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Terrific for people who don't go on Sunday
I love hearing Pastor Alex speak. He truly has a heart for The Lord, and it comes through in his sermons.
I love Kingsland Baptist church! Im only in 7th grade but the church is awesome. The part I love the most is the youth group (duh) and Jamie was an awesome youth worship leader. <3 Kingsland
Pastor Alex is the best speaker he really knows how to get inside you heart and fill it with JESUS 


By Jph94
Very great speaker
I recently moved to California and miss the constant encouragement and true leader that Pastor Kennedy gave each week. He is a man that truly loves God and calls his flock to love God and have a relationship with him. Always moving and insightful.
It's exactly what Pastor alex said in church last Sunday exept you don't have to wait on half an hour of music (which normally isn't half bad but it's nice to just hear the messag.)