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I love the podcast I learn new things all the time really enjoyed the halloween podcast look forward to more.
The best im sad its gone.
this is a pretty good/informative horror podcast, but!!! if i have to hear ellen say "johnruh" one more time im gonna puke! it's genre! soft g. say it with me, genre genre genre. ok, now you may continue
A very informative podcast that also entertains. So refreshing to hear a womans point of view on one of my favorite genres. Only complaint is she doesnt post new episodes as frequent as I would like. Well worth downloading all and enjoying the whole lot.
Ellen is honestly one of the best podcast hosts out there, if not THE best. She has such a fun and positive attitude. Also, the podcast is very, very informative and influential. It's not just about movies, it gives a very detailed description of myths, legends, folklore, etc. All in all, this is a podcast that I get extremely excited over and it is one of the best out there!! Download it! You'll enjoy!!!
i've been listening since the beginning, and i'm sorry that i've taken so long to write this. ellen, this is the only coherent, relevant and focused podcast about horror, and i so very much appreciate that you do this. yours are the only podcasts that i listen to again and again. i always look forward to what you have coming up. my only complaint is that you don't do these often enough!


I like the idea. It's a wonderful idea. And she has a good voice. The only thing that drives me absolutely insane is that she makes tons of errors while reading and doesn't even seem to bother going back to edit or re-record her mistakes. It's jarring and happens entirely too often. It can be very annoying to listen to her hesitate and fight her words over and again. Again, I love the idea, she's got a great sense of humor, but she really needs to work on her delivery.
You can try this little fix. Just go into the "Get Info" and go to "Options" and bump up the start time to a second or two later than the normal 0:00. The problem is caused most likely because you have the latest Ipod update featuring gapless playback. Unfortunately, it's a bug that we can only hope they fix with the next update.