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Jay is the best!
I have been listening to this station for over 9 or 10 years, It is informative.
Christ would be appalled. Listen to your sad selves. The most privileged men in the planet seem to be victims of everything. Hateful of everything. Pretending to be open minded and craving bi-partisanship all the while bashing the Dems. Enough - the country is tired. LISTENERS: If you really care about fact-based info on current affairs listen to something else like Deadline: White House or Words Matter. If you are a “Christian” racist woman-hater then keep listening to this show - you’ll love it.
As a dumb, mindless, thoughtless deplorable, I thank you for helping Make America Great Again. Thanks for engaging in the battle. Keep it up, Jay! As to the rest of you leftist liberals, Bring. it. On.
The host and his team of expert legal, military, and political analysts provide daily updates on trending topics of interest. Each team member is not only credentialed, but also possesses valuable professional experience in their area of expertise.
It's a great show with great content, but the amount of advertisements got annoying after awhile.
In today’s very biased news media all pushing an agenda, having a podcast by a lawyer who has argued cases before the Supreme Court and the UN discuss the law and its application is wonderful. I don’t always agree with Jay, but he at least presents a refreshingly thought out argument and adds to the discussion, unlike the hacks at the nightly news.
I love they lead by their Faith and support Christian conservative legal truth. They support on constitutional grounds and this should be something all Americans listen to. Not something just for the Right or the left; but for All Americans.
This is definitely one of my favorite radio shows.
Fantastic show! Great place to hear issues affecting us and how we can stop it.
Thank you for bringing the truth forward. I'm from the US but live abroad, so thankful to get the news from you guys! Keep up the good work.
Solid effort on Sekulow's part, entertaining


By kohala
Listen at your own risk. The man is a vanguard of the extremist, glassy-eyed "Christian" right that helped (along with Vladimir, of course) to sweep the traitor trump into office. His brand of zany/angry/extremist religious/christian activism is what will bury our country if we do not resist. And I implore you to resist. For those who have ears to hear.


Absolutely pristinely spot on. No rhetoric or feeling - just the facts!!!! MAGA!!!
I watch daily to hear what is happening in our government. You can also call in to find out what the law is on various topics. There is also great band vignettes from the Jay Sekulow Band. Highly recommended to stay informed.
Incredible talk show, truthful news
Egotistical man who just wants more attention.
I like to listen
Intellectually vapid. Christian clickbait podcast titles. Faith = pretending to know what you do not know.
I greatly admire Jay and the entire team at the ACLJ and Jay Sekulow Live for their tireless efforts to defend personal freedoms. God bless you!
This is not a "fair" take on politics. It is completely right-winged craziness. Do not listen if you have a brain. But listen if you're a Republican because there is no saving you.
Don't waste your time. Nothing informative here.
Very disappointed in every aspect of this podcast. No critical thinking applied.
Pushing an agenda and advocating for principles the host (who lives a lavish lifestyle) doesn't adhere to. Listen to this podcast if you want to remain ill informed and ignorant of anything that challenges your worldview.
Self-promotion for a law firm? No thanks.


By rach78
Anyone who mentions the words "pro-abortion" is not worth listening to.
So refreshing to hear honest, rich, informative news without bias. There is a reason this is at the top of the charts, this type of news is CRAVED by people who are still thinking for themselves and not believing everything they are spoon fed by the skewed mainstream media. Keep up the amazing work.
Do we need more of this biased, racist crap?
NOT FOR EDUCATED PEOPLE. More biased than Fox News.
Straw man nonsense.
The majority prefer delusion to truth. It soothes. It is easy to grasp...
Well done. Jay and his team are professional and friendly at the same time.
This man is nuts. His faith makes him blind. And the ACLJ is a cheap imitation of the ACLU, all they are doing is attempting to steal support from the ACLU. This guy needs to face reality and realize he is causing more harm by spitting all his vile views. He's a shill, a shill for "Christian warriors" blinded by their faith and ignorant views.
Just repeating the same mindless points over and over again
If you want a completely one-sided view of your politics, then you might like this podcast. Especially if you are conservative, Christian and like to be riled up over Obamacare.
Listen to this if you want a one sided view of the dumbest people on earth
Sekulow is a joke. I cringed at every statement.
Let's put it this way~ I check my phone just waiting for this podcast to download! Jay and his team know the behind the scenes info about what is really going on in Washington. Fascinating.
Love listening to Jay and his team. God has blessed them with the abilities to educate and stand up for the public in important matters.
A great show to listen to if you want well informed information from those who don't just say what should be done, but get out there and do something about it.
My local news is all fluff and trouser kissing liberal nonsense. Listening to Jay and what the ACLJ is doing and how to get involved is priceless yet it's a free podcast!! Thank you for what you all are doing!
Racist ....2016 and ignorant


Saw this podcast creep up into the top charts so I had to give it a try. Feel free to find out for yourself, or save yourself the time and trust me.
Congratulations ACLJ for your superb podcast rating that you have achieved. Your communication to inform the public of government abuse is hugely appreciated. (How can we rate you for 6+ stars you deserve?) Keep up the good work, thank you, Herb Winkeller PS: I first heard your program on KERA Christian radio FM 91.3, my primary station, thanks again.
I can't thank the ACLJ for their work on protecting and defending life for Americans and for many others across the world.
You have to be able to see both sides. This guy totally goes into fear mongering and neo-conservative and don't involve religion within politics. Politics already is dirty itself. I am sticking Dan carlin for political podcast.
If you are looking for a news source you can trust, this would be it!
I have missed many of Jay's radio shows due to poor radio reception & now I can listen to his shows clearly through this podcast. Jay's shows are eye opening & informative. He's a smart talented man. I love reading his books and his band sounds pretty good people!!