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This is great! I'm in the US and I need a way to hear spanish. Plus this is interesting for me to listen to because it is all from an Australian perspective. Keep it up!


Awesome, thanks.
What a great program to listen to, not only to improve your Spanish but also to stay up to date on current events. Their website is full of languages as well (Amharic, Dari, Tamil, Urdu, Yiddish) so make sure to check it out!
Great & concise synopsis of current events.
Estoy de acuerdo con la otra crítica. Estos son muy buenos podcasts y estan entre los mas útiles para nosotros que tenemos la meta de aprender español y que necesitamos ayuda para hacer la transición al nivel avanzado.
If one is unable to be immersed in the culture of the language they are trying to learn, i find the second best alternitive is to create an artificial environment of the language. SBS Radio is the best free way i have found to do that. Not only do the people speaking sound as though it is their first language, the podcast also switches between different dialects, and back and forth from news to music. Making it good for those who are trying to learn the language.