DIS Unplugged - Video Edition

Reviews For DIS Unplugged - Video Edition

This is hands down my go-to Disney podcast. I love all the panelists & hosts & the interactions that they have together, genuinely being friends & all enjoying the world of Disney as well. They're all passionate & want to make sure that everyone who listens has a great time when they get to Disney parks & also are simply in the Orlando area, covering other theme parks such as Universal & Sea World. If you dig the Mouse, you'll dig the Dis!
I love it. Very informitive and very honest. I love the different opinions of everybody. Keep it up!!
Can't get enough, makes my heart smile :). It's like being in Disney - thank you for posting these!!


These videos are great. Thanks for sharing.
Great videos! They will bring home the magic and help prepare your children and family for a trip to Disney! If you like the videos check out their podcast also.
This is the best Disney podcast I've heard. There is tons of information and its very entertaining. The roundtable discussions feel like you're sitting there with them! I love it!!!!
I really enjoyed these videos, as I am an active member of the DIS Boards and we are going to WDW in a week! They were really enjoyable and now I can watch them on the way to the airport on my iPod! Thanks!!!
KEEP THEM COMMING....More parks, Resorts, anything from any of the parks they are FANTASTIC. It's like taking bits and pieces of your vacation everywhere with you. Can't wait to see whats next.