of Bobby Lee Cook as his dad mentioned as he could get anyone off for a high price as he was brilliant. They never should have spoken and the lawyers were unqualified sounds like and the judge and cops weren’t fair at all and my goodness who investigates the family 7 months later and the entire pillow in the trunk trick…really??!! Keep it up and enjoy the beautiful town and I hope y’all were able to enjoy the beautiful Fall foliage the town has etc… I hate these boys were railroaded and Godspeed to them all and I also cried for the dad last episode as anyone finding the Lord and following him through life is an amazing and incredibly touching moment and I pray for him and these kids! Great job! Thanks
truthfully don’t know what to believe but the story of Lee and Cain conviction is strangely odd. I think this was a horrible accident.. I don’t think either one was guilty. Free Cain!!! Free Lee!!!!!
I’m convinced, these guys did not do this, and the whole thing makes me sick. I was very touched by Lee’s dad in episode 10. Really thorough and detailed investigation.
I was born and raised in Rome, GA through my early 20’s and most of my family is still there. I haven’t lived there in over 20 years, but this podcast makes it feel like I’m back there and though I have fond memories of the town overall, we grew up with knowledge that was almost ingrained that the police force was known for corruption and coverups at times. Between this case and the work Susan did on the Joey Watkins case, I believe it just reinforces that thought and it’s so clear to see how both of these cases were miscarriages of justice for the defendants and that charges should never have been brought. I am very impressed with the work that Susan and Jacinda are doing here and hope it brings about changes for these men.
Love! Excellent professional team! Cried during this episode.
Came here from Undisclosed after learning Susan was doing something new. She’s thorough and dedicated to these cases once she gets into them. The work she has done in the last few years has lead to some awesome rulings for several people. I have no doubt she will continue to make a difference with this work!!
Susan Simpson is the best! She always does super thorough analysis and shows are always based on the facts rather than speculation. If you enjoy fact based true crime this show is for you!
I can not figure out how this jury reached a guilty verdict. What a interested story. Great story telling and investigative work. I feel like this isn’t the first podcast that highlights the bad police work by the GBI.
Overall a good story with lots of compelling aspects, however, the bias of the he hosts is obvious, AND the fact they laugh at and make fun of someone who's deaf, illiterate, and potentially mentally handicapped speaks a lot about their lack of character and compassion.